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2010 Donor Honor Roll: $500-999

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Mr. Marvin E. Adams III
Mr. John B. Adcock Esquire*
John M. Amis
Carmen and Ron Anderson*
Mr. S. Newton Anderson*
Anonymous Donor
Dr. Dot Arata
Dr. Charles R. Arkin*
The Honorable Donald R. Ash*
Ms. Katherine V. Atkinson*
Ms. Christa Baer*
Mr. and Mrs. Lynn H. Ballinger*
Mr. Jonathan H. Barnard*
Ms. Vickie S. Baselski
Mr. Kenneth M. Bearden*
Mr. Leo Bearman Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel S. Beasley*
Ms. Rachel L. Bell*
Ms. Jennifer L. Bellott*
Dr. Robert L. Bernasconi
Robert and Deana Dodds*
Mr. Daniel J. Bonnet*
Ms. Janis Knox Boyd*
Mr. John R. Bradford III*
Mr. and Mrs. Rex L. Brasher Jr.*
Mr. Pierre Breber
Ms. Carolyn H. Bridges
Ms. Dixie Brown
Daniel and Linda Brown*
The Honorable and Mrs. George H. Brown Jr.*
Drew and Melissa Buchner*
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Buckner
Mrs. JoAnn and Dr. Thomas D. Byl *
Mr. Paul E. Cameron*
Ms. Betty L. Campbell*
Karen and Philip Campbell*
Mr. L. Donald Campbell Jr.*
Mr. Robert W. Canfield Jr.*
Phil and Alyce+ Cannon*
Mr. Carlos H. Cantu Jr.*
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Carr Jr.*
Dr. Donald K. Carson and Dr. Mary J. Greil*
Ms. Jennifer H. Case*
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Cassidy Jr.*
Mr. Kevin Chadwell
Dr. Michael Chalmers*
Mr. Roy Z. Chamlee III*
Ms. Carol McCoy Chancellor
Dr. Cathy M. Chapman and Dr. George R. Woodbury Jr.
Mr. G. Michael Chipman*
Mr. James L. Clark*
Mr. Jerry L. Clark*
Mr. Bill C. Clifton* and Ms. Karen N. McCarthy
Mr. Bradley B. Cobb
Dr. Robert Patrick Connolly
Mr. John J. Conway Sr. and Dr. ChrisAnn Schiro-Geist
Ms. Barbara S. Cook*
Mr. David M. Cook II*
Ms. Kerryann M. Cook*
Ms. Margaret Cooper*
Mr. Bradley Cordts
Mr. Chris A. Cornaghie*
Mr. James T. Cox*
Ms. Brenita Crawford
Mr. Lloyd V. Crawford III*
Ms. Kathryn J. Crenshaw*
Ms. Mary J. Criss
Mr. Patrick D. Crowley*
Mr. Thomas J. Cullen Jr.*
Dr. and Mrs. Carl R. Cutting*
Ms. JoAnn C. Cutting
Dr. Debora C. Daniel*
Ms. Teresa C. Davis
Ms. Nancy F. Deakins
Mr. Benjamin S. Dempsey*
Darrin and Cheri Devault*
Mr. T. J. Donnelly Jr.*
Hugh* and Teresa Duckworth
Ms. Alissa A. and Mr. Paul E. Duffee*
Dr. Elizabeth M. Dupont*
Dr. Randolph T. Dupont
Mr. Joseph E. Dylo*
Mr. and Mrs. Jack N. Edmonds*
Mr. and Mrs.* Dennis Ellis
The Honorable George R. Ellis*
Ms. Deborah J. Esmon*
Mr. and Mrs. Pat Farley
Mr. John A. Fenimore Esquire*
Mr. and Mrs. R. Mark Field*
Dr. Ruthbeth D. Finerman and Dr. Ross D. Sackett
Mr. and Mrs. Kelly O. Finnell*
Mr. Telford Earl Forgety*
Mr. Robert L. Foster* and Ms. Natalie A. Kessler*
Miss Desiree M. Franklin*
Mr. Joseph A. French*
Mr. Kurt H. Garber*
Ms. Lynn A. Gardner*
Mr. and Mrs. Randy S. Gardner
Dr. G. James Gholson Jr.
The Honorable Julia S. Gibbons
The Honorable William L. Gibbons and The Honorable Julia S. Gibbons
Mr. and Mrs. Gary O. Giles
Mr. and Mrs. James S. Gilliland
Rev. and Mrs. Laurence A. Gipson*
Mr. and Mrs. T. Michael Glenn*
Ms. Molly A. Glover*
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Godbold III*
Dr. Harold S. Goldman*
The Honorable Thomas C. Gott*
Mr. Mickey G. Granger*
Dr. and Mrs. Henry A. Greene*
Mr. Darryl D. Gresham*
Mr. William N. Griffin*
Drs. Paul Rabe and Cheryl Gunter*
Dr. Warren O. Haggard
Ms. Mary C. Haizlip*
Mr. Reza Hakimian*
Lt. Col. Samuel T. Hall*
Mr. Charles D. Hamlett*
Mr. Jerry R. Harber*
Dr. and Mrs. Gaylon L. Harris*
Ms. Teresa A. Hartnett*
Mr. Michael W. Harwood*
Mr. and Mrs. Carruthers D. Hays*
Mr. J. Kenneth Hazen*
Mr. William W. Heaton*
Ms. Joanna P. Helming*
Ms. Deborah W. Hernandez
Dr. Robert W. Hewitt*
Ms. Mary C. Hickerson*
Mr. Benjamin F. Hill Jr.*
Ms. Natalie Hill*
Ms. Tamara L. Hill*
Ms. Jennifer P. Himes
Maj. Gen. and Mrs. James L. Hobson Jr.*
Dr. John I. Hochstein
Charlotte and Fred Hodges
Dr. Maura C. and Dr. Timothy J. Hoelscher*
Mr. David C. Hogan*
Mr. Theopolis Holeman*
Ms. Audrey Holland Reinmuth
Miss Shannon M. Holland*
Mr. Kenneth R. Horner*
Ms. Debbie Houbre
Mr. and Mrs. John I. Houseal Jr.*
Ms. Amy Howell
Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Hudgins*
Ms. Jacqueline S. Hadfield*
Mr. and Mrs. Justin R. Hunter*
Ms. Michelle R. Hussey
Dr. Linda L. and Dr. Charles E. Hutchins*
Mr. Tom Hutton*
Mr. Roger D. Iles*
Mr. Madhuvamsi Indurthi*
Dr. Robert T. Ivey
Mr. Joseph C. Jeans*
Mr. Cameron C. Jehl*
Mr. Matthew I. John*
Mr. Anthony B. Johnson*
Mr. Carl E. Johnson Jr.*
Mr. Jarl P. Johnson
Mr. Michael R. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore J. Johnson Jr.*
Mr. Dennis W. Johnston*
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Jones*
Mrs. Kimberly H. and Mr. Loys A. Jordan III*
Mr. Roger Jordan
Dr. Mary Ellen Jukoski*
Mr. William H. Kallaher Jr.
Bill and Peggy Kelley*
Ms. Jill K. Talbert*
Ms. Elizabeth K. Farrar* and Dr. Thomas C. Farrar
Dr. William J. Kettinger
Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Key
Mr. John A. Keys
Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. King*
Mr. Larry S. King*
Mr. Joseph T. Kirkland Jr.*
Ms. Virginia H. Klettner
Dr. Robert W. Koch
Dr. Walter H. Koch*
Mr. Richard Kozel*
Mr. Wes J. Kraker*
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kremer
Dr. Henry A. Kurtz and Dr. Bette Ackerman
Mr. and Mrs. David F. Kustoff*
Mr. Albert W. Laabs
Ms. Meta C. Laabs
Ms. Elizabeth J. Landrigan*
Dr. John C. Larkin, Jr.
Mr. J. Brook Lathram
Dr. James B. Latta and The Honorable Jennie D. Latta*
Mr. Eugene A. Laurenzi*
Ms. Ellen B. Lea
Linda and Craig Leake*
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Lemmi
Ms. Cheryl A. Leslie
Barbara and Ira A. Lipman*
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Loden
Mr. C. Neil Loftiss*
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Lopes
Mr. Warner K. Loveless*
Ms. Danita A. Macon*
Drs. Harry and Ramona Mahood
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome B. Makowsky
Mr. and Mrs. Herman P. Markell
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Marshall
Mr. Wayne Marshall
Ms. Becky A. Martin*
Ms. Michelle Mason*
Dr. and Mrs. G. Douglas Mayo Sr.*
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. McAllister*
Dr. Jonathan D. McAllister III*
Ms. Karen N. McCarthy* and Mr. Bill C. Clifton
Mr. Edward McClain and Dr. Rosella O. McClain*
Mr. and Mrs. John W. McConomy*
The Honorable Richard P. McCully*
Mr. David McElroy
Mr. G. Hite McLean Jr.
Ms. Wanda J. McShane*
Mr. Barry J. McWhirter*
Mr. Allen W. Messer*
Mr. Bruce E. Miller*
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Miller*
Mr. Andrew E. Mills
Mr. Michael W. Mink, Jr.
Mrs. Syble M. Mitchell*
Mr. Randell B. Morris*
Mr. Terry R. Morris*
Mr. William J. Morris*
Ms. Marianne C. Mussett*
Mrs. Katharine H. Myar
Dr. William T. Neumann*
Ms. Katherine S. Nevill
Mr. Howard C. Nickelson*
Ms. Lori N. Holliday*
Mr. Randall D. Noel
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis A. Norton*
Dr. Khursheed Omer*
The Honorable Roger A. Page*
Mr. George C. Pappas*
Ms. Tommie Pardue*
Mr. Charles H. Patton*
Ms. Lori M. Patton
Ms. Frances L. Paulson*
Mr. Don E. Payne*
Mr. Jack R. Pepper Jr.*
Mr. Lucian T. Pera
Ms. Beverly A. Perkins*
Mr. Austin C. Perry*
Mr. Elliot L. Perry*
Ms. Rosetta M. Perry*
Mr. and Mrs.* John H. Pettey III
Ms. Kelly K. Pfrommer and Mr. Michael P. Pfrommer*
Mr. and Mrs. Drew F. Phillips*
Mr. P. Michael Phillips*
Mr. James K. Phillipsen
Dr. and Mrs. Donald J. Polden
Mr. Charles W. Poss*
Mr. and Mrs. R. Michael Potter*
Mr. Paul Douglas Prather*
Mr. Richard A. Pride
The Honorable Ann L. Pugh*
Mr. R. Waine Ratliff*
Dr. Lyle Rausch*
Mr. Edwin L. Rawson*
Gerry Ray
Mr. Thomas G. Ray*
Mr. and Mrs. Russell E. Reviere*
Mr. Stephen C. Reynolds
Tracey and Charles Rich*
Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Richardson, Jr.
Dr. Malcolm L. Richardson*
Mr. Ralph D. Richardson
Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Richardson Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Neil E. Ringel
Mr. L. William Ringger*
The Honorable Kay and Victor Robilio*
Ms. Melissa P. Robinson*
The Honorable J. Stanley Rogers
Terry and Bob Romines
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ross-Spang*
Ms. Laura Rowland*
Mr. Eugene L. Rudd II*
Mr. John C. Ryland*
Mr. David A. Sabatini*
Ms. Kristi B. Schaeffer*
Dr. ChrisAnn Schiro-Geist and Mr. John J. Conway Sr.
Mr. David Schlitt
Mr. Larry Scroggs
Ms. Joyce H. Sealand*
Dr. William T. Segui
Mr. Richard S. Sellers*
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Shannon Jr.*
Ms. W. Kaye Shutt
Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Simms*
Mr. Frank U. Simonton*
Mrs. Tona Jackson Simpson* and Mr. Randy Simpson*
Ms. Laura L. Sisterhen*
Mr. and Mrs. James Skefos
Dr. and Mrs.Vincent D. Smith*
Ms. Delaine R. Smith*
Mr. Philip K. Smith*
Wendy Geurin* and Michael D. Smith
Ms. Catherine R. Smythe*
Mr. and Mrs. Marc A. Sorin*
Ms. Debra Spaduzzi
Dr. and Mrs. Louis Charles Stagg
Mr. and Mrs. Joel A. Stark*
Mr. Matthew Stone
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Strickland*
Dr. Carrie Hayes Sutter and Dr. Thomas R. Sutter
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Tabachnick
Mr. Blair Taylor
The Honorable Neil Thomas, III
Mr. John J. Thomason
Mr. Samuel B. Thompson Jr.*
Mr. Hubert R. Threlkeld*
Mr. William S. Tomlinson*
Ms. Melanie J. Townsend
Mr. and Mrs. T. G. Traicoff*
Dr. Jennifer L. Troyer* and Mr. John R. Teague
Mr. Clement B. Turner
Dr. William Terry Umbreit
Mr. Raymond VunKannon
Mr. Thomas L. Wallace Sr.*
Dr. Jane Walters*
The Honorable Zach Wamp
Mary Linda and Dr. Lee Wardlaw
Ms. Carol S. Warren*
Mr. Craig L. Weiss*
Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Wells
Miss Mary Agnes Welsh*
Dr. and Mrs. Scott P. Werner*
Mrs. Linda Bass Westbury*
Mr. and Mrs. G. Byrne Whitehead Jr.*
Mr. Robert W. Wiggins*
Gay and Mike* Williams
Dr. Ronald L. Williams*
Ms. Rebecca W. Wilson*
Mr. and Mrs. Spence Wilson Sr.
Mr. Leonard J. Wiseman Jr.*
Mr. Alan R. Wolfe*
Mr. Johnny L. Woodruff*
Bill Woods* and Elaine Green
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy D. Wright*
Mr. Vincent P. Wyatt*
Mr. and Mrs.* Philip Yelvington
Mr. Bernard Zawada*
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Zoccola*
* = Alumnus(a)
+ = Deceased
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