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Firearms Course of Fire

NOTE: This standardized course of fire has been adopted by the ACJA-LAE Executive Board as policy for all National and Regional Association - sponsored firearms competitions.

Stage Distance Position # Rounds/Method Time
1 7 yards Standing, 2 hands 12 (double-action) 25 seconds
2 15 yards Standing, 2 hands 12 (double-action) 25 seconds
3 25 yards Kneeling 6 (single or double action) -
- - Barricade, left hand 6 (single or double action) 90 seconds
- - Barricade, right hand 6 (single or double action) -
4 25 yards Standing, 2 hands 6 (double-action) 12 seconds

Total Rounds Fired: 48
Maximum Score Possible: 480 points
Target: NRA B-27 using standard scoring rings



  1. Kneeling: at least one knee on the ground, with no part of the buttocks touching the ground; this position is
    fired without external support (i.e. barricades may not be used).
  2. Barricade: left-hand barricade means the shooter fires with the left hand (2 handed) from the left side of the
    barricade, supported or unsupported; right-hand barricade is fired with the right hand (2 handed) from the right side
    of the barricade, supported or unsupported (this method is used instead of the "strong-hand, weak-hand" method
    for the sake of uniformity and to reduce confusion by requiring everyone to move in the same direction at the same
  3. Low Ready Position: Firearm at a 45-degree angle, pointed toward the ground and down range with safety
    engaged (single action) or decocked (double action), with the trigger finger “indexed” outside of the trigger guard.
  4. In the event that any Range Officer or any shooter observes an immediate safetyhazard on the range, the command to "Cease Fire" shall be immediately givenby the person observing the hazard. Upon hearing the command to "Cease Fire", all shooters shall immediately halt firing and assume the ready position untilfurther instructed by the Range Safety Officer.

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