Because you should press pause every once in a while.


Unplug. Remove the mental clutter. Find some "you" time. That's what we tell stressed-out students every day at the Counseling Center's newly expanded Relaxation Zone. With more physical space, tools and services, we can help you figure out how to stop hammering through your college years. Stop putting pressure on yourself. Let your brain relax. Bring some calm to the best years of your young life.

The Relaxation Zone offers multiple vibrating massage chairs, biofeedback computer stations, and small "Wellness Breaks" where students can get individual and small group instruction on a variety of self-care skills like Mindfulness, Relaxation, and Guided Meditation. Our friendly staff can relate to the stresses of campus life and the unique challenges of being adult learners. The holistic and wellness techniques and practices taught in The Relaxation Zone can be life savers.

The Relaxation Zone services at the Center are FREE to enrolled UofM students. No appointment is necessary; Drop by anytime.

  • The Relaxation Zone located in Brister Hall 302 is open 9:00 am - 4:00 pm Monday - Friday.
  • At your first visit to the relaxation zone, one of our staff will assist you with the necessary intake paperwork and orient you to the equipment in the RZ. This process should only take about 5 to 10 minutes.
  • All subsequent visits will only require you to sign in and complete a pre-test and post-test about your experience each visit.
  • For students with accessibility concerns, please check in at the Counseling Center in Wilder 214.

You and your body are worth taking care of.