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About the Pistol Team

The following Firearms Policy and Course of Fire was presented by the Firearms Committee and adopted by the ACJA-LAE Executive Boardof Grand Chapter at the National Conference in Orlando, Florida in 2003 for all National and Regional Association - sponsored Firearms Competitions.

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Explanation Of Terms

Range Master: Ranking Range Official, responsible for overseeing all aspects of the firearms competition, interpretation of rules, and resolution of issues and conflicts.

Range Safety Officer: Ranking Range Officer, responsible for announcing the course of fire and each stage, and overseeing the Range Officers on the firing line. Appointed by the Range Master.

Range Officers: Individuals directly behind the participants on the firing line who are responsible for insuring that all rules and regulations are observed. They insure the integrity of the competition, safe handling of the firearms, and adherence to all range procedures and protocols.

Scoring Coordinator: Ranking Scorekeeper responsible for overseeing the Scorekeepers. Appointed by the Range Master.

Scorekeepers: Those individuals responsible for the proper scoring of targets and calculation of scores.

Firearm Inspection Officers: Individuals responsible for completing safety checks of firearms prior to competition. They are also responsible for inspecting ammunition and magazines/clips and speedloaders. These inspectors are to insure operational safety and conformance to the National Standards.

Registration Officers: Individuals responsible for insuring that competitors have properly completed registration forms, targets, and are in possession of completed waiver forms.

Low Ready Position: Firearm at a 45-degree angle, pointed toward the ground and down range with safety engaged (single action) or decocked (double action), with the trigger finger ”indexed” outside of the trigger guard.

Battery: The condition in which the firearm is ready to be discharged. For revolvers, the cylinder is closed and locked with a round under the hammer. For auto-loaders, the magazine is seated, with a round in the chamber.

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