Undergraduate Course Permit Request Form

Submit this form to request a permit. Please fill out a separate form for each course, or CRN. (Example: If you need a permit for a lecture and a lab, you will fill out two forms.) Information is required for each blank.

This permit request is not for classes offered through the Regents Online Degree Program (section number = R50) or for courses in subjects other than CHEM. Please follow the instructions in the Class Schedule Listing to obtain such permits.


Enter your *university e-mail address:

UUID# (U + 8-digit number):

CHEM Course #

Example: 1110


Example: 2008


Example: Spring

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**Reason (You must select one reason and provide documentation and/or additional information if indicated:

1 Equivalent pre-requisite taken at another institution (grade is on U of M transcript)
2 Pre-requisite taken at another institution (unofficial transcript has been sent to Chemistry Department)
3 Pre-requisite in progress at another institution (transcript will be submitted when available)
4 Permission of instructor (instructor will provide confirmation)
5 Audit grade type (instructor will provide confirmation)
6 Other reason (provide additional information and submit documentation)

Any required documents must either be faxed to 901-678-3447, sent by email to pbridson@memphis.edu, or brought to Smith Chemistry building, room 210, to complete your request.

  *You must check your university email account to complete the process.
**You are required to submit a reason for the permit request, or the request will not be accepted.

Additional information, comments, or questions: