Students Give Thanks: Joel Jassu

Scholarship recipient: Joel Jassu



Name of scholarship(s) you have received: Donald K. Carson Leadership Scholarship
Current residence: Memphis, Tennessee
Hometown: Uganda
College: College of Communication and Fine Arts
Major: Architecture
2014-2015 Classification: Sophomore
Year Graduating: 2017


Why did you choose University of Memphis?
After I finished high school in Uganda, I did not have any hope of going to school anymore because I was not able to pay for it. I later met friends whose support allowed me to go to the University of Memphis.

What is unique about you? How are you different from other students at UofM?
I love being part of people's lives and knowing who they are. I have a great passion for mentoring. I also love leadership.

Describe any extra-curricular or community service efforts. What personal impact have they had on you?
Going out to the neighborhood around the Binghamton community has been a great opportunity for me because I was able to get to know people, connect with them and support them. I also visit the prison to talk to the inmates. This has been a great experience because I see lives being changed which will eventually lead to a better community.

What has your college experience been like so far?
My college experience as a freshman was very exciting. I loved being with the faculty who supported me and helped in orienting me to the American education system. The campus also offers so many opportunities to students like the leadership training I attended at the end of the spring semester. It gave me a great opportunity to connect with other students and it also expanded my college family. I plan to get involved more with the Christian organizations on campus and other student organizations like the AIAS (American Institute of Architecture Students).

What are your plans after graduation?
After I graduate, I plan to continue my education here at the University of Memphis, and I would like to be part of the work force that will support the Memphis community and support my home country.

If you were to meet your donor in person, how would you describe what receiving a donor-funded scholarship means to you?
This scholarship means the world to me, it has helped me see my dreams come to reality. Thank you!