Our Admissions Policy

Applications are accepted regardless of client's race, creed, or ethnic background. Children will be considered for admission to the program based on the following criteria:

  • Children must be between 30 months and 12 years of age on the first day of attendance.
  • A child's parent/legal guardian must be currently enrolled at the University of Memphis.
  • Parents must complete and sign all necessary enrollment and authorization forms promptly.
  • Children 30 months to 5 years of age must have a current record of immunizations signed by a physician.
  • Children will be scheduled on a first come, first serve basis per semester.
  • Children will be admitted on the program's ability to meet their needs.
  • A mobility aid must be provided for children that cannot walk due to disabilities.
  • The center must have an official copy of the parent's class schedule.
  • The center is available for drop-in use. You must have the required enrollment forms on file ahead of time and call in advance to confirm there is space. School aged children will not be allowed to drop in during the day when the schools are out during the regular school year.