The BioHUB Building


The two-story, 68,500-sq. ft. BioHUB will be located along the eastern edge of the main campus, close to existing laboratories and easily accessible to off-campus industry collaborators.

The total project cost of $36 million includes construction, non-movable equipment andfurnishing expenses. The Assisi Foundation has committed a lead grant of $1.5 million and the state of Tennessee and the University have committed $2 million in pre- and full-planning funding for this project. To move forward to the construction phase, the University needs to secure an additional $6.5 million by the end of this year in order to qualify for $26 million in matching support from the state.

The construction phase is estimated to last 14 months and will conclude with an additional two-month move-in period for furnishings and personnel.

The First Floor

The first floor will feature centralized animal facilities: cubicle housing (both barrier and quarantine), conventional housing, a surgical suite, animal care support space, and general support space for the animal facilities staff.

BioHub first floor


The Second Floor

The second floor will employ a modularized, flexible laboratory design that advances existing research and maximizes the potential for interdisciplinary research and collaboration, including: the investigation of issues tied to understanding Alzheimer's Disease, cancer, Schizophrenia, Parkinson's Disease , Autism Spectrum Disorders and other conditions that will lead to therapeutic treatments; the advancement of tissue and bone regeneration research and "smart" orthopedic implants that will allow soldiers wounded in combat to return to more normal lives; and a focus on addictions research and sensor-based interventions – and even prevention strategies – for patients who suffer from anxiety and other emotional disorders.


BioHub second floor