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File a Silent Witness Report Online

If you are the victim of a crime please call UofM Police Services at 678-4357.

If you wish to file a silent witness report please click here to go to the UofM Police Services confidential/silent witness online reporting.

How to Report Sex Offenses

Sex offenses may be reported by contacting UofM Police Services (678-4357/678-HELP), the Memphis Sexual Assault Resource Center (528-2161), the Memphis Police Department (528-2222) or the Shelby County Sheriff Department (577-5555).  Or you may call CRISIS-7 (24 hours a day)  to speak confidentially with a trained counselor who will assist you in determining what steps to take.


calling UofM Campus Police will allow for quicker response times as they are located on campus and know the campus layout.

As soon as you are in a safe location, call to report the offense.  Please remember that filing a report does not mean that you are committed to prosecute the offense. If you do not report the offense or protect the physical evidence, however it will be much harder to prosecute the offender later down the line should you decide that you want to. 

If you decide not to report the offense to any police agency, please seek out a medical facility for testing and care.  Here is a list of local resources. 

If you have been a victim of sexual assault and you want to contact the police, here are a few things to remember that will help the police in their investigation:

  • To protect the evidence do not disturb anything in the area where the assault occurred. (Evidence may consist of the offender's hair or body fluids; and any article of clothing; cuts or abrasions on your body; any article handled by the offender; witnesses; and your memories of everything that happened. Evidence can sometimes be obtained from cigarette butts the offender left. In effect, do not touch, move, or destroy anything in the area where the offense happened.)
  • Please do not shower. It is understandable that you would want to do this, but showering will wash away vital evidence needed should you decide to prosecute.
  • Do not change clothing.  If you feel that you must change, please do so carefully and place all items in a paper bag and be sure to give them to investigators.
What To Do if You Become A Victim of Violence

If you are in immediate danger:

  • Get to a safe place!
  • If you are on campus go to a Campus Safety Phone and call for help
  • If in a building dial HELP for Campus Police (678-HELP/4357) on a campus phone
  • Call 911
  • NOTE: If you are on campus call UofM Police Services 678-4357 before calling 911. UofM Police are on campus and know the campus layout.  Calling them first will allow for shorter response times.

If you are not in immediate danger and you are a victim of Relationship Violence, Sexual Assault or Stalking call CRISIS-7 to speak with a trained counselor who can assist you in determining what steps to take next.  This is a 24-hour, free and confidential service.


Call the UofM  Career and Psychological Counseling Center. The center offers confidential individual, couples, family and group counseling services.  Located in 214 Wilder Tower, the center also offers walk-in crisis counseling during regular office hours and after-hours on-call crisis counseling (call 678-HELP and ask for a counselor). Please call (901) 678-2068 for more information.

Personal Safety Tips
  • If you are in a violent relationship seek help immediately. 
  • Call CRISIS-7 to speak with a trained counselor
  • Plan an escape strategy for leaving the abusive situation (this may or may not include the involvement of law enforcement)
  • Make friends and family aware of your plans to leave this abusive situation
  • If living together: pack some of your belongings and keep it at a friend or family members home
  • Include copies of all personal documents (e.g., birth certificate, social security card, pass port etc.)
  • Make sure to have some cash (no credit cards or checks) packed
  • Have an additional cell phone ready (pay by the minute phones are always good options--be sure to have it charged with minutes)
  • If you are going out: make sure that you use the buddy system and watch out for each other--if you go out with your friends...go home with them!
  • Know you personal limits with alcohol
  • Be aware of your surroundings and where you are
  • Only accept open or mixed drinks from a bar tender
  • Never leave your drink unattended (if you have to go to the restroom TAKE YOUR DRINK WITH YOU)
  • Do not drink out of "punch bowls"  or open containers of liquor at parties
  • If you are out drinking and become dizzy, nauseated or light headed AND/OR you notice that the "normal" amount of alcohol that you drink is affecting you in some "abnormal" ways TELL SOMEONE!
  • Go on double dates
  • If you are going on a 'blind date' take your own car and be sure to let friends and family know who this person is, where you are going and check in with someone throughout the night
  • Do not put your personal information on the internet or on sites such as Facebook or Myspace (e.g., full name, phone number, home address, class schedule, etc.)
  • NOTE! Even if you set your Myspace or Facebook account to 'private' that DOES NOT mean that someone who is not your friend can not access your account!
Campus Resources

Check out our Campus Resources page for information on:

  • UofM Police Services
  • UofM Counseling Center
  • UofM Health Services
  • UofM Student Code of Rights and Responsibilities
How To Get Involved

If you are a member of the University of Memphis community and would like to be a part of the Memphis Safe Campus Consortium please contact the Center for Research on Women at 678-2770.

*Reporting offenses adapted from UofM Police Services website

Need immediate help?  Call CRISIS-7 (274-7477) 

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Filing a Silent Witness Report Online

How to Report Sex Offences

What to do if you become a victim of violence

Personal Safety Tips

How to get involved in the Safe Campus Initiative

Learn about violence against women
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Protocol for Faculty & Staff
Information for Students
Campus Resources
What can men do?
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