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Preengineering Enrichment Project (PEEP)

An environmental enrichment program, Pre-Engineering Enrichment Project (PEEP), is conducted during the summer and directed by Dr. Larry W. Houk, Professor of Chemistry at The University of Memphis. He is assisted by a graduate student or city school teacher who serves as a liaison, mentor, advisor, and counselor. Ten high school scholars from East High School in the Memphis City School System are selected as program participants. All participants are currently majoring in either mathematics or science and are members of economically disadvantaged families.

The program is approximately seven weeks in duration. Participants work and study in a variety of local settings in order to become familiar with a wide range of water resource needs and challenges. Students acquire first-hand experience:

  • testing treated wastewater to manually check settling and removal efficiencies at each stage of treatment at two advanced wastewater treatment facilities;
  • inspecting sewers, manholes, and flood control equipment for maintenance, repair, and/or replacement;
  • using surveyor's equipment to read topography; and
  • studying aquatic life found in neighboring streams, lakes, and rivers.
  • Students will meet professional role models (chemists, engineers, journalists, biologists, journalists, professors, administrators, regulatory specialists, etc.) who gladly entertain questions regarding careers, on-the-job training, and educational preparedness. The students will receive attentive, hands-on instruction and coaching throughout the course of their classroom, laboratory, and field assignments. A salary is provided.

Contact Dr. Larry Houk for more information on PEEP at the University of Memphis.