Frequently Asked Questions


If I am not a Faculty/ Staff or Student at the University of Memphis, may I have a membership at the SRFC facilities?

Yes, you may become an individual or household Degreed Alumni or Community Member of the facility for a fee: Includes full facility use and limited guest access.

I'm a UofM Alumnus. Can I use the Recreation Center?

Yes, you can pay a minimum donation ($35 per year) to the Alumni Association by calling 678-ALUM, then pay $5 per visit, or you can buy a Degreed Alumni or Community membership.

How do I obtain a Membership Application to the Student Recreation and Fitness Center?

Come to the Recreation Center located at 620 Echles, Monday through Friday 8 am – 4:30 pm, and you can get basic information from the supervisor on duty to start your membership paperwork at the entry counter. Membership appointments are available by calling 90.678.3459. 


Where can I park?

Monthly and daily parking passes can be purchased through the Parking Office. Free street parking is available on Echles Street and Spottswood Road (limited spaces). The Parking Office is located on Zach Curlin Street to the left of the parking garage. Bikes can be parked at the racks provided. Call 901.678.2212 or visit

When dropping off or picking up users, please use the adjacent parking lot.

Bikes must be placed in bike racks and cannot be placed in facilities or on stair hand rails. 


What programs come with membership?

Browse this website and look under Programs and Services to learn more about what's offered and rates.

identifiation cards

Why doesn't my ID work when scanned at the Recreation Center?

Reasons could include:

Your ID is expired or you're no longer a member. Student fees need to be paid. You have a Household Membership but your child is now over 21 years old. You are a faculty or staff member with no membership (faculty/staff can use the facility without membership by paying $5 per visit with valid ID; identify your status at the entry). You're a part-time (less than 6 hrs) student (P/T students pay $3 per visit at the Recreation Center; identify yourself as part-time at the entry. You have a University Guest ID card. You don't have recreation privileges. You are a current Southwest student or IEI student. You need to pay Activity Fees at the Bursar's Office to access the Recreation Center. You're a UofM faculty or staff and going to class as a UM student at the University. You may have dual status. Faculty/staff status has priority over student status, causing the ID to not scan correctly. Identify yourself as dual status at the entry and talk to supervisor to gain access.

How many guests may I bring?

You can only bring one guest per valid UofM ID. You must sign for them at the front entry. You are liable for their actions and must stay with them throughout your visit. You could lose recreation privilege if this rule is violated.

Do I need my ID to go to class in the Recreation Center?

Yes, the first time you forget your ID, you will be asked to sign in and be escorted to your instructor. The next time you forget your ID, we charge a fee of $5.

Help! I lost my ID!

Items found are kept for 24 hours, then logged in and sent to the Bursar's Office or Student Conduct, depending on the situation. If your old ID was replaced, it will no longer work if a new one is made.

We confiscate duplicate IDs and all non-working IDs.