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Departmental Policy

The Department of Campus Recreation Intramural Services
The Student Recreation and Fitness Center
Issued: December 17, 2004

Policy Statement: The University of Memphis will provide UM students, faculty, staff, and guests an opportunity to enjoy their leisure and fitness activities in a safe environment.  The University of Memphis student is our highest priority.

Purpose: Students faculty, staff, guest and associate members are eligible by virtue of payment of appropriate membership or user fees.

Title:  CRIS Complex Facility and Larry O. Finch Gymnasium

General Departmental Policies

1.  Scheduling the use of the CRIS Complex- Student Recreation and Fitness Center (SRFC) facilities and Larry O. Finch Gymnasium is the responsibility of the Campus Recreation Intramural Services (CRIS) Department.  The CRIS Scheduling Office (CSO) coordinates space requests and facilitates utilization of the facilities and areas.

2.  In meeting this responsibility, the CSO will schedule programs and events in designated areas.  CRIS will provide areas for use by other university groups, departments and organizations as long as student programs are not inconvenienced in any way.  We are willing to accommodate cosponsored non-university groups if time and space are available.

3.   The SRFC is a nonsmoking complex open for recreational, and other use during time periods established by the Director of the Department of CRIS.  Current hours of operation will be posted in the appropriate facilities.  Schedules may vary periodically based on University requirements or utilization need.  Website address:

4.  Recreational use of the Complex shall be afforded to those individuals who are directly associated with the University and show evidence of this association and/or pay appropriate user fees. Use by a non-affiliated group or organization shall be permitted only with co-sponsorship by a University division, college or department; and the activity must be related to the professional or educational function of the division, college or department.

5.  Co-sponsorship by an officially recognized student organization or use by a non-affiliated group or organization shall not relieve the group or organization from paying the appropriate space use fee.

6.   All activities taking place in the Student Recreation and Fitness Center Complex and Finch gymnasium require active University co-sponsorship. A representative of the co-sponsor must be present and responsible at such activities.  This person must also make all arrangements with the CSO related to the activity.

7.  University of Memphis student activities shall be permitted in any approved University facility with no space fee charge to the student group.  Student activities shall be charged for all other expenses, which arise out of use of facilities. The complex shall be closed on designated University holidays unless otherwise posted.


8. Admittance policies are coordinated by appropriate department official.


9. Facility requests for modifications, improvements and maintenance are coordinated with UM Physical Plant Department.

10. All event food shall be approved by appropriate University authorities.

SRFC  and Finch Gym  are a nonsmoking complex.
Management defines appropriate dress for activity.
Drinking and eating are prohibited except in designated areas of the SRFC.
The designated supervisor on duty may terminate SRFC recreational activities without advance notice when considered in the best interest of the University.

11.  There will be no unsupervised student activity in the SRFC.  Free play activities may be coordinated through the CSO. Unscheduled and/or unauthorized users may be escorted from the SRFC and treated as trespassers. . Admittance procedures for the Finch Center are to be established by the Men’s Basketball  Director of Operations.

12.  The University does not assume responsibility for loss of personal property in the SRFC.

13.  The CRIS Department will provide a safe environment for supervised activities. However, the University assumes no responsibility for injuries received in any program or activity scheduled in the SRFC.

14.  Malicious damage to, or careless use of the SRFC facilities may lead to expulsion from the facility and loss of privileges.  The University will reclaim lost, stolen, or damaged property.

15.  Appropriate user and rental fees will be charged to individuals and groups using the SRFC.  Payments to be made to the CSO.

16. Fall and Spring students enrolled in 6 or more hours and students enrolled in at least one class in the summer upon payment of the Student Activity -Recreation Fee are afforded free access and use of all scheduled SRFC recreation programs and facilities upon presentation of their valid U of M I.D. card. (Exception to this procedure may include certain events.) Senior Student Audits are restricted to class use only.

17. Full-time faculty and staff, contract personnel (i.e., ROTC Staff, Food Services and bookstore, etc.) without membership may use these facilities upon presentation of a valid U of M I.D. card and payment of appropriate fees.  See User-Fee Schedule:

18. Part-time faculty and staff may use the facility upon payment of the appropriate user fee.

19. Full-time students, faculty and staff may purchase a Recreation Household Membership for those who meet household guidelines. (See User-Fee Schedule).  Members will be issued an I.D. Card.

20. Each individual sixteen years or older having recreation use privileges may act as a sponsor of a guest. (See Departmental Guest Regulations) Sponsor must accompany each guest at all times. Sponsor is defined as an individual having SRFC use privileges.

21. Full-time students enrolled in immediate past spring semester but not enrolled in a summer semester, shall be afforded access and use of all scheduled SRFC programs and facilities upon presentation of their I.D. card reflecting payment of Summer Recreation user fees.  The summer recreation user fees may be paid in the Bursar's Office.  (See Recreation User-Fee Schedule:)

22. Utilization of the Facilities by special guests of the University is authorized when approved by the President of the University or the Vice President or Provost of the department sponsoring the guest.  Approval of guest privileges should normally be limited to out-of-town guests.  A special I.D. card to identify these guests must be presented prior to use of the facilities.

23. The tennis courts are the only facility that may be used by the general public upon payment of the proper fee. (See User-Fee Schedule)

24. Faculty/ Staff Membership Applications and Payroll Deduction Forms are available in the Student Recreation and Fitness Center.  Lost cards may be replaced upon payment of a $10.00 replacement fee. Damaged cards may be replaced at no charge, provided the damaged card is returned.

25. Full-time regular UM employees using procedure: 2D:05:07C, Employee Educational Program, P. C. 191 (Tuition-Free). Employees enrolled under this program will not be eligible for any regular student benefits because of enrollment in this program.  This includes free usage of the Student Recreation and Fitness Center.

Guest Regulations

1.  Each guest must be accompanied by his or her sponsor at all times.  Sponsor is defined as an individual having SRFC use privileges.

2.  The number of guests will be normally limited to one person for all activities.  The University reserves the right to increase or decrease the number of guests when in the best interest of all concerned.

3.  Guests must pay appropriate Recreation User Fees.  University guests who are approved with no charge by designated University officials are an exception to the aforementioned procedure.

4.  Only one handball-racquetball court or one tennis court may be in use at any time by a sponsor and/or his/her family and/or guests.

5.  Guest tickets for current use may be purchased in the SRFC when these facilities are open for recreation.

6.  Faculty and guest are required to present proper identification while using the facility.  The guest will be required to leave the facility either before or with the sponsor.

7.  Admittance procedures for the Finch Center are to be established by the basketball operation staff. Open gym hours are determined by Men's Basketball office. Hours subject to change, depending on availability.


8. Maintenance of the Finch Center is to be conducted in coordination with Men’s Basketball.

Scheduling of The University of Memphis- Student Recreation and Fitness Center Complex and Larry O. Finch Building fall under the direction of the Office of Campus Recreation Intramural Services (C.R.I.S.). Please observe the following guidelines when requesting facility space. The CRIS Scheduling Office follows Tennessee Board of Regents approved University policy and procedures.

SRFC Space Scheduling

1.  All users of the areas and facilities of the SRFC shall request space scheduling through the CSO.

2.  Scheduling will follow the University’s academic scheduling timetable.  The CSO will be responsible for sending notification of the scheduling timetable to all concerned groups. Failure to comply with scheduling deadlines may result in loss of priority.

3.  The CSO will coordinate the scheduling and has the authority to resolve conflicts.

4.  The CSO will process SRFC space requests from non-student user groups. (University Procedure 2A:04:03A)

5.  The CSO will process SRFC space requests from recognized University Student Organizations. (University Procedure 2A:04:03A)

Non-University Groups

Non-University groups using complex facilities for special events must pay complex use fees based on the area and type of event held.  See Use of University property and Facilities for Non-Credit Activities Policy  #1:2A:04:03, Procedure #2A:04:03A

Revision Dates
DATE:  August 16, 1992
DATED:  June, 1992

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