Group Members

Fall 2017

Research Scientist

Dr. Qianyi Cheng (PhD University of Georgia 2011)

Graduate students

Roger Letterman (anticipated PhD 2017)

Katherine Charbonnet (anticipated PhD 2021)

Hannah Lozano (anticipated PhD 2021)

Thomas Summers (anticipated PhD 2021)

Matthew Bassett (anticipated PhD 2022)

Undergraduate researchers

Chloe Baker (anticipated BSc 2018)

Tyree Morris (anticipated BSc 2018)

 Fall 2016

Summer 2016 group lunch, L to R: Hrishikesh Tupkar (Houston High School), Prof. Henry Kurtz, Hannah Lozano, Chloe Baker, Kate Charbonnet, Patti DeYonker, Prof. Nate DeYonker, Thomas Summers