Undergraduate Internships

Internship Objectives

  • To assist interns in identifying and strengthening their career-related skills while contributing to the sponsoring agency;
  • To assist interns in clarifying their career option and developing skills and experience to facilitate employment opportunities;
  • To provide opportunities for interns to relate academic and theoretical knowledge to job-related skills and experiences;
  • To facilitate communication and networking between the University of Memphis and the community;
  • To provide university resources to community agencies;
  • To assist in curriculum development and program evaluation.

Placement Agency Responsibilities

In order to maximize opportunities for placement success, agency intern coordinators should:

  • Meet with the intern early in the semester to establish a mutually agreeable work schedule that will allow the student to complete the required 120 hours.
  • Orient the intern to the agency's specific policies and procedures regarding dress, hours of operation, telephone protocols, and other workplace norms.
  • Remain cognizant that interns are prohibited from being placed in dangerous situations, participating in undercover activities, and transporting clients in their personal or agency vehicle.
  • Provide the intern with the necessary resources and instructions to perform relevant agency tasks appropriate for a BA student's level of expertise.
  • Monitor the intern and provide constructive feedback on their performance.
  • Notify the Undergraduate Internship Coordinator if there are any problems or concerns with your intern by e-mail or by telephone at (901) 678-2737.
  • Complete the on-line Mid-term Agency Evaluation. It is recommended to do this during the third or fourth week of the internship but it can be done sooner or later. The evaluation can be done multiple times if needed.
  • Complete the Internship Agency Evaluation at the end of the internship period.


spring 2018 internship application

Download an electronic application here. Applications are due by Friday, November 3, 2017 by noon to be eligible for Spring 2018 internships. For more information, please contact Mrs. Mary Tucker