Faculty Members

Dr. Anzhelika (Angela) Antipova
Assistant Professor

Personal Web Page
Email: Antipova@memphis.edu
Phone: 901.678.3267
Office: JN229
Transportation Geography, Urban Geography

Angela Antipova

Dr. Jerry Bartholomew

Email: jbrthlm1@memphis.edu
Phone: 901.678.4536
Office: JNG02
Hazards, Tectonics and Quaternary Studies

Jerry Bartholomew

Dr. Dorian J. Burnette
Assistant Professor

Personal Web Page
Email: djbrntte@memphis.edu
Phone: 901.678.4452
Office: JN230
Meteorology, Climatology, Climate Change,
Dendroclimatology, Extreme Weather and 
Climate Events

Dorian Burnette

Dr. Randel T. Cox

Email: randycox@memphis.edu
Phone: 901.678.4361
Office: JNG01D
Active tectonic, Geomorphology, Hazards

Randel Cox

Dr. David H. Dye

Email: daviddye@memphis.edu
Phone: 901.678.3330
Office: JN115

David Dye

Dr. Arleen Hill
Associate Professor

Email: aahill@memphis.edu
Phone: 901.678.2589
Office: JN204
Hazards, Nature-Society Interaction,
Spatial Analysis

Arlene Hill

Dr. Hsiang-Te Kung
Professor and Director, CIUM

Email: hkung@memphis.edu
Phone: 901.678.4538
Office: JN226 / 11th Floor Wilder Tower
Water Resources, Hazards, Geomorphology

Hsiang-Te Kung

Dr. Youngsang Kwon
Assistant Professor

Personal Web Page
Email: ykwon@memphis.edu
Phone: 901.678.2979
Office: JN223
Remote Sensing, Spatial Statistics, GIS,
Forest Dynamics, Terrestrial Carbon Cycling, Climate Change

Youngsang Kwon

Dr. Daniel Larsen
Professor and Chair of Earth Sciences

Email: dlarsen@memphis.edu
Phone: 901.678.4358
Office: JN201
Hydrogeology, Soils, Low-temperature geochemistry,

Daniel Larsen

Dr. Andrew Mickelson
Associate Professor

Personal Web Page
Email: amicklsn@memphis.edu
Phone: 901.678.4505
Office: JN210
Archaeology of Eastern North America, 
spatial analysis and GIS, evolutionary ecology, settlement patterns studies, and the origins of agricultural societies

Andrew Mickelson

Dr. Esra Ozdenerol
Associate Professor

Email: eozdenrl@memphis.edu
Phone: 901.678.2787
Office: JN236
GIS, Remote Sensing, Spatial Analytical Methods, Medical Geography and Landscape Ecology

Esra Ozdenerol

Dr. Ryan Parish
Assistant Professor

Personal Web Page
Email: rmparish@memphis.edu
Phone: 901.678.2606
Office: JN125
Geoarchaeology, Archaeometry,
Chert Sourcing, Reflectance Spectroscopy,
Hunter-gatherer Societies,
Initial Colonization of the Americas,
Cultural Resource Management,
Experimental Archaeology, Lithics

Ryan Parish

Dr. Jose Pujol

Email: jpujol@memphis.edu
Phone: 901.678.4827
Office: JN216A
Earthquake and Exploration Seismology

Jose Pujol

Dr. Roy B Van Arsdale

Email: rvanrsdl@memphis.edu
Phone: 901.678.4356
Office: JN235
Active tectonics, Geomorphology, Structure

Roy Van Arsdale

Emeritus, Adjunct, and Instructor Faculty

Dr. Phili B Deboo
Emeritus Professor

Email: pdeboo@memphis.edu
Phone: 901.678.4424
Office: JNG01B
Geology, Paleontology

Phil Deboo

Dr. Robert Connolly
Emeritus Professor and
Director, Chucalissa Museum

Email: rcnnolly@memphis.edu
Phone: 901.678.3331
Office: MN300B
Museum studies, Archaeology,
Eastern Woodlands cultures

Robert Connolly

Dr. Julie Johnson

E-mail: jjhnsn79@memphis.edu
Phone: 901.678.4217
Office: JN100

Julie Johnson

Dr. Arch Johnston
Emeritus Professor

E-mail: ajohnstn@memphis.edu
Phone: 901.678.2007
Office: CERI
Intraplate seismicity,
seismic hazard estimation,
earthquake source mechanisms

Arch Johnston

Dr. Charles McNutt
Emeritus Professor

Email: mcnutt@memphis.edu
Phone: 901.678.2618
Anthropological theory/analysis,
math concepts in archaeology,
cultural resource management, North America

Charles McNutt

Dr. George H Swihart
Emeritus Professor

Email: gswihart@memphis.edu
Water Resources, Boron isotope geochemistry

George Swihart