COE Degrees

Undergraduate Students

New undergraduate students who would like to major in a College of Education program should contact the undergraduate advisor, Ms. Penny Sevier, for information:

Graduate Students

New graduate students must apply to the Graduate School to be admitted to our graduate programs. Students not seeking a degree or graduate certificate, must apply to the Graduate School as graduate non-degree student before enrolling in our graduate courses.

Graduate students seeking advising should contact the department of their major, with the exception of MAT students. If you are an MAT student, please contact Ms. Laruth Lofties at

Counseling, Educational Psychology & Research Department

  • Counseling (EdD)
  • Clinical Mental Health Counseling (MS)
  • Counseling Psychology (PhD)
  • Educational Psychology (MS)
  • Educational Psychology (PhD)
  • Educational Research (MS)
  • Educational Research (PhD)
  • Rehabilitation Counseling (MS)
  • School Counseling (MS)

Instruction and Curriculum Leadership Department

  • Art Education (MAT, Licensure)
  • Early Childhood Education (MAT, Licensure)
  • Early Childhood Education (MS)
  • Early Childhood Education(EdD)
  • Elementary Education (MAT, Licensure)
  • Instruction & Curriculum (MS)
  • Instruction & Curriculum (EdD)
  • Instructional Design & Technology (MS)
  • Instructional Design & Technology (EdD)
  • Reading (MS)
  • Reading (EdD)
  • Secondary Education (MAT, Licensure)
  • Special Education (MAT, Licensure)
  • Special Education (MS)
  • Special Education (EdD)

Leadership Department

  • Adult Education (EdD)
  • Educational Leadership (EdD)
  • Higher Education (EdD)
  • Leadership (MS)
  • Policy Studies (EdD)
  • School Administration and Supervision (MS)
  • Student Personnel