Curricular Forms

Curriculum Requests Cover Sheet Summary and Justification provides a summary of the number and types of changes being requested by each department and a brief explanation of how these changes fit into the academic program and curricular plans of the department.

Course Revision Form, New Course Form, and Special Topics Form are used for submission of all online Catalog and curricular changes. Forms should be prepared by the requesting department. Indicate clearly all proposed changes.

Curricular requests are reviewed for approval by the various committees in each college, the appropriate department chair, and the college or school dean prior to submission to the Vice Provost, AI&SS for undergraduate requests, and the Vice Provost for Graduate Programs for graduate requests.

DENIED REQUESTS: Items not approved at a lower level of review are so marked on the Curriculum Requests Cover Sheet Summary and Justification. Denied requests may be withdrawn by the department or forwarded and appealed to a higher review committee, ending with the University Undergraduate Council or the University Council for Graduate Studies. A explanation should also be attached.