A personalized approach to learning for every age range.


Each child is a unique and special individual. We realize that each child has different interests, abilities and needs. We strive to meet the needs, develop the interest and enhance the abilities of every child in our care. The children are encouraged to learn through activities that are appropriate to their age and development stage. Through play, the children are able to learn about themselves and explore and manage their world. Children can play alone or in small groups. We come together for song, stories and other "circle time" activities. We introduce reading readiness and number recognition activities. We believe that learning is a lifelong experience and should be fun and exciting.

It is our goal to create an environment that emphasizes helping children gain positive self-concepts andself-discipline, as well as positive attitudes and feelings towards others. We strive to provide a safe, clean and healthy environment to give the children security, happiness and comfort while away from their parents.

Caterpillars Curriculum

This age group is so much fun! They seem to be in constant motion. They are anxious to learn about the world and will explore by tasting as well as by touching, seeing, hearing, and smelling. This means that it is essential to have a safe environment to support their explorations. The Caterpillars curriculum helps this age expand their vocabularies, find appropriate ways to express their creativity, and safely discover the world around them.

Caterpillars’ curriculum was developed with the inquisitive preschooler in mind. It is unique in that its flexible design makes it adaptable for varying age groups and abilities. The teacher adapts the activities to meet the needs and abilities of her age group.

Framework Curriculum

The three year old is very inquisitive. They spend a lot of time observing and imitating others. They enjoy repeating songs and rhymes and playing word games. Three year olds usually enjoy playing briefly with other children but may still have difficulty cooperating and sharing with others. At this age much learning still takes place through play. The Framework curriculum was designed with this in mind. It creates a child-centered learning environment for the 3 year old. The curriculum focuses on a wide range of readiness skills using a monthly theme-based approach. The Framework curriculum is flexible in its design and places strong emphasis on literacy and family involvement. It balances child-initiated and teacher-directed activities; it provides opportunities for observing the children progress, allowing for individualization of activities.

Butterflies Curriculum

The four year old is bursting with energy and enjoys acting silly and laughing. This playfulness can help them develop literacy skills as they manipulate words and make silly rhymes or clap out the syllables of their names. Four year olds usually enjoy playing with groups of children. They are learning to take turns, share, and follow simple rules.

Developed with the inquisitive four year old in mind, the Butterflies curriculum makes the learning process more meaningful to children. Through monthly themes, it keeps the children actively involved with a balance of child-initiated and teacher-facilitated activities that build a strong foundation of school readiness skills.

Creative Arts After-school program

We realize this age group has been in a structured environment most of the day and has lots of unspent energy. We designed the after-school program with this in mind. We have programs and activities that meet the developmental needs and skills of the children while engaging in fun. We have an enriched creative arts program. The students may take violin lessons, as well as participate in dance and drama. The students can enjoy active games and activities or just relax with a good book. We also have a variety of computer activities the students find fun and interesting. We have a designated time for homework and give individual attention when needed.