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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will I be expected to participate in practicum for which I am not prepared?

A: No. The academic and clinical practica are designed such that you will be both academically and clinically prepared for each assigned practicum.

Q: Will I always have adequate supervision?

A: Yes. The clinical practicum experience is designed and monitored to assure that you have the appropriate degree of supervision required for your level of experience.

Q: How is my clinical performance evaluated?

A: Your in-house clinical supervisor will review each clinical practicum experience with you and give you feedback on strengths as well as areas needing growth. Also, there is a mid-term and end of semester formal evaluation.

Q: How are my clinical supervisors evaluated?

A: Students complete an evaluation of each clinical supervisor each semester. These evaluations are reviewed by the Director of Audiology Clinical Services. These student evaluations of supervisors are part of the Director’s and the Dean’s performance evaluation of clinical supervisors.

Q: Is there a satisfactory variety of practicum settings to get a quality clinical education?

A: Yes. There are numerous high quality clinical practicum settings in the Memphis area. Also, there is a wide variety of in-house clinical settings including infant testing and treatment, as well as adult evaluations and hearing aid fittings for infants, children, and adults.

Q: Can I get specialized experience such as cochlear implants, vestibular procedures, and intra-operative monitoring?

A: Yes. You will have the option to choose among several established clinical practicum sites in Memphis that provide cochlear implant services, vestibular diagnostic and rehabilitative services, and intra-operative monitoring.

Q: Will I get experience with fitting modern digital hearing aids?

A: Yes. Both MSHC and most off-site placements fit digital hearing aids and have the requisite hardware, software, and clinical expertise to properly fit digital devices.

Q: How will my 4th year externship be determined?

A: The assignment of the 4th year externship is a joint endeavor between each student and the Director of Audiology Services. Students are encouraged to apply to an externship site that will facilitate and expand the clinical and academic knowledge acquired during the first three years of the AuD program.  Established extern sites as well as new, never-before assigned, extern sites may be considered by each student. Once a student identifies a new potential site, the Clinic Director will contact the site for details and to verify that the site will provide a quality clinical education with the appropriate degree of CCC-A clinical supervision. An assignment to an extern site is preceded by the student’s application to the site, the site’s acceptance of the student, and establishing an official contract that is signed by officials at the University of Memphis and the extern site. This contract assures each student that appropriate experiences will be offered and appropriate supervision will be provided. The Clinic Director interacts with the student and the extern supervisor during the fourth year to assure compliance with the contract.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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