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2010 Donor Honor Roll: $100-249

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Dr. Roxanne J. Aaron*
Mr. Donald A. Abbott*
Dr. Narahari B. Achar
Mr. Robert E. Acree
Mr. Andrew Adams*
Mr. Dennis Adams
Mr. and Mrs. D. Patterson Adams Jr.*
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Adams Jr.*
Mr. Terry G. Adams*
Ms. Frances S. Addicott*
Dr. and Mrs. Justin C. Alder Jr.*
Mr. John T. Adrian*
Mr. Kelly L. Agee*
Ms. Cheryl D. Parks Ajamu*
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Akers*
Ms. Jeannine D. Akin*
Mr. Stewart M. Akin*
Ms. Martha J. Alberg*
Mr. J. Alec Alexander*
Mr. Mario D. Alfonso*
Mr. Shoukath M. Ali*
Mr. Derrick S. Allen*
Ms. Elizabeth G. Allen*
Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Allen*
Mr. John E. Allen*
Mr. Sam Allen
Ms. Suzanne S. Allen
Mr. Edward J. Alrutz*
Mr. Robert K. Alvarez
Mr. and Mrs. Dorian P. Amido*
Dr. Paula J. Amrod*
Mr. Byron P. Anderson II*
Mr. Charles E. Anderson*
Mr. Erik A. Anderson*
Mr. James H. Anderson*
Dr. Jerry L. Anderson
Ms. Pat Anderson*
Ms. Roberta T. Anderson*
Ms. Virginia M. Anderson*
Mr. and Mrs. Scott R. Andreas*
Ms. Susan M. Andrews*
Anonymous Donor
Anonymous Donor+
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Anthony*
Mr. Edwin P. Antoniak Jr.
Ms. Brenda M. Antwine*
Dr. Kenn Apel*
Ms. Eleanor E. Appling
Dr. Morgan D. Arant Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel D. Armitage*
Ms. Vickie S. Armour*
Mr. David J. Armstrong*
Ms. Elizabeth F. Arndt*
Dr. and Mrs. Jerry W. Askew*
Ms. Elaine V. Atkinson
Mr. Camille M. Attieh*
Ms. Thelda P. Atwater*
Ms. Nancy W. Averwater*
Mr. and Mrs. Howard D. Averyhart Sr.*
Dr. and Mrs. John A. Avgeris*
Mr. and Mrs. John N. Avis*
Mr. and Mrs. Scott P. Ayers*
Dr. and Mrs. Emin Babakus
Mr. Philip D. Babin*
Ms. Susan W. Babin*
Ms. Margaret H. Bach*
Mr. Gary C. Bailey*
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry M. Baker*
Ms. Deborah W. Baker*
Ms. Marjorie S. Baker*
Mr. Robert D. Baker*
Ms. Tawni C. Ballinger*
Mr. William Shannon Banks*
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Bannister*
Dr. and Mrs. Paul M. Barelski*
Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Barkley*
Lt. Col. Lorraine Barlett*
Mr. Robert W. Barnard Jr.*
Mr. Reginald K. Barner*
Mr. Glenn D. Barnes*
Mr. Joseph T. Barnett
Mr. Matthew S. Barry*
Ms. Donna S. Bartek*
Ms. Lynn B. Barton*
Martha and Nat Baxter
Mr. and Mrs. Russ Beatse
Dianne and John Beauregard
Ms. Meriwether R. Beck*
Mr. Jared B. Becksfort*
Mr. Donald E. Beisswanger*
Ms. Paige R. Beitel*
Ms. Deborah L.* and Mr. James P. Bell*
Ms. Karen A. Bell*
Ms. Margaret A. Bell
Mr. Walter J. Bell*
Mr. William S. Bellamy*
Dr. and Mrs. D. Joseph Bellott Jr.*
Anne Wulff* and Brian Bendersky*
Mr. and Mrs. Bradford Benham*
J. D. Benitone MD
Mr. Todd B. Benitone*
Ms. Martha J. Bennett*
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick E. Bensinger*
Ms. Barbara D. Benstein*
Janice and Ira Berlin
Mr. Eugene Bernstein Jr.*
Mr. and Mrs. Shad D. Berry*
Ms. Bobbie M. Bessire*
Drs. Richard Janikowski and Phyllis Betts
Dr. and Mrs. Charles J. Biggers*
Mr. Stephen H. Biller
Mr. Richard H. Billings*
Mr. Ronald D. Billings*
Mr. Steven F. Bilsky*
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Binswanger*
Mr. T. Gary Bird*
Mr. and Mrs. Madan M. Birla*
Mr. David L. Bishop
Barbara and Alan Bisno*
Mr. Dan A. Black*
Ms. Jennifer O. Black*
Mr. Gregory J. Blackwell*
Mr. Bruce O. Blair*
Nell and Paul Blair*
Mr. and Mrs. Jack R. Blair*
Mr. Richard E. Blakely
Ms. Christina L. Blanchard-Horan*
Dr. Judith A. Blucker*
Ms. Mary H. Boals*
Mr.+ and Mrs. Irvin Bogatin
Mr. Gerald A. Bohannon*
Mr. Donald E. Bohrman*
Mr. and Mrs. Walter B. Bolton Jr.*
Mr. Walter A. Bolton*
Ms. Virginia M. Boone*
Mr. Bert H. Bornblum
Dr. and Mrs. Frank J. Borst*
Mr. Michael Boscaccy
Mr. David R. Bosse*
Mr. William H. Boston*
The Honorable and Mrs. G. Harvey Boswell*
Ms. Shatesha J. Boyce
Ms. Evelyn V. Boyd*
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Brabec
Ms. Diana Drewry Bradberry*
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Bradford*
Mr. Robert L. Bradfute*
Mr. Marlon L. Branch*
Mr. M. Stephen Brandon*
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Branham*
Ms. Linda L. Brashear*
Ms. Renee A. Brassfield*
Capt. Mike Braswell*
Mr. and Mrs. Steven K. Braun*
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas D. Breeckner*
Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. Brenner*
Dr. Peter K. Bridson
Ms. Ruby Bright
Terry and Becki Brimhall*
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Brister*
Mr. and Mrs. Louis P. Britt III*
Mr. Theron Britt
Ms. Rita J. Broadway*
Ken and Lisa Brockman
The Honorable Joyce C. Broffitt*
Ms. Albertina M. Brooks*
Ms. Deena Y. Brooks*
Mr. Jeffrey S. Brooks*
Ms. Sandra W. Brooks*
Ms. Jennifer Brown Boos*
Miss Lisa A. Brown*
Mr. and Mrs. Doyal Brown*
Mr. Randall H. Brown*
Miss Sarah L. Brown*
Mr. Steven D. Brown*
Dr. Walter R. Brown
The Honorable William Houston Brown
Ms. Christine A. Bruenn*
Mr. Noel F. Bryant*
Mr. Paul E. Bryant Jr.*
Ms. Mary T. Bryce*
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Buchalter*
Lt. Col. Joseph M. Buchwald*
Ms. Elizabeth S. Buck
Ms. Jacqueline D. Buckingham
Dr. Eugene H. Buder
Mr. Brett G. Buehrer*
Dr. Joel D. Bumgardner
Ms. Kay K. Bures*
Mr. Mike Burk
Ms. Lila Beth Burke
Ms. Joy A. Burks*
Mr. Donald L. Burnett*
Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Burrage*
Mr. and Mrs. Billy W. Burrough*
Ms. Jennifer B. Burton*
Ms. Peggy L. Burton*
Mr. and Mrs. Jim C. Busby*
Dr. and Mrs. Orton C. Butler
Ms. Candace K. Byrd
Mr. and Mrs. Randal L. Byrd*
Mr. William M. Byrd Jr.
Ms. Darci Ann and Mr. Gregory P. Caesar*
Mr. Jeffrey H. Cagle*
Mr. Phillip A. Cain
Dr. James H. Calandruccio*
Ms. Mary Ann M. Camp*
Mr. Alberto Candelaria
Dr. Jenina M. and Mr. Edwin D. Cantler Jr.*
Mr. G. Coble Caperton*
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Caplinger
Robert and Mary Ann Capocaccia*
Dr. Luther W. Capooth
Ms. P. Elaine Capps*
Dr. Robert B. Carney Jr.*
Mr. Oscar C. Carr*
Ms. Nila Carrington
Ms. Jerre T. Carroll*
Mr. Stephen D. Carter*
Ms. Wilhelmina H. Carter*
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis E. Casey*
Ms. Pamela G. Cash
Mr. Raymond S. Castro*
Mr. Taylor Cates
Ms. Marion C. Causey*
Dr. and Mrs. R. Thomas Chamberlain*
Dr. S. Wayne Chamberlin*
Ms. Colis C. Chambers*
Mr. Jeffrey D. Chambers*
Mr. Samuel E. Chambers*
Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Champion*
Mr. Tsz Ho Chan
Mr. Josh S. Chance*
Dr. and Mrs. Carl M. Chando*
Mr. Clement Chang*
Cyril and Alice Chang*
Ms. Karen J. Chapman*
Ms. Alyssa A. Chase*
Mr. Jinqiu Chen*
Mr. Charlie K. Cheng*
Ms. Sandhya Chennuru*
Steve and Joyce Cheshier*
Robert and Yvonne Chester
Ms. Tai Lun Chiang*
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Chiego*
Ms. Barbara J. Childress*
Dr. Barbara A. Ching
Dr.+ and Mrs. Marvin K. Ching*
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth K. Chipley*
Mr. Bill R. Chism*
Ms. Jean Hill Chisolm*
Ens. Joseph A. Christopher*
Dr. Valerie Y. Chu* and Dr. Quentin C. Chu
Mr. John M. Chulos*
Dr. King-Thom Chung
Miss Kimberly A. Claar*
Mr. Emerson C. Clark*
Mr. Larry C. Clayton*
Mr. Howard L. Clemons*
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Clift Jr.*
Ms. Vicki L. Clift*
Mr. Charles E. Climer Jr.*
Ms. Barbara C. Clutter*
Ms. Linda S. Cody*
Mr. J. Thomas Coe*
Dr. Pamela A. Cogdal
Ms. Lorinda B. Cohoon
Ms. Viola O. Cole
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Cole Jr.*
Ms. Judy H. Coleman-Weber*
Mr. William R. Coles*
Mr. Matthew T. Collier*
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Collins*
Ms. Babe J. Collins*
Mr. Brett J. Collins*
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Collins*
Ms. Deana B. Collins*
Ms. Jennifer H. Collins*
Mr. Patrick S. Collins* and Ms. Janice L. Collins
Lt.+ and Mrs. R. Mark Collins*
Ms. Lalla M. Colmer
Mr. Billy J. Colvard*
Dr. Charles J. Colvin*
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Compton*
Dr. and Mrs. William D. Compton*
Ms. Sue Conklin
Ms. Lucy S. Conley*
Ms. F. Marie Connors*
Ms. Lorraine V. Conte
Mr. and Mrs. W. Michael Conway Jr.*
Mr. Gerald L. Conway*
Miss Margaret A. Conway*
Mr. and Mrs. E. David Coombs Jr.*
Mr. William L. Cooper III*
Miss Gail Copeland*
Ms. Susan L. Copeland* and Mr. Rockey A. Copeland*
Mr. Thomas H. Copeland*
Mr. Charles C. Cottam*
Dr. B. L. Couch*
Mr. and Mrs. James G. Couch*
Mr. Kelly D. Council*
Mr. Harry S. Courtney*
Ms. Elaine Coustan-Smith
Dr. and Mrs. Benton W. Cox, III*
Ms. Diana C. Cox*
Mr. Joe H. Cox*
Mr. Kevin C. Cox*
Mr. Larry D. Cox*
Mr. Randel T. Cox
Mr. Samuel D. Cox*
Mr. Ray A. Craft*
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Craft*
Mr. Samuel L. Crain Jr.*
Drs. Darrell and Dixie Crase
Mike and Laura Crase
Mr. Charles J. Crass*
Miss Beverly A. Crawford*
Dr. Charles W. Crawford
Ms. Mary L. Crawford*
Mr. Thomas E. Crawford Sr.*
Mr. and Mrs. Drury B. Crawley Jr.*
Mr. J. Bartley Creedon*
Mr. Richard T. Crenshaw*
Ms. Wendy T. Crick
Mr. David B. Crislip*
Mr. Martin N. Crockett Jr.*
Mr. Robert N. Crockett III*
Cathie and Harrel Crone*
Ms. Sherry L. Crone*
Margaret and Ronnie Crook*
Mr. Jimmy L. Croom*
Mr. William S. Crossnoe* and Mrs. Lori Witmer*
Mr. Timothy A. Crouthamel*
Mr. Victor M. Cruz*
Mr. Collin L. Cull*
Dr. Vincent P. Culotta*
Mr. Lewis C. Culpepper III*
Mr. Barry R. Cunningham*
Dr. and Mrs. Ray E. Curle*
Miss Catherine V. Curry*
Ms. Joanna E. Curtis
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Cushing*
Miss Mary Lou Cushing*
Mr. J. Lester Dabbs Jr.*
Dr. Reginald A. Dalle and Dr. Teresa S. Dalle*
Dr. Aliasghar Danesh*
Ms. Carol H. Daniel*
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas R. Daniel*
Mr. Scott E. Daniel*
Ms. Sidney B. Daniel
Ms. Priscilla F. Danielson*
Dr. Ramalinga S. Danturthi*
Ms. Holley C. Dargie*
Mr. Mark A. Darty
Dr. L. J. Davidson
Miss Angela Y. Davis*
Ms. Diane D. Davis*
Dr. Ellen B. Davis*
Mr. and Mrs. Houston D. Davis*
Mr. Michael K. Davis
Ms. Nancy B. Davis*
Dr. Toya Pinkston Dawson
Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Day*
Mr. Roger G. Day*
Mr. Russell R. Day*
Mr. Walter L. Day*
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Day
Ms. Chinisha H. Dean*
Ms. Jane D. Deaton
Ms. LeeAnn Fry*
Paulette J. and Dr. Sam Delk
Mr. George S. Dendrinos*
Ms. Polly A. Dennison
Ms. Sally A. Dewing*
Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Dickerson*
Dr. James L. Dickson*
Ms. Hilary A. Dinkelspiel
Dr. and Mrs. Phillip H. Dirmeyer*
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Dixon
Mr. Fred Dixon*
Ms. Mildred T. Dixon*
Mr. Gary F. Dobias*
The Honorable Gary W. Dodson*
Mr. and Mrs. Gene A. Dodson*
Ms. Felecia A. Donelson*
Mr. and Mrs. Mark P. Dorfman*
Dr. and Mrs. H. James Dorman
Ms. Sally W. Dorman
Mr. Joe M. Dorris
Mr. Michael W. Dorris
Ms. Dorothy R. Dorsey*
Mr. Gary B. Douglas*
Mr. Don L. Dowden*
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney E. Driver*
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Duffy Jr.*
Mr. John P. Dumire*
Mr. David H. Dunaway*
Mr. R. J. Duncan*
Mr. John E. Dunlap*
Mr. and Mrs. William W. Dunlap Jr.*
Dr. Larry W. Dupree*
Ms. Deborah E. Dupuy
Mr. John A. Durdin*
Dr. Patrina Durham*
Mr. Thomas H. Durham III*
Mr. and Mrs. Joel W. Duskin*
Ms. Jane S. Dutcher*
Mr. Gill L. Duykers*
Dr. William O. Dwyer
Mr. Bruce A. Dziedzic*
Dr. and Mrs. Hamel B. Eason*
Mr. William A. Eason
Mr. James A. Easter
Mr. Alan W. Eatmon
Dr. Barry A. Edelstein*
Ms. Mary J. Edgar
Mr. Ian M. Edward*
Mr. John A. Edwards*
Mr. and Mrs. E. Everett Edwards III*
Ms. Beth M. Egan*
Mr. Augustine E. Egedegbe*
Dr. Sandra L. Eggers*
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Elb Jr.*
Ms. Doris T. Elgin*
Mr. D. Scott Ellenburg*
Mr. Deaton P. Ellis Jr.*
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Emerson*
Dr. and Mrs. Graves E. Enck
Mr. Ian C. Engstrom*
Dr. and Mrs. J. Rex Enoch*
Mr. Robert S. Eramo*
Dr. and Mrs. Edwin A. Erlbacher II*
Mr. and Mrs. Ivory Ervin Jr.*
Mr. William C. Eskew*
Mr. James D. Estep III*
Mr. and Mrs. Tommy C. Estes*
Ms. Janet Thorpe Estey*
Dr. and Mrs. Richard D. Evans*
Ms. Gloria Evans*
Mr. and Mrs. W. Hickman Ewing Jr.*
Mr. and Mrs. L. Allen Exelbierd*
Ms. Martha H. Ezzell*
Ms. Lori P. Fageol
Mr. Richard A. Faquin*
The Honorable David R. Farmer*
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce L. Feldbaum*
Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Felsenthal*
Mr. and Mrs. Joel M. Felt
Dr. Sammy L. Felton*
Mr. David E. Ferguson*
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Ferguson*
Ms. Crystal K. Ferrell*
Mr. Johnnie J. Ferrell*
Mr. Ebby Ferry
Ms. Debra L. Fessenden*
Ms. Sharon W. Fewell*
Dr. Linda P. Finch*
Mr. and Mrs. Norman W. Finney*
Ms. Marianne Fisher-Giorlando
Dr. Larry W. Fite*
Mr. Cory Fitzgerald*
Mr. Joseph G. Fitzgerald*
Ms. Peggy R. Fitzgerald
Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Fitzgerald*
Mr. Walter L. Fitzgerald Jr.*
Ms. Allison C. Fleming*
Ms. Marilyn C. Fleming*
Ms. Mary Lawrence Flinn*
Mr. John M. Flippin*
Ms. Laurie Petrick Flynn*
Ms. Cristina S. Fockler*
Ms. Shireen S. Fogleman*
Mr. Vernon Forbes
Ms. Tammie L. Ford*
Ms. Deborah Ford-Mansers*
Mr. William A. Foster*
Ms. Anna Karen Foutes*
Dr. Louis A. Franceschini III*
Ms. Helen S. Frank*
Dr. and Mrs. E. Arthur Franklin*
Mr. Kenneth D. Franklin Jr.*
Mr. Gene R. Frederic II*
Dr. and Mrs. Jerre M. Freeman*
Mr. James W. Freeman*
Mr. Frank G. Friedman*
Dr. Alice M. Frye*
Dr. and Mrs. Glenn L. Fuller*
Ms. Leslie L. Fuller*
Lt. Col. Wayne L. Fuller*
Ms. Joan H. Fullwood*
Ms. Diane Fulton
Mr. Marc A. Furmanski*
Mr. Pete A. Futris Jr.*
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Gaines III*
Mr. Gregory S. Gallagher*
Mr. Michael T. Galligan*
Miss Anne R. Galloway*
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Gammon*
Mr. and Mrs. G. Kenneth Gann*
Mr. Neal W. Garner*
Mr. David N. Garst*
Ms. Jennifer W. Garst*
Dr. T. Kent Gartner
Mr. and Mrs. Merle E. Gartrell*
Dr. Pamela Gaston
Mr. Lucian D. Geise*
Ms. Amy M. George*
Mr. and Mrs. David C. George*
Dr. Ebenezer O. George
Dr. Phillip George
Dr. J. Barry Gholson
Mr. and Mrs. Peter T. Giannini*
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon H. Gibbons*
Dr. James W. Gieselmann*
Ms. Gwendolyn M. Gilbreath*
Mr. Robert J. Gildea Jr.*
Mr. H. Arthur Gilliam Jr.
Ms. Stephanie H. Gilmore*
Ms. Judith L. Gilpin*
Mr. Dennis R. Givens*
Mr. Billy G. Glasgow*
Mr. Gregory W. Glenn
Ms. Joyce H. Glenn*
Mr. Billy J. Glover and Dr. Martha M. Glover*
Dr. John D. Glover*
Ms. Karen A. Gloyer*
Dr. John E. Gnuschke
Mr. J. Waldon Gooch*
Nancy and Dan Goodwin*
Mr. Joseph D. Goss*
Ms. Alida H. Gover*
Mrs. Teri P. Graber and Mr. Larry Graber*
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Chris Grace*
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Grafenreed III*
Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Grai*
Dr. Marshall Graney and Ms. Carol L. Gothe*
Ms. Elizabeth M. Grant*
Mr. and Mrs. Frierson Graves*
Ms. Sandra D. Graves*
Ms. Barbara L. Gray*
Mr. John W. Gray Jr.*
Ms. Dorothy M. Greaney
Ms. Betty B. Green*
Ms. Anna W. and Mr. Arthur L. Grehan II*
Ms. Monica Greppin*
Dr. Frederick G. Grieve*
Mr. Stephen E. Griffey*
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis W. Griffin*
Mr. Herbert L. Griffin*
Ms. Peggy S. Griffith*
Dr. and Mrs. Albert J. Grobmyer, III
Barbara and Richard Grusell
Ms. Pamela M. Guasco*
Ms. Jennifer N. Guenther*
Ms. Dorris Shelton Gulley*
Mr. Naveen K. Guniganti*
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Gurney*
Mr. and Mrs. V. Gurunathan*
Mr. Douglas E. Gwin Jr.*
Mr. Robert E. Hadley*
Mr. Ellis L. Haguewood*
Mr. Ben D. Hale*
Ms. Diana K. Hale
Miss Gloria Haley*
Mr. Douglas F. Halijan
Ms. Ann M. Hall*
Ms. Barbra J. Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Draper A. Hall*
Mr. and Mrs. Gaylon S. Hall*
Ms. Janice D. Hall*
Ms. Julia E. Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Milton A. Hall*
Ms. Kelley J. Hall*
Ms. Diane B. Halperin*
Mr. and Mrs. M. Ronald Halpern*
Ms. Cynthia L. Ham* and Mr. Jeff B. Sanford*
Mr. Robert L. Hamilton Jr.*
Ms. Roy Ellen Hammann*
Ms. Marion B. Hammett
Mr. Gilbert A. Hammond*
Mr. and Mrs. David G. Hampton*
Dr. and Mrs. Michael H. Hamrick Sr.*
Mr. Michael L. Hancock*
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph T. Hand Jr.
Ms. Debra L. Hanna
Ms. Irene Hansen*
Mr. Hakan J. Hansson*
Mr. Timothy D. Harbeson*
Mr. Charles E. Harden*
Ms. Joyce M. Hardin
Mr. Marino C. Hardy* and Mrs. Carolyn C. Hardy*
Mr. John T. Hargrave*
Ms. Carrie L. Harris*
Mr. David J. Harris*
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Harris III*
Mr. John H. Harris Jr.
Dr. Laura E. Harris*
Mr. Lee A. Harris
Ms. Monica A. Harris*
Miss Nancy A. Harris*
Mr. Robert L. Harris*
Ms. Sharon Harris
Mr. Henry D. Hart*
Dr. Michael D. Hartline*
Ms. Mary E. Harvey*
Ms. Theresa M. Hash*
Ms. Betty W. Hassell*
Mr. and Mrs. Harley Hathaway
The Rev. Robin R. Hatzenbuehler*
Ms. Bonnie S. Hauge*
Mr. Joseph H. Hauser*
Mr. David F. Hawkins*
Mr. O. Mason Hawkins
Mr. Dwight Hawks*
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Hayes
Mr. Jimmy Hayslip*
Ms. Holly B. Hazlett
Ms. Susan A. Helms* and Dr. Richard Helms
Mr. Willis B. Henderson*
Ms. Laura S.* and Mr. William E. Hendrix*
Mr. Russell J. Hensley*
Mr. Kenneth J. Herron*
Mr. Floyd R. Herzog*
Ms. Andrea Hessling*
Mr. William B. Hetzler*
Miss A. Ann Heuertz*
Mr. Thomas D. Hickey*
Miss Katherine A. Hicks*
Mr. Leroy L. Hidinger Jr.*
Mr. Hugh O. Higginbotham Jr.*
Ms. Dianne Hightower*
Chuck and Darlene Hilboldt
Mr. Alexander R. Hill*
Ms. Arleen A. Hill
Mr. and Mrs. W. Bernard Hill*
Mr. Sigmund F. Hiller*
Mr. Mark L. Hillis*
Ms. Danielle L. Hillman*
Mr. Andrew D. Hilton*
Ms. Oliver A. Hinson*
Mr. James M. Hoffman
Dr. and Mrs. Edward R. Hoge Jr.*
Mr. Charles C. Holcomb*
Mr. Earl Holcomb*
Mr. John R. Holden*
Ms. Cary Holladay
Mr. Terence E. Hollahan*
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Holland*
Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Holmes
Mr. Drew Holmes
Dr. Jane H. Hooker*
Ms. Margaret Anne Hooker*
Mr. Daniel J. N. Hope*
Ms. Genene Hopkins*
Ms. Kitty P. Hopkins*
Ms. Mae Alice Hopkins*
Ms. Deborah K. Hopper*
Ms. Linda W. Hopper
Ms. Heidi A. Hordyk*
Drs. Terence and Dianne Horgan
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Horner*
Mr. Wen-Chien Hou*
Mr. David C. Howard*
Ms. Hortense G. Howard
Mr. Leslie W. Hoyle*
Mr. Blue Hoyt
Mr. Yiguang Hu*
Ms. Yao Huang*
Mr. Dennis J. Hubbard*
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Huddleston*
Mr. Tracy C. Hudson*
Ms. Betty J. Huff
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Huff*
Dr. Michael G. Huffman*
Ms. Annelle R. Huggins and Mr. Joseph F. Huggins*
Mr. Jeffery P. Hughes*
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Hughes*
Ms. Saundra W. Williams*
Dr. Carolyn S. Hull-Toye*
Ms. Diana Humphrey-McKee
Miss Carolyn L. Hunter*
Mr. and Mrs. Howard K. Hunter*
Mr. Sigmund V. Hurd*
Dr. and Mrs. Douglas E. Hurley
Mr. and Mrs. Harold N. Hurst*
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Hurt III*
Mr. Michael W. Hutchison*
Ms. Barbara I. Ingram*
Mr. Russell E. Ingram* and The Honorable Holly Kirby
Ms. Lauren E. Isaacman*
Dr. Kenneth J. Israel*
Dr. Kristen Iversen
Ms. Fariss Adams Ivey*
Mr. Robert L. Ivey*
Mr. Arnold Jackson*
Mr. and Mrs. Tony G. Pinson
Mr. Correll R. Jackson Jr.*
Ms. Geneva C. Jackson*
Mr. and Mrs. Larry C. Jackson*
Ms. Margaret Skinner Jackson*
Dr. and Mrs. Wade M. Jackson*
Ms. Rosemary Jackson
Mr. Vernon Jackson*
Dr. M. Shah Jahan
Ms. Raven L. Jakubowski*
Ms. Melanie Alexander James
Mr. Charles E. Jamison
Dr. Linda Jarmulowicz
Mr. James D. Jarrett*
Dr. Houshang Javan
Ms. Angie G. Jellison*
Mr. Michael L. Jensen*
Mr. Robert J. Jessee*
Dr. Chunrong Jia
Dr. Christine X. Jiang
Ms. Ye Jin*
Mr. and Mrs. James G. Johns*
Mr. Rayford E. Johns Jr.*
Ms. Cynthia L. Johnson
Dr. Diane M. Johnson*
Mr. James S. Johnson*
Ms. Jean E. Johnson
Ms. Johanna F. Johnson Saker*
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Johnson Jr.*
Mr. Marshall D. Johnson*
Mr. Marvin Johnson*
Mr. Richard E. Johnson*
Dr. Sigurd H. Johnson*
Mr. Steven L. Johnson*
Ms. Zelda E. Johnson
Ms. Carol A. Johnson Bishop*
Mr. Randy L. Johnston*
Dr. and Mrs. Coy A. Jones
Mr. George R. Jones Jr.*
Miss Jasmine Y. Jones*
Mr. and Mrs. George R. Jones Jr.*
Ms. Judy M. Jones*
Mr. L. Epps Jones*
Ms. Lois Frances Jones*
Mr. Samuel Jones*
Mr. William B. Jones Jr.*
Mr. W. Lester Jones Jr.*
Mr. Vijaya Bhaskara R. Jonnala*
Mr. Justin Joy*
Lyn and John Joyner*
Mr. Brian A. Juengling*
Ms. Kathy Junkin*
Ms. Sally V. Justis*
Mr. Matthias Kaelberer
Mr. Philip G. Kaminsky
Ms. Melissa B. Kane*
Dr. and Mrs. Edward S. Kaplan
Dr. Joe C. Kastner*
Mr. J. Pete Kay*
Dr. Ben L. Kedia
Dr. Satish K. Kedia
Dr. Hugh T. Keenan*
Mr. J. Michael Keenan*
Helyn and L. Harold Keith*
Mr. Russell B. Kelly*
Ms. Heidi A. Kendall*
Mr. Kelly G. Kennedy*
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas R. Kennedy*
Mr. Thomas G. Kennon III*
Mr. Kevin M. Kent*
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Keough*
Ms. Andrea Epstein Kerlan*
Ms. Stacey A. Kersh-Johnson*
Ms. Jessica M. Kersting*
Mr. and Mrs. Kendall M. Keuter*
Mr. William N. Key*
Mr. Daniel H. Kiel
Dr. Joyce C. Kilpatrick*
Ms. Barbara C. King*
Mrs. K. Brooke King and Mr. Robert W. King*
Ms. Patricia C. King*
Ms. Geraldine King Fields*
Mr. Brian P. Kinney*
Mrs. Peggy D. Kissel* and Mr. Michael J. Kissell*
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Kleiser Jr.*
Mr. Paul M. Klinck*
Ms. Ellen C. Klyce
Ms. Liza Knapp
Ms. Judith D. Knight
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Koban Jr.*
Mr. Thomas F. Koerner Jr.*
Mr. Leonard D. Kohr
Ms. Saffa Koja*
Mr. Lawrence E. Kokajko*
Mr. Rahim A. Kolade*
Ms. Heather A. Kolasinsky* and Mr. Philip Schwab
Ms. Bonnie J. Kourvelas*
Ms. Sharon L. Kraebber*
Prof. William P. Kratzke
Ms. Catherine Rudner Kraus*
Dr. and Mrs. David H. Kraus*
Ms. Betty C. Krone*
Dr. and Mrs. Scott W. Kunkel*
Miss Evelyn J. Kurtz*
Ms. Nancy G. Kutner
Bil and Iris LaGrone*
Col. Edward T. Ladd Sr.*
The Honorable and Mrs.+ L. Terry Lafferty*
Ms. Kathy L. Laizure*
Mr. Aasheesh Lal*
Mr. Monte B. Lamb*
Ms. Theresa Lambert*
Mr. William J. Lamkin*
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Lance Jr.*
Mr. Reed Landau
Mr. Richard F. Landis*
Mr. and Mrs. Steven W. Landwehr*
Mr. Richard M. Lane*
Ms. Shirley H. Lane*
Ms. Susan N. Lange*
Dr. Sally L. Langer*
Mr. John Montgomery Lannom*
Lucie Lee Lanoux and Elsie Milligan
Mr. Mohamed Laradji
Ms. Jana L. Larsen*
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Latimer*
Dr. Jode M. Lavine*
Mr. Joshua B. Lawhead
Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Lawhead*
Drs. Leonard R. Lawlor and Jennifer A. Wagner-Lawlor
Ms. Audrey G. Lawrence*
Mr. Joseph A. Lawson*
Ms. Tina Le
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Leavy*
Ms. Holly M. Lee*
Mr. Howard G. Lee
Ms. Nancy A. Lee*
Miss Linda M. Lendermon*
Mr. Edwin C. Lenow*
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Lester
Ms. Monica C. Lester*
Ms. Patricia T. Lester*
Ms. Joyce C. Levine
Mr. Sidney B. Levine*
Ms. Nancy K. Levinson*
Dr. Marian C. Levy
Mr. Stephen B. Lewis*
Dr. Yuhua Li
Mr. Stephen F. Libby*
Mr. John S. Lilak*
Dr. Nancy B. Lillie*
Mr. Khiok C. Lim*
Ms. Lorrean L. Lim*
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Limbaugh*
Mr. Ronald L. Limberg*
Mr. and Mrs. Rosendo A. Lindo*
Mr. and Mrs. Russell B. Lindsey*
Dr. Angela Link
Mr. Eric C. Link
Ms. Kathryn R. Linn*
Ms. Cynthia L. Lippert
Dr. George G. and Barbara Lipsey*
Dr. Lora H. Little* and Dr. Gregory L. Little*
Mr. Bobby J. Littlejohn*
Ms. Kathryn M. Lloyd*
Dr. Timothy D. Lockey*
Ms. Laruth K. Lofties*
George and Elizabeth Lofton*
Ms. Jan Cates Lofton*
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Lofton*
Mr. Gordon A. Lohnes Jr.*
Mr. Philip B. Lohr*
Dr. John H. Lomax Jr.
Mr. J. Scott Long*
Mr. Jonathan K. Long*
Dr. and Mrs. W. Lawrence Long*
Prof. Richard A. Lord
Dr. Christopher Lornell*
Ms. Ann D. Louden*
Mr. Milton L. Lovell
Dr. Alton S. Lovvorn*
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy R. Lowrey*
Mr. Kevin W. Lowry*
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy M. Loyd*
Mr. John V. Lunsford*
Jamie and Rue Luter*
Rev. Shirley G. Lynn*
Mr. Floyd Lyons*
Mr. Lewis Lyons*
Mr. Jeffrey W. Maddux*
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace C. Madewell*
Mr. Vivekananda Madupu*
Mr. Stuart J. Magdule*
Mr. Keith A. Mahal*
Ms. Jade G. Maldonado*
Ms. Nancy L. Malin*
Mr. Harry H. Malkin*
The Honorable and Mrs. William M. Maloan*
Mr. Jimmy N. Maness*
Mr. Roger A. Maness*
Mr. and Mrs. Barlow T. Mann*
Dr. Walter H. Manning
Dr. Susan J. Mansfield*
Mr. and Mrs. Wade T. Markham II*
Drs. William and Mary Marking*
Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Marsh*
Ms. Julie Marshall
Mr. Frank L. Martin*
Dr. Reginald Martin*
Mr. Jeffrey S. Martindale
Mr. Ramon A. Marus Jr.*
Dr. Barbara D. and Mr. William E. Mashburn*
Ms. Peggy H. Mask*
Mr. Thomas E. Mason
Mr. Fred L. Massa*
Augusta Massey
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Mastin*
Ms. Anne B. Mathes*
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Mathis*
Miss Lisa A. Matlock*
Mr. William T. Maxwell Jr.*
Mr. Gerald L. May*
Ms. Kathryn L. May*
Ms. Krista K. Mayfield*
Mr. and Mrs. George D. Mayo Jr.*
Mr. Jason A. Mayo*
Dr. Robert Mayo*
Ms. Barbara S. McAdams*
Dr. Brad McAdon
Ms. Carrie J. McAdon*
Ms. Gladys C. McAdoo
Ms. Kimberly C. McAfee
Mr. and Mrs. James O. McAllister*
Ms. Claudia McCarthy-Phillips
Dr. Mark W. McCartney*
Dr. Sue F. McClellan*
Mr. Kevin S. McClung*
Mr. and Mrs. Terry G. McClure*
Ms. Peggy Latham McClure*
Mr. Roscoe C. McClure
Mr. and Mrs. Guerry C. McComas Sr.*
Mr. John J. McCommon Sr.*
Ms. Eleanor A. McCormick*
Ms. Becky J. McCoy*
Dr. and Mrs. James F. McCoy*
Ms. Charlotte Tucker*
Mr. J. Lawrence McDaniel*
Ms. Marla F. McDaniel*
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher McDonald
Mr. John Michael McDonald*
Robin McIntire
Mr. Rick D. McIntosh*
Paige and Danny McKee
Mr. and Mrs. William R. McKelvy Jr.*
Mr. Randolph M. McKinna*
Ms. Shirley D. McKnight*
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. McLain*
Mr. Charles N. McLarty Jr.*
Ms. Toni Tate McLauren*
Dr. Matthew L. McLaurine*
Ms. Joy B. McLean*
Mr. Jamie L. McMahan Jr.*
Mr. and Mrs. James McMahon
Dr. and Mrs. Randy A. McPherson*
Mr. and Mrs. Albert T. McRae*
Ms. Shirley W. McRae*
Mr. Zachary W. McRae*
Mr. Ronald B. McSwain*
Ms. Tina McWhorter*
Mr. Billy R. Mears*
Mr. and Mrs. Harry D. Medley*
Mr. and Mrs. Hal J. Medling*
Dr. Nancy C. Mele
Ms. Jan Melton*
Dr. Charles E. Menifield
Jo Ann and Del Mercer*
Mr. and Mrs. Albert B. Merkel*
Mrs. John F. Merrill*
Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Merritt*
Mr. Roger L. Merritt*
Ms. Ann C. Metzgar*
Ms. Ann G. Metzger*
Ms. Janis Hays Meyer
Dr. and Mrs. Jerry B. Michel*
Mr. and Mrs. Fred W. Middleton*
Ms. Susan D. Mikell
Ms. Linda Milbradt
Mr. Bobby J. Miles*
Ms. Betty M. Millen
Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Miller*
Ms. Laura S. Miller*
Ms. Patty H. Paige*
Mr. Thomas F. Miller
Ms. Aretha R. Milligan
Mr. Richard A. Mincer*
Ms. Donetta R. Minderman*
Mr. and Mrs. J. Patrick Minderman
Dr. George S. Minmier
Ms. Marianne R. Minton
Ms. Carol J. Mischnick*
Dr. Carol O. Eady
Dr. James B. Mitchell Jr.*
Mr. John C. Mitchell*
Mr. and Mrs. Logan T. Mitchell*
Dr. Verner D. Mitchell
Mr. Anil M. Mokashi*
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Monroe III*
The Honorable and Mrs. Louis J. Montesi Jr.*
Ms. Earline W. Montgomery*
Harriet and John Montgomery*
Mr. and Mrs. Maynard L. Montgomery*
Ms. Alethea S. Moore*
Mr. Allen O. Moore*
Miss Barbara A. Moore*
Ms. Paula Hearn Moore*
Mr. Robert E. Moore Jr.*
Dr. and Mrs. William R. Moore*
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Moorman*
Mr. Frank M. Mora*
Miss Anne D. Morris*
Mr. Chad T. Morris*
Mr. Curtis L. Morris and Dr. Vivian G. Morris
Mr. and Mrs. Jack H. Morris III*
Mr. John H. Morris IV*
Mr. Carl K. Morrison*
Ms. Bessie M. Morrow*
Ms. Delores G. Morrow*
Mr. James M. Morse Jr.*
Ms. Sally Morse Smith
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Morton Jr.
Dr. Joseph R. Morton Jr.*
Ms. Carol J. Mosow*
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D. Moss*
Ms. Mary T. Moss*
Thomas E. Motley MD
Ms. Thelma G. Mott*
Mr. Kristian K. Moxley*
Mr. William J. Mueller*
Ms. Mary A. Mullen*
Ms. Jan A. Muller*
Mr. David R. Mullins*
Dr. Barbara Mullins Nelson
The Honorable Steve Mulroy
Ms. Jennifer L. Murchison
Dr. Laura O. Murphy*
Mr. and Mrs. W. Seldon Murray*
Mr. W. Seldon Murray III
Mr. Henry H. Myar
Ms. Shirley H. Mynatt*
Mr. James L. Nabors
Joe and Joni Nave
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Neal
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Neal*
Mr. Joshua G. Neal*
Ms. Dot Neale
Haleh Nekoorad-Long, MD
Ms. Ida Hill Nelson*
Dr. Lauren K. Nelson*
Mr. Christopher E. Nemec*
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Nenon Jr.
Hal and Ronna Newburger
Dr. James W. Newcomb
Mr. Charles F. Newman
Mr. Daniel Newman*
Mr. Floyd S. Newman III*
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas E. Newman*
Kevin L. and Susan M. Nicholas*
Dr. Ernest L. Nichols Jr.
Miss Glendon D. Nichols*
Mr. James A. Nichols*
Mr. Paul Nickell*
Dr. Jeryl M. Nickey* and Mr. John A. Nickey*
Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Nolte*
Ms. Mary Pierce Norton*
Dr. Wayne A. Norton*
Ms. Trudy A. Noyes*
Mr. and Mrs. Fred L. Nunnery Jr.*
Ms. Lyncola P. O'Dell*
Ms. Brenda S. O'Looney*
Ms. Mary S. O'Sickey*
Mr. C. David Odem*
Dr. Albert A. Okunade
Mr. and Mrs. Glen J. Olberding*
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Old*
Ms. Carolyn M. Oldenburg
Dr. D. Kim Oller
Mrs. Eunice B. and Dr. Edward T. Ordman
Mr. Michael A. Orians*
Mr. Frank D. Osborne*
Mr. Robert R. Osgood*
Ms. Lucia C. Outlan
Ms. Christean B. Outlaw*
Ms. Beverly J. Overton*
Ms. Johnnie C. Overton*
Mr. Harold E. Owen Jr.*
Ms. Laura D. Owens*
Mr. Ross Owens
Mr. and Mrs. William W. Pallme*
Mr. J. Steven Palmer*
Ms. Randy Meeks*
Mr. Russell R. Palmer*
Ms. Betty M. Parham*
Mr. Nathaniel W. Parham*
Mr. Daniel A. Parker*
Mr. and Mrs. James G. Parker*
Mr. E. L. Parker III*
Mr. Mark P. Parker*
Dr. Nick C. Parker*
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Parker*
Ms. W. Dean Parker*
Miss C. Lynn Parkes*
Mr. Jerry L. Parkhurst II*+
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick W. Parkison*
Mr. M. Brad Parks*
Mr. Carl R. Parnell*
Dr. John A. Parnell*
Ms. Barbara L. Parsons
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Parsons
Ms. Jacqueline Ruth Partee*
Mr. David T. Patrick Jr.*
Ms. Carol W. Patterson*
Ms. Gloria Patterson*
Ms. Nancy E. Patterson*
Mr. Robert G. Patterson Jr.*
Mr. Harry A. Paulk*
Miss Laurie E. Paulk*
Mr. and Mrs. Everett C. Pauls*
Miss Yvonne P. Payne*
Mr. Harry T. Pearce*
Col. Clinton C. Pearson*
Mr. Stuart J. Pearson*
Mr. Gregory J. Pease*
Mr. Edward B. Peel*
Mr. and Mrs. James I. Pentecost*
Mr. Douglas A. Pera*
Mr. and Mrs. Mark L. Perriguey*
Ms. Betsy Brese Perry
Ms. Tameka T. Perry*
Dr. Mars A. Pertl
Phyllis and Larry Petersen
Dr. Richard L. Petersen
Mr. and Mrs. James G. Petterson*
Mr. Robert D. Pettigrew*
Ms. Catherine L. Pfeiffer*
Mr. John B. Philip*
Mr. Ira M. Phillips
Mr. Kenneth B. Phillips*
Ms. Carolyn S. Phipps*
Ms. Jane P. Pienaar*
Mr. William R. Pigue*
Rick and Nita Pinkston
Mr. Tony G. Pinson*
Mr. Robert V. Pirani*
Mr. Jason L. Pittman*
Mr. Jerry E. Pitts*
Mr. Max A. Piwonka*
Dr. Charles Plesofsky
Dr. Gene A. Plunka
Mr. Kevin M. Poe*
Mr. William S. Polk III and Ms. Emily J. Webb*
Mr. and Mrs. Boyd A. Pollard*
Mr. David L. Pool*
Ms. Rebecca A. Pope*
Ms. Susan L. Popham
Ms. Brenda Porter
Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Posey Jr.*
Mr. Billy Poston
Dr. Robin S. Poston
Miss Florence Annette Powell*
Ms. Margaret S. Powell*
Miss Mary H. Powell*
Ms. Chris Powless
Mr. Pat Prahalathan*
Mr. Ralph A. Prater
Dr. and Mrs. Carlos G. Price*
Ms. Dorothy B. Kay Price*
Mr. Johnathan Edward Priest
Carol and Mike Prince
Mr. and Mrs. Niel L. Prosser III*
Mr. Grayson A. Pruitt*
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Pryor*
Ms. Carolyn M. Pulliam*
Elwood and Janet Qualls*
CDR Armand T. Quattlebaum*
Dr. Lea Gibbs Queener*
Ms. Toni A. Quick*
Mr. Glynn G. Raby Jr.*
Mr. Robert "Gus" Radford*
Mr. Greg Radics*
Ms. Bonnie B. Ragland*
Ms. Kathryn D. Ramos*
Dr. and Mrs. E. James Randall*
Dr. Marshall E. Rasnake*
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan F. Rast*
Mr. Frank R. Redding*
Ms. Anne M. Reef*
Mr. Stephen E. Rees*
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Reese*
Pressley Reeves
Dr. John J. Reid
Mr. George E. Relyea* and Mrs. Barbara J. Wilson-Relyea*
Mr. Charles A. Remaklus III*
Mr. and Mrs. Bobby E. Reves*
Ms. Mary L. Rhodes*
Mr. Michael E. Rhodes
Mr. Richard G. Rhodes*
Dr. and Mrs. N. Dewaine Rice*
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Rice Sr.*
Ms. Martha M. Richards*
Mr. and Mrs. Gary J. Richardson*
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Richman*
Ms. Kathryn E. Ridley*
Ms. Susie Webb Ries*
Dr. Ona Z. Riggin*
Miss Cheryl J. Rike*
Ms. Connie Riley*
Mr. and Mrs. A. Nicholas Ring*
Dr. Thomas B. Ripy*
Ms. Jean Rittmueller
Mr. Jeffrey L. Roach* and Dr. Robin R. Roach*
Ms. Caroline M. Roberto*
Mr. Robert C. Roberts
Mr. Eric D. Robertson*
Ms. M. Carolyn Robertson
Miss Chanda L. Robinson*
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel T. Robinson Jr.*
Mr. Kenneth B. Robinson*
Dr. and Mrs. Hoke Robinson*
Mr. Ward D. Robinson*
Mr. Willie Robinson*
Mr. and Mrs. Thad S. Rodda Jr.*
Mr. and Mrs.Warner B. Rodda*
Dr. James R. Rodrigue*
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob C. Zweig*
Mr. Norman Rodriguez
Ms. Stacey J. Roe*
Mr. Mark H. Rogan*
Mr. and Mrs. Claude C. Rogers Jr.*
Mr. and Mrs. B. Wayne Romesburg*
Laura and Ray Rosas*
Mr. Gary L. Rosenthal*
Mr. Mark G. Rothberger*
Dr. and Mrs. Cecil C. Rousseau
Ms. Pamela H. Rowlette*
Ms. Judith E. Royal*
Mr. Michael A. Rubin*
Ms. Emily B. Ruch*
Dr. Thomas F. Rucker*
Ms. N. Janell Rudolph*
Ms. Barbara Zebre Runyan
Mr. Gene A. Rush
Mr. Kevin L. Rush*
Miss Betty A. Russell*
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Russell
Ms. Claire L. Rychlak*
Mr. Michael P. Saba and Ms. Irene H. Saba
Mr. Scott M. Sadler*
Dr. Lynda M. Sagrestano
Mr. David Saks
Ms. Ann G. Salky*
Harry and Flora Samuels
Ms. Angel P. Sanders* and Mr. Kristopher D. Sanders*
Mr. Darren J. Sanders*
Dr. Jeffrey S. Sanders*
Mr. L. Carl Sanders Jr.*
Mr. Keith T. Sanford*
Ms. Ruth A. Sanford*
Mr. Joseph J. Santomero Jr.*
Mr. Sean G. Saxon*
Mr. and Mrs. J. Eugene Scanlon Jr.*
The Honorable Jon P. Schaefer*
Jack and Gloria Schaffer
Mr. Jonathon Scharff
Ms. Stacey D. Schingle*
Mr. Stanley R. Schklar*
Dr. Joan T. Schmelz
Mr. Daron J. Schoenrock
Ms. Polly Scholze*
Mr. David M. Schottel*
Mr. Frank V. Schriner Jr.*
Ms. Jeanne Schuett
Dr. Charles A. Schulz*
Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Scobey*
Mr. and Mrs. Gavin D. Scott*
Mr. Jeffrey J. Scott
Mr. John Scott
Murray and Susie Scott*
Dr. Leslie S. Scruggs Jr.*
Mr. Lake B. Sedberry*
Dr. Allen H. Seed
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Selberg*
Mr. Joe W. Selmon*
Mr. Fred J. Sesti*
Dr. and Mrs. Michael C. Shackleford*
Bruce and Christine Shaffer
Mr. Akash J. Shah*
Dr. Naseeb Shaheen+
Mr. and Mrs.+ Winfred H. Sharp*
Dr. Martha Kay Hedley Shaw*
Ms. Miska L. Shaw*
Ms. Nemet Shazly
Ms. Wanda B. Shea*
Ms. Rachael B. Shedaker*
Mr. and Mrs. Carl A. Shedlock Jr.*
Ms. Chloe C. Shelby*
Mr. David C. Shelton*
Ms. Georgia H. Shepherd*
Dr. Janann Sherman
Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Sherman*
Mr. Steven M. Sherman*
Mr. Bernard A. Sherrod*
Ms. Northern Sherrod*
Mr. Hon Yie E. Shieh*
Dr. Sajjan G. Shiva
Charles and Karen Shuffield*
Mr. J. Cecil Shumacker*
Ms. Glenda A. Shumate*
Mr. Dewitt M. Shy Jr.
Ms. Mary F. Sidney*
Mr. and Mrs. Donnie A. Sills*
Dr. Nancy D. Simco
Ms. Dorothea R. Simmons
Ms. Claudia Ann Sims
Mr. David B. Sims Jr.*
Mr. John A. Sims*
Dr. Gregory R. Singleton*
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Sink Jr.*
Dr. Steven M. Slack
Mr. and Mrs. Randall I. Slager*
Mr. William F. Slagle Jr.*
Ms. Julie M. Slavens*
Mr. Michael Slote
Ms. Teresa C. Sloyan*
Ashley C. Smith*
Ms. Bryce M. Smith*
Ms. Cindy J. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund C. Smith, Jr.*
Mr. G. Henry Smith*
Mr. Kirk K. Smith*
Dr. Manis J. Smith Jr.*
Dr. Mark S. Smith*
Mr. Ralph E. Smith*
Dr. R. Eugene Smith*
Mr. Robert W. Smith Jr.*
Ms. Sandra S. Smith*
Dr. William T. Smith II
Ms. Ingrid S. Fulmer*
Ms. Donna T. Snow*
Ms. Bonnie M. Sobel*
Kay and Tom Solomon*
Ms. Debra Somerville
Ms. Christian D. Soronen*
Ms. Nichole E. Soule* and Mr. Andy Nix
Mr. Stephen R. Southard*
Dr. Carole F. Southerland
Miss Margaret S. Spain*
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Spence Jr.*
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis L. Spencer Jr.*
Dr. Randall W. Spinney*
Mr. and Mrs. J. Walter Spiva*
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Springfield Sr.*
Mr. Prakash Srinivasan*
Mr. and Mrs. Will E. Stafford*
Mr. Robert J. Stallion
Ms. Dorothy S. Stamps*
Dr. Jon C. Stanford*
Dr. Virginia F. Stanford*
Mr. Harold C. Stanley*
Mr. Thomas B. Stanley*
Mr. and Mrs. Mark L. Stansbury
Ms. Lucy B. Stansbury*
Mr. Barry P. Staubus*
Mr. Charles E. Stavely*
Dr. Karen F. Steckol*
Mr. John F. Stetson*
Ms. Marie M. Stevens*
Miss Sandra F. Stevenson*
Mr. and Mrs. R. Dale Stewart*
Mr. Robert L. Stewart*
Mr. Charles E. Stone Jr.*
Mr. and Mrs. Roger A. Stone Esquire*
Ms. Kathryn E. Story* and Dr. Robert A. Neimeyer
Mr. and Mrs. Dale W. Stover*
Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Strasberg*
Ms. Debra Streeter
Mr. Dennis W. Strickland*
Ms. Diane E. Stripe*
Mr. E. Nelson Strother Jr.*
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Strub*
Ms. Marla I. Stuart
Mr. Jason T. Stumph*
Ms. Anne Sublett*
Mr. Joseph P. Sullivan II*
Ms. Nancy C. Sullivan*
Mr. Ronald E. Summars*
Ms. Scarlett S. Summers*
Mr. J. Lynn Surratt*
Mr. Sansbury Jay Sweeney*
Dr. De-An W. Swihart
Dr. George H. Swihart
Mr. Darol L. Swords*
Mr. Robert R. Sydow*
Dr. and Mrs. Jerry F. Taintor
Mr. and Mrs. Frank R. Talarico*
Donald J. Tangora, Ph.D.*
Ms. Janine P. Tankersley*
Mr. Rickie A. Tankersley*
Mr. Richard K. Tanner*
Ms. Jane Tao
Ms. Dena B. Targ
Mrs. Nancy L. Tashie* and Mr. James D. Tashie*
Mr. Clinton W. Tate*
Ms. Tabitha D. Bean*
Mr. Michael S. Taube*
Ms. Vanessa A. Tauro*
Robert Scott and Jennifer P. Taylor
Ms. Pearline Taylor*
Mr. Phillip C. Taylor
Mr. William Hal Taylor*
Dr. Thomas T. Teague*
Mr. Eric M. Teal*
Mr. Jed G. Tennison*
Mr. Rufus L. Terrell*
Dr. Patricia S. Terry*
Mr. Steven A. Terry
Ms. Cynthia M. Therrell*
Mr. Bracton Thoma*
Mr. Frank D. Thomas*
Ms. Georgia Cooper-Thomas*
Dr. Joan D. Thomas
Mr. Michael A. Thomas*
Ms. Paula M. Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond L. Thomas, Jr.*
Mr. David L. Thomasson*
Ms. Diane M. Thomasson
Mr. David A. Thompson*
Mr. Don Thompson
Miss Elizabeth R. Thompson*
Ms. Jennifer F. Thompson*
Mr. Trevor Thompson
Mr. Christopher R. Thone*
Mr. and Mrs. Emil E. Thornton III*
Mr. J. B. Threat*
Mr. William J. Thron*
Dr. Emily A. Thrush
Mr. Ronald Thurman*
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Timmerwilke*
Mr. Randy W. Tingle*
Ms. Patsy T. Tinsley*
Mr. David W. Tipton*
Mr. Jack W. Tipton Jr.*
Mr. Odie H. Tolbert Jr.
Dr. Deborah P. Tollefsen
Ms. Anteneda J. Toney*
Dr. Robert E. Tooms*
Blanche and Tom Tosh*
Mr. John E. Trainum III*
Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Trautman, Jr.*
Mr. and Mrs. James G. Tribo*
CDR Edgar S. Trotter Jr.*
George and Jill Troutman*
Mr. Ralph Tse*
Mr. Wentsung R. Tseng*
Ms. Carol A. Tucker
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Tucker*
Ms. Mary L. Tucker-Walker
Mr. Melvin Tuggle*
Ms. Jane S. Turcotte*
Ms. Carolyn B. Turman*
Ms. Lisa S. Turman*
Ms. Johnnie R. Turner*
Ms. Pamala J. Turner*
Mr. Jeremy D. Tutor*
Dr. Michael J. Twigg*
Dr. Floyd N. Tyler Jr.
Mr. Jeffrey L. Tyler*
Mr. Stephen L. Tyler*
Mr. Daniel Utevsky*
Mr. John Vaden
Donald and Lynda Valdez*
Ms. Elizabeth E. Van Tassel*
Ms. Sandra B. Van Velsor*
Ms. Shannon C. Vanderford*
Mr. John A. Vanlandingham*
Mr. John O. Vannucci Jr.*
Mr. Lionel G. Varner*
Mr. Richard C. Vaughn*
Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Vaught Sr.*
Ms. Jane A. Venson*
Mr. Emanuel Villa
Ms. Michelle Vinson*
Mr. Karl Volner
Mr. James E. Wade*
Dr. Anni Warren Walker* and Dr. William S. Walker*
Mr. Dennis W. Walker III*
Gerald A. Walker
Miss Pamela B. Walker*
Dr. Katherine S. Wallace
Ms. Linda D. Walls*
Ms. Joyce M. Walpole*
Mr. John K. Walsh
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Walton*
Ms. T. Michelle Wamble*
Dr. Yongmei Wang
Dr. and Mrs. Richard C. Warder Jr.
Dr. Frederick L. Ware*
Dr. and Mrs. David J. Wark
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Warner
Mr. John L. Warner Jr.*
Dr. Rhetta J. Watkins* and Mr. William W. Watkins*
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Watson
Mr. Theodore C. Watts*
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Webb*
Ms. Doris D. Webster*
Mr. Robert A. Wedaman*
Thomas and Angela Weems*
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Wehby*
Ms. Daphne Wei
Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Weirich Jr.*
Ms. Susan D. Weis*
Mr. Donald A. Welch*
Ms. Shea S. Wellford*
Dr. Jaye Harvey*
Ms. Dorothy S. Wells*
Mr. Herbert Wells Jr.*
Dr. Mureena T. Wells*
Ms. Stacey H. Wells*
Ms. Donna Wells-Hayes*
Ms. Bettie C. Welsh*
Dr. Loren A. Wenzel*
Dr. Stanley P. Werner
Mr. Benjamin J. Weston*
Mr. Charles H. Wexler*
Ms. Jacqueline B. White*
Mr. S. Erwin White Jr.*
Mr. David T. Whitefield*
Ms. Samantha E. Whitehawk*
Mr. William P. Whitehorn
Ms. Marilyn Whitesell
Mr. Lawrence Ray Whitley*
Maj. Gen. and Mrs. James A. Whitmore*
Ms. Doris J. Whitson*
Mrs. Jana Antoine Whitt
Dr. Mona N. Wicks*
Dr. and Mrs. Russel L. Wiener
Mr. Frank R. Wilbourne*
Ms. Charlotte M. Wilburn*
Ms. Debra A. Wiles*
Ms. Anglea L. Wiley*
Ms. Cathy N. Wilhelm*
Mr. Douglas W. Wilkerson*
Mr. William O. Wilkison*
Mr. Paul D. Willett*
Ms. C. Ellen Williams*
Ms. Dolecia V. Williams*
Ms. Gwendolyn W. Williams*
Ms. Hilda B. Williams* and Dr. Charles Williams Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. J. Kenneth Williams*
Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Brandon A. Williams*
Mr. J. Leonard Williams*
Ms. Kathleen S. Williams*
Ms. Laurie A. Warren*
Ms. Linda S. Williams*
Dr. Margaret R. Williams* and Mr. Mike Williams
Mr. Neville Williams
Ms. Sharon L. Bridges*
Mr. Walter F. Williams*
Steve and Kathy Williams*
Ms. Barbara Williams-Jones*
Ms. Rebecca M. Williamson*
Mr. Timothy W. Wilmot*
Ms. Kimberly Wilson
Mr. Mark S. Wilson*
Ms. Michele M. Wilson*
Ms. Patricia H. Wilson
Ms. Leigh Kurrus Wilson*
Ms. Virginia B. Wilson*
Mr. William J. Wilson*
Mr. Patrick M. Winarski
Mr. Middleton B. Wingfield III*
Mr. Markus Winkler*
Ms. Stacie S. Winkler*
Mr. and Mrs. Byron B. Winsett Jr.*
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Winstead Jr.*
Ms. Darlene P. Winters*
Dr. Michael R. Winters*
Dr. Mitchell M. Withers
Ms. Lori Witmer*
Mr. Clay A. Woemmel*
Mr. Martin A. Wohlfarth*
Mr. James M. Wood*
Mr. and Mrs. W. Lewis Wood Jr.*
Dr. Karen J. Wood*
Mr. Ricky L. Wood*
Mr. Carl L. Woodard*
Mr. Gregg S. Woodruff*
Ms. Cindy M. Wooten*
Lt. Col. and Mrs. F. Paul Worthen*
Drs. Lynette and Earle Wrenn Jr.*
Halimah Ali Wright
Ms. Sarah H. Wright*
Mr. Vidyadhar Wundavalli*
Ms. Kay Yager
Mr. Bili Yang*
Mr. Long Yang*
Mr. Lin Yao*
Ms. Louise C. Yarwood*
Mr. Robert W. Yates*
Ms. Elizabeth J. Young*
Mr. Kenneth W. Young*
Ms. Mae C. Young*
Mr. Roberto W. Young*
Mandy and Stephen Young*
Mr. Wenjiang Yu*
Mr. Reginald F. Yurchik*
Ms. Olivia D. Zahler*
Ms. Lori H. Zapf*
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Zenk*
Dr. Weifeng Zheng*
Mr. David M. Ziebarth
Mr. Scott P. Zimmerman*
Ms. Lena M. Zodda*
Mr. Dennis M. Zolper*

* = Alumnus(a)
+ = Deceased

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