How to schedule a CWC session

If you would like to schedule a session, click on the "schedule a session" link above and follow these instructions:
1. If you are a new user, follow the "Click here to register" link and fill out a registration form. Otherwise simply log in.

2. After you've registered, you can log onto the CWC's scheduling page with whatever email address/password combo you used to register. If you would like to bookmark the CWC scheduling page, this is the URL:

3. Once you've logged on, you will see the CWC's schedule. Session times that are available are indicated by white boxes. Blue boxes are time slots that have already been reserved. When you've located a session time you want to reserve, click on the white box and fill out the reservation form.

4. You can modify and cancel your existing reserved CWC sessions by logging back on to the scheduling site and clicking on the session times you've scheduled.