CHEM 1120-001

General Chemistry II
Fall 2013
William A. Alexander, Ph.D.

Text: Chemistry, 11th edition, by Chang and Goldsby, McGraw-Hill Publishers (2013). You may (a) purchase a hardcopy of the text book at the University or Tiger Bookstore; this comes with access to ConnectPlus, which includes the required online Connect homework system and LearnSmart as well as an online eBook copy of the textbook, or (b) purchase access to the eBook, Connect and LearnSmart (without buying the hard copy) at this McGraw-Hill web site, or (c) if you bought a used copy of the textbook or even a new copy at Amazon or at some other source, you may buy access to only Connect and LearnSmart at this McGraw-Hill web site or to only LearnSmart at this McGraw-Hill web site.

It is the policy of this course that all reasonable and appropriate accommodations will be made for students who present a memo from Student Disability Services.

CHEM 1120 is a 3 credit-hour course, meeting for 55 minutes daily MWF from 11:30 12:25 P.M. during Fall 2013.

"Connect" Homework Problems and the LearnSmart adaptive learning system for CHEM 1120-001 are located here.

Dr. Frelich maintains a good section of "Study Guides" for this course. They can be accessed from his teaching page here. Lecture Notes for each of the textbook chapters will be posted within eCourseware.

Below is the list of topics we will cover this semester. There is a lot of material to cover, so we will not be able to go into every specific topic mentioned in these chapters in depth; the lecture will highlight key topics, and some topics will be de-emphasized.

Chapters 8,9,10 Review of Selected Topics
Chapter 11 "Intermolecular Forces and Liquid and Solids"
Chapter 12 "Physical Properties of Solutions"
Chapter 13 "Chemical Kinetics"
Chapter 14 "Chemical Equilibrium"
Chapter 15 "Acids and Bases"
Chapter 16 "Acid-Base Equilibria and Solubility Equilibria"
Chapter 17 "Entropy, Free Energy, and Equilibrium"
Chapter 18 "Electrochemistry"
Chapter 19,20 "Nuclear Chemistry" and "Chemistry in the Atmosphere" - Selected Topics