Graduate Assistantships/Fellowships 

Support of graduate assistantships and fellowships is a multi-faceted investment in the UofM, our graduate students and world-class programs across the University. While assisting students financially and attracting top graduate scholars, assistantships and fellowships allow more focus on scholarship, thus supplementing groundbreaking research at the University and strengthening graduate and undergraduate disciplines alike.

The University's research and academic programs depend heavily upon graduate fellows who contribute profoundly through scholarship, teaching and mentorship. By supporting assistantships and fellowships, donors not only aid the students and their graduate programs, but impact the University and our next generation of scholars, enhance the value of every UofM degree and touch the lives of individuals far beyond the UofM campus.

Endowed fellowships and assistantships can be established to benefit a particular graduate program, a college or the graduate school as a whole. For more information on endowed gifts, contact Bobby Prince, CFRE at 901/678-1335 or