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CCSEQ Administration

CCSEQ Administration

The CCSEQ is designed to fit the diverse student body of the twenty-first century community college. A range of student characteristics, experiences, aims and outcomes is surveyed, making possible a composite picture of the academic, cultural and social needs and desires of students served by an institution.

In 2011, the CCSEQ moved from a paper/pencil format to an online survey. We believe you will find this format easy to administer and it allows us to return your data file much faster.

Sampling Procedures

Due to differences in the amount of time spent on campus and the demand off-campus responsibilities placed on students, instrument distribution by mail to a select random sample may not be feasible. The cost of this approach, coupled with the probable poor rate of return may lead to results that are of limited usefulness.

Our experience suggests that administering the CCSEQ within the context of on-campus classes yields nearly a 100% return rate. While it may not produce a random sample of enrolled students, by carefully selecting a variety of courses – daytime, evening, general education, transfer, vocational, transitional, etc. – a fairly representative sample that approximates the attitudes of the larger student body may be obtained. For example, one institution analyzed its semester course offering schedules and elected to sample every class that met on Wednesdays at 9 am, 1 pm and 6 pm.

Administering the CCSEQ

Most students will complete the instrument in 20-30 minutes; consequently, an entire class period is not required. Since the instrument is online you can simply provide the survey site URL to your selected students via e-mail or have the class meet in a computer lab (which will produce a greater response rate).

The attitude and enthusiasm of those that administer the test goes a long way towards ensuring the quality of the student participation and the validity of their responses.

Specialized Questions

The CCSEQ allows each institution the opportunity to create additional questions  tailored to fit specific areas of inquiry. The frequency distributions from these questions will be included in the report that is returned to you.

Aggregate Totals

Aggregate totals from previous CCSEQ administrations are available in our CCSEQ manual. The CCSEQ manual is currently being updated and will be available for purchase soon.


The data you receive belongs solely to your institution. We will only use your data for the purpose of compiling aggregate totals. Data from individual schools will not be identified, nor their results shared.


You will receive a bill from our office shortly after your report is transmitted to you. If you are working with special calendar or fiscal deadlines, please let us know, and we will be happy to adjust accordingly. Payment should be remitted to the following address:

The University of Memphis
P.O. Box 1000, Dept. 313
Memphis, TN 38148-0313

Processing Time

Since the CCSEQ is administered online the basic frequency distribution report will be sent to you shortly after you have closed the survey (usually within a few days). If you have requested additional data analysis it will take longer to receive your report depending on the degree of complexity of the requested report.

The Materials You Will Receive

The basic frequency distribution report will be sent to you electronically. This report is included at no additional charge. If you desire additional analyses of the data contact us to discuss the type report(s) needed and associated cost. All reports will be transmitted electronically unless hard copy reports are requested.


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