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Urban Middle-Class Women's Responses to Political Crisis in Buenos Aires, Briones, C., Mendoza, M., Fava, R., Rosán, A., Diaz, G., and Esplugas, M., April 2003 (24 pages). PDF download.

Advocates for Girls: Promoting Success in Early Adolescence
, Smith, Barbara Ellen and Claire T. Porter. 1998 (32 pages), $8.

Divisions of Labor in Paid Child Care and Domestic Work: The Commodification of "Social Reproduction,"
Tuominen, Mary and Lynet Uttal, 1995 (33 pages), $7.

Perception of Workplace Discrimination Among Black and White Professional-Managerial Women, Weber, Lynn, Elizabeth Higginbotham, 1995 (40 pages), $8.

Doing Diversity: Dangers, Deceptions and Debates, Zinn, Maxine Baca, 1995 (20 pages), $6.

Racial Safety, Cultural Competence, and Cultural Maintenance:  The Child Care Concerns of Employed Mothers.  Utall, Lynet. 1994. (35 pages)  $6.

Good Mothers, Bad Mothers, Other Mothers:  Making Sense of Child Care.  Uttal, Lynet. 1994. (36 pages)  $6.

Sisterhood as Collaboration: The Memphis State University [University of Memphis] Center for Research on Women, Weber, Lynn, Elizabeth Higginbotham, and Bonnie Thornton Dill, 1994 (44 pages), $8.

Time Traveling and Border Crossing: Notes on White Identity Development, Thompson, Becky, 1993 (46 pages), $8.

Reflections on Ethics in Research: The Death of White Sociology Twenty Years Later, Thompson, Becky, 1993 (30 pages), $6.

Race and Economic Development in the Lower Mississippi Delta, Williams, Bruce, Michael Timberlake, Bonnie Thornton Dill, and Darryl Tukufu, 1992 (34 pages), $6.

Race and the Reconstruction of Gender, Zinn, Maxine Baca, 1992 (20 pages), $5.

Notes on Sisterhood, Kinship and Marriage in an African American South Carolina Sea Island Community, Young, Kate Porter, 1992 (29 pages), $6.

Multiple Truths: The Personal, the Political and the Post Modernist in Contemporary Feminist Scholarship, Hewitt, Nancy A., 1992 (34 pages), $6.

Lifting as We Climb: How Scholarship By and About Women of Color Has Shaped My Life as a White Feminist, Ward, Kathryn B., 1992 (32 pages), $5.

Women of Color and Southern Women:  A Bibliography of Social Science Research 1975 to 1988 (Part 1).  Annual Supplement, 1991/1992.  Weber, Lynn, Elizabeth Higginbotham, Rebecca F. Guy, Cheryl Bickley, editors. (88 pages), $8.

Women of Color and Southern Women:  A Bibliography of Social Science Research 1975 to 1988 (Part 2).  Annual Supplement, 1991/1992.  Weber, Lynn, Elizabeth Higginbotham, Rebecca F. Guy, Cheryl Bickley, editors. (88 pages), $8.

Bibliography on Maternal and Child Health Across Class, Race and Ethnicity.  Zambrana, Ruth.  1990.  (58 pages)  $6.

Occupational Stress, Social Support, Depression and Job Dissatisfaction among Black and White Professional-Managerial Women, Snapp, Mary Beth, 1990 (37 pages), $6.

Race and Gender: Re-visioning Social Relations, Dill, Bonnie Thornton and Maxine Baca Zinn, 1990 (26 pages), $5.

Toward Race, Class and Gender Inclusive Research on Stress, Social Support, and Psychological Distress: A Critical Review of the Literature, Snapp, Mary Beth, 1989 (49 pages), $6.

Depression Among Women: Exploring the Effects of Race, Class and Gender, Weber, Lynn, Higginbotham, Elizabeth, and Rebecca F. Guy, 1989 (49 pages), $6.

Rethinking Mobility: Towards a Race and Gender Inclusive Theory, Higginbotham, Elizabeth and Lynn Weber Cannon, 1988 (54 pages), $6.

The Ongoing Struggle: Education and Mobility for Black Women, Higginbotham, Elizabeth -1987 (28 pages), $5.

Minority Families in Crisis: The Public Discussion, Zinn, Maxine Baca, 1987 (30 pages), $5.

Race and Class Bias in Research on Women: A Methodological Note, Weber, Lynn, Elizabeth Higginbotham, and Marianne Leung, 1987 (51 pages), $6.

Social Change and Sexual Inequality:  The Impact of the Transition from Slavery to Sharecropping on Black Women. Mann, Susan Archer, 1986 (41 pages)  $6.

Our Mothers’ Grief: Racial Ethnic Women and the Maintenance of Families, Dill, Bonnie Thornton, 1986 (56 pages), $6.

Employment for Professional Black Women in the Twentieth Century, Higginbotham, Elizabeth, 1985 (30 pages), $5.

Class Perceptions in the Black Community, Weber, Lynn and Reeve Vanneman, 1985 (30 pages), $5.

Work and Survival for Black Women, Higginbotham, Elizabeth, 1984 (17 pages), $4.








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