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arrowhead 2.0  Confidential Indicator and Its Use

2.1  Students

Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), release of personally identifiable student education records (other than directory information) to any party other than those specified by FERPA is not permitted without the student's written consent. Staff members must complete the FERPA Tutorial prior to being granted access to student data.

Note: For more information on FERPA, read the University policy: Privacy of Education Records (Compliance with FERPA).

Further, by requesting that the Confidential Indicator be set, students may also elect to restrict their "Directory Information". The University of Memphis asks that students carefully consider the consequences of a decision to restrict directory information. With directory information restricted, the University will:

  • not include the student's name, address, or phone number in the Telephone Directory.

  • not include the student's email address in the electronic directory.

  • refuse to release any information about the student to insurance companies, current or future employers, all types of media, and any non institutional persons or organizations.

  • give no financial aid or personal information over the phone.

  • state, "We can provide no information on that person" to any request for information.

For these reasons, the confidential indicator is intended for individuals who have a compelling need to have all information about them kept private. This option should not be viewed by the student as a "do not mail or contact" option. Students will still receive mail, email, and phone calls from the University.

Students who need to have their directory information remain confidential must contact the Registrar's Office.

Directory Information

At the U of M, directory information is defined as the student's:

  • name
  • U-number
  • address
  • telephone listing
  • email address
  • date of birth
  • major field of study
  • participation in officially recognized activities and sports
  • weight and height (for members of athletic teams)
  • dates of attendance
  • degrees and awards received
  • the previous education agency or institution most recently attended
  • full-time/part-time status (including number of enrolled hours)
  • classification
  • cumulative earned hours
  • univerity student-employment status


2.2  Releasing Students' Confidential Information

Releasing directory information about anyone who has requested confidentiality is prohibited. Anyone who releases any information about individuals coded as confidential will be in violation of University policy and other federal and state privacy laws.

The Registrar's Office handles all external requests for student information, and any such requests should be forwarded to the Registrar.


2.3  Employees

Employees who need to have their information confidential must contact Human Resources. While setting this flag means that the employee's home information is confidential, the employee's business information (office telephone number, office number, etc.) will still be listed in the various directories.

Human Resources handles all requests for employee information and any such request should be forwarded to Human Resources.


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