Welcome to Professor Alexander's Lab Website

The Alexander Labs were established in August 2012 at the University of Memphis. Research themes in our Labs lie at the intersection of disparate traditional scientific displicines, and generally focus on study of systems at the interface between chemical phases. We employ state-of-the-art experimental technology in combination with cutting-edge computational approaches in our studies. Students in the group are exposed to both facets of the group, providing broad exposure to modern chemistry techniques which span spectroscopy, ultra-high vacuum, computation, instrument design, etc.

Current Projects

  • Computational studies of adsorption of emerging organic contaminants on surfaces

  • Behavior of species at the biomaterials interface

  • Infrared spectroscopic probes of protein and surface solvation environments

  • Microscale surface architecture using click chemistry

  • Surface modification and characterization

  • Development of ab initio based analytical potential energy surfaces


I am always happy to talk to students interested in our research. We have a need for students who are eager to learn and get involved in developing new and exciting research at UofM!

We currently have immediate open positions for undergraduates to work on this project related to the Jan. 2014 chemical spill in WV.

Contact Info

e-mail: w.alexander[at]memphis.edu
Phone: 901-678-2632 (Office, SM 225)
901-678-1311 (Lab, SM 219)