Meet our staff

Scott Sundvall

Dr. Scott Sundvall, Director of CWC
Phone: (901) 678-1694
Office: McWherter Library Room 116

About:  I’m Scott Sundvall, the new director of the Center for Writing and Communication (CWC). I recently completed my PhD in English at the University of Florida with a specialization in rhetoric and new media. My research has appeared in Media Fields, Itineration, Interstitial, Politics of Place, Rhizomes, and an edited collection, Cybercultures: Mediations of Community, Culture, Politics. I am presently editing a collection with my colleague, Joseph Weakland, entitled, Rhetorical Speculations: The Future and Potential of Rhetoric and Writing Studies, for Utah State University Press. This year my efforts will draw upon my background in rhetoric, writing studies, and media to guide the CWC through its next stage of development. Several improvements are already underway: renovation of the CWC space; implementation of online, evening consultation hours; creation of a social media presence (Facebook and Twitter); and the drafting of grant proposals to fund the institution of a media lab. I am also in the process of proposing a graduate seminar on the theory and practice of writing and communication centers, so as to ensure CWC consultants have effective training and expertise in writing and communication center methodology. With the advent of ubiquitous computing and other emerging technologies, writing, communication, and rhetoric continue to change and adapt. Likewise, I want to offer our clients effective consultations in both the classical and timeless principles of orality and literacy as well as the emerging principles of what Gregory Ulmer marks “electracy.” I strive to make the CWC an inviting and worthwhile opportunity for the entire University of Memphis community.

Andrea Bishop

Andrea Bishop, Graduate Assistant Director
Office: McWherter Library Room 115

About:  Andrea Stark Bishop has taught college composition for more than a decade. At the University of Memphis, her PhD studies in composition focus on first year writing and how students write across all disciplines. She is currently studying for her comprehensive exams and preparing to write her dissertation which will focus on collaborative writing. Working one-on-one with writers is important to Andrea as a powerful way to encourage people to claim ownership of their writing. As Graduate Assistant Director, Andrea serves as the liaison between the CWC and UM's Center for Athletic Academic Services. She also coordinates a graduate writing group, and conducts data-driven research focused on the services the CWC provides to UM students, faculty, and staff. Recently celebrating her twentieth anniversary to her sweetheart of a husband, Andrea is the mother of two sons, and is the chief wrangler of two sweet dogs and three ornery cats.


Adam Hughes, Graduate Assistant Director
Office: McWherter Library Room 115



About:  Adam G. Hughes is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Communication and serves as Graduate Assistant Director of the CWC. His research interests include constitutive rhetoric, rhetoric of technology, and irony. Adam is currently working on his dissertation project which examines the public rhetorics surrounding three examples of technological innovation. In his spare time, Adam enjoys biking moderately, traveling regularly, and eating liberally.

Megan Murphy

Megan Murphy, Graduate Assistant Director
Office: McWherter Library Room 115




About:   Megan Murphy, in her second year of the MFA program, is passionate about her writing and attempts to demonstrate it by helping those struggling with their coursework. Additionally, she has experience in a writing center and hosting a writer's workshop where she taught various lessons that assisted ESL students with their assignments. Megan came to Memphis in 2016 from Christian Brothers University where she completed her Bachelor's degree in creative writing, along with a 150 page novel length piece that consisted of interconnected short stories about families.

Adela Brito

Adela Brito, Consultant

About:  Adela Brito, a Miami native, holds a BA in English from Florida International University. She began her professional career as a teacher, and then became an Educational Director for Sylvan Learning Center in Miami. She lived in NYC for sixteen years, where she worked as an editor, test prep instructor, and academic and writing coach. Adela enjoys reading about pop culture and music history and occasionally reviews music, film, and books. She is a professional editor of fiction and memoir, who is currently working on her first novel, Blue Suede Blues, and pursuing an MFA in Creative Writing at the University of Memphis. She loves Elvis, the blues;and soul music.


Thomas Cooper, Consultant

About:  Thomas Cooper is a graduate student in the MFA program for Creative Writing.  He obtained his undergraduate degree in English with a concentration in creative writing and a minor in Philosophy, through the University of Memphis.  When he’s not working as a maintenance man, Thomas is reading his brains out, writing, or walking the dog.




Steven Gaines, Consultant

About:  An award-winning author and speaker, Steven Gaines has experience as an editor and as a speech teacher and coach. His education has included several courses in both communication and English. He’s about halfway through his PhD in rhetoric and media studies at the University of Memphis, where his research explores religious rhetoric in social change and conflict, especially through radio, newspapers, and social media. His client-driven consulting style fluidly adjusts to accommodate diverse needs.


Brennah Hutchison, Consultant

About:  Brennah Hutchison is a second year PhD student at the University of Memphis. She has teaching experience with Composition I, Composition II, and Literary Heritage. Brennah received her M.A. in Rhetoric and Composition from Arkansas State University in 2016. Her master’s level areas of emphasis were Body Materialism, Feminist Rhetorics, and Gender Studies. Her current area of research is 19th Century Transatlantic Literature. When she is not studying, Brennah enjoys writing creatively and playing with her pug Roscoe.

Bradley Knox

Bradley Knox, Consultant 

About:  After finishing his undergraduate degree, double-majoring in Communication and Linguistics, Bradly Knox made the logical move from Seattle to Memphis. Pursuing his Master’s in Communication at the University of Memphis, Bradley’s main research interests are surveillance and anti-corruption. Bradley’s interests span the academic disciplines; he will take active part in any conversation about philosophy and STEM disciplines. Being particularly excited to support students writing resumes or CVs and preparing for public speaking situations, Bradley also looks forward to tutoring at the CWC as an opportunity to learn more about academic fields other than his own.


Kathleen Manning, Consultant 

About:  Kathleen Manning graduated from the University of Memphis with a Bachelor of Liberal Arts in Literature/Composition and Urban Community Studies and she is now concentrating on a Masters in Women’s Studies and Literature. Coffee, Star Wars, and Alice in Wonderland are all special to her. In addition, Kathleen is a self-proclaimed fitness enthusiast, an avid reader, and has passions for music, dance, art, and photography. 

Alyssa Radtke

Alyssa Radtke, Consultant 

About:  Alyssa Radtke majored in English with a minor in Business Administration at University of Mississippi, where she authored a collection of disability-themed poetry titled Ramped Soapbox. She is currently in her second year of the MFA program at University of Memphis, concentrating on poetry. Describing herself as a “caffeine and comedy girl,” Alyssa also admits to an embarrassing knowledge of fanfiction set in the Star Trek, Marvel, and Outlander universes. It might be said that Alyssa’s devotion to the writing process—and so her career as a writing tutor—began with an AP English essay on Death of a Salesman which she drafted a total of eight times. Alyssa comes to the CWC with three years of experience tutoring at the Ole Miss writing center.


Alice Reid, Consultant

About:   Alice received her BA in Communication Studies (option in organizational comm.) from California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) in spring of 2016. She came to the University of Memphis Department of Communication in fall of that same year as a master’s student with research interests in ideological criticism and feminist critical discourse analysis. Alice’s master’s thesis will focus on the rhetoric of science and genetics, examining linguistic difference in the discussions of sex and gender in both scientific and public discourse. She hopes at some point to go on to a PhD in a similar vein of research. Having a strong propensity for teaching, in the classroom and one-on-one, her decision to work at the CWC was driven by a desire help students better understand the unique aspects of both academic writing and environment. As a native Californian, Alice is an avid outdoors enthusiast, enjoying cycling, hiking, and exploring new places. She is a singer/songwriter, cat-owner, (Scottish) whiskey connoisseur, and T.V. series binge-watcher.

Skye Roberson

Skye Roberson, Consultant 

About:  Skye Roberson double-majored in philosophy and psychology at Arkansas State University, where she also received an MA in English Composition and Rhetoric. Her master’s thesis explored punk feminism and its relevance to the history of composition and feminist pedagogy. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Composition Studies at the University of Memphis. For Skye, the most valuable part of working in the CWC is taking part in providing students with a consistent support system and a relaxed environment in which to take authorial ownership of their work. Her academic interests include the history of composition, classical rhetoric, popular culture, feminism, and sound studies. She also pursues a number of hobbies, including crafting perfect playlists, baking, hiking, classic movies, as well as video games and TV (especially Game of Thrones and Bob’s Burgers).

Jonathan Smith

Jonathan Smith, Consultant

About:  Jonathan Smith has been teaching in the communication discipline for almost a decade. He received his BS and MA in Communication at Oregon State University before moving to Memphis in the summer of 2016 to pursue a PhD in Rhetoric. Using metaphor criticism, Jonathan’s master’s thesis examined ideology in a 1960 JFK campaign speech. He is a cat owner, avid exerciser, micro brew connoisseur, and HBO enthusiast. Jonathan was drawn to the CWC to work one on one with students in an environment that promotes learning and progress.

Stephen Turner

Stephen Turner, Consultant

About:  Stephen Turner joins the CWC from Arkansas State University, where he obtained his BA and MA in English. Following the mantra of his ASU mentor, Stephen holds that “No text is sacred,” and strives to demystify the act of writing for the benefit of his own writing and for that of his students and CWC clients. Beyond helping students, Stephen views his work at the CWC as a way to grow and learn—increasing his ability to give good feedback as well as keeping him informed through the diverse points of view of our clientele. Stephen’s academic interests range from contemporary poetry to Southern Gothic; he is especially interested in William Faulkner and Cormac McCarthy.

Justin Williams

Justin Williams, Consultant

About:  Research—diving into a subject—is a real pleasure for Justin Williams, who makes the transition this year from one of our earliest graduate student clients to membership in our ever-growing, multi-talented staff. Justin is an avid cyclist, guitarist, and social justice activist—as well as diligent scholar of twentieth century American literature. After graduating with a BA in English and French from Tennessee Technology University, Justin joined the University of Memphis English Department to pursue a PhD in 2015.