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Firearms Safety Rules

NOTE: These standardized safety rules have been adopted by the ACJA-LAE Executive Board as policy for National and Regional Association -sponsored Firearms Competitions.

  1. Eye and ear protection will be worn on the firing line during all firing; there are no exceptions.
  2. No food or drinks will be allowed on the firing line. No alcoholic beverages will be allowed on the range, nor shall
    anyone involved in the firearms competition consume alcoholic beverages during the eight-hour period immediately
    preceding the beginning of the firearms competition. In the case when the Safety Meeting takes place on the
    same day as the competition, the beginning of the meeting shall be construed as the beginning of the competition.
  3. Pay strict attention to the Range Officers while on the firing line. Do not anticipate the range commands as called
    by the Range Safety Officer.
  4. No loaded weapons will be allowed on the range other than on the firing line; weapons will only be loaded on the
    firing line, and only after the proper commands have been given.
  5. All weapons will remain in holsters or carrying cases until the shooters are on the firing line and ready to fire.
    Weapons will be pointed down-range at all times when not in a holster or carrying case.
  6. No dry firing will be allowed without the consent of the Range Safety Officer.
  7. All firing will be conducted from the "Low Ready" position, with the weapon pointed at the ground at an angle of 45
    degrees in front of the shooter, down-range with the finger off the trigger (Indexed). Weapons will remain holstered
    until the command "load your firearm, bring it to battery, decock or engage the safety, and assume the low ready
    position," is given by the Range Officer.
  8. Only the shooter called to fire will be allowed on the firing line (i.e. no coaches).
  9. Shooters should report to the firing line when called, with all equipment necessary to fire the course; shooters will
    not delay the start of a relay by tardiness. Tardy shooters will be required to wait until the next available open
  10. There will be a safety inspection of all weapons prior to going on the firing line. Weapons determined to be unsafe
    will not be allowed on the range.
  11. Final decision regarding the safety of a weapon will be made by the Range Master or designee (Firearm
    Inspection Officer).
  12. Strict discipline must be maintained on the range. Carelessness cannot and will not be tolerated. Violation of any
    of the above rules, or the commission of any other act considered by the Range Officers to be unsafe, may result
    in immediate disqualification and removal from the range.
  13. All decisions of the Range Master are final and are not subject to appeal.

Each competitor must sign a copy of these rules indicating s/he has read andunderstands each of the above safety rules. No shooter will be allowed to competeuntil this signed statement is received by the Range Master. Each competitor musthave their copy of said statement and their Release of Liability Form in theirpossession at the time of the competition, or they will not be allowed to compete.

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