Promoting Chinese language and culture in the Mid-South.

CIUM proudly offers and participates in various programs to promote the Chinese language and culture throughout the Mid-South area. We are proud to be the only Confucius Institute with a bachelor's degree program of Asian Studies and International Trade (ASIT). We have partnered with Hubei University to offer a comprehensive study-abroad program, whereby our ASIT students have the extraordinary opportunity to learn in China.

In addition to offering the degree program of Asian Studies and International Trade, we have partnerships with various public and private K-12 schools. We offer assistance in setting up a Chinese language program in these schools to help children learn a foreign language at as early an age as possible.

One of our programs sponsored by our parent organization, Hanban, offers a Chinese Summer Bridge Camp for High School Students. Through this program, high school students in the surrounding area are able to apply for a trip to China for a 2 1/2 week visit. During this summer camp, students are taught the Chinese language, exposed to various traditional foods, as well as travel to various landmarks throughout their stay. We are proud to be a partner in our community through these programs. To learn more, use the navigation bar to your left.