Begin Your Adventure in Archaeology


What is archaeology?
Answer: Archaeology is the study of past human cultures. Cultures include beliefs, values, and ways of life that are shared by a group of people.  By studying archaeology we can learn about how people used to live and what was important to them. We can also learn about how cultures have changed over time.

Questions for you: What is your own community's culture like? What is important to your community?  How do you think your culture is different than a culture in Africa or Asia?

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Who studies archaeology?
Answer: Scientists who study archaeology are called archaeologists. Students like you can also study archaeology!


How do archaeologists study a culture if all the people are gone?
Answer: Archaeologists study things that people left behind long ago. These things are called 'artifacts'.  Archaeologists excavate (a scientific way of digging) an area to find artifacts.  Artifacts can tell us a lot about a past culture.

Question for you:

A new friend invites you over to his or  her house.  You walk into your friend's bedroom and see books, a basketball jersey, and a candy wrapper.  What do these things tell you about your new friend?