GIS Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Geographic Information Systems is intended for students currently admitted to a graduate program at the University of Memphis or another university or students holding a graduate degree with an interest in using GIS as a problem-solving tool.

Application Process

Submit the following materials to Director of the GIS Certificate Program - Dr. Esra Ozdenerol:

GIS Certificate Application Form
Letter of intent
Two letters of recommendation
In addition, submit the required materials as described in Part I for Graduate Admissions. More information about the GIS Certificate Program can be found below.

GIS Brochure


Courses in Geographic Information Science are mainly offered through the Department of Earth Sciences. Courses with GIS and Geographic Information Science components are also offered by departments across the campus.

Total credits required for the certificate: 12

Description of required courses:

ESCI 6515 Geographic Information Science 3 credits
ESCI 6525 Analytical Geographic Information Science 3 credits
Elective Course 3 credits
ESCI 7998 Capstone GIS Project

ELECTIVES: Total credits 3

Students are required to take 3 hours of electives. Brief descriptions of elective courses are listed. These electives could come from a variety of related fields with approval of the Certificate Program Committee.

Description of possible elective courses and their web links:

ESCI 6431 Urban Geography (3)
ESCI 6443 Transportation Planning (3)
ESCI 6502 Computer Mapping (3)
ESCI 6511 Remote Sensing of the Environment (4)
ESCI 6521 Quantitative Methods (3)
ESCI 6531 Field Methods (3)
ESCI 6610 Automation Process In GIS (3)
ESCI 7320 Archeological Spatial Analysis (3)
ESCI 7504-8504 Seminar in Geographic Information Science (3)
ESCI 7613 GIS and Human Health (3)
COMP 6001 Visual Basic (3)
COMP 6011 Advanced Visual Basic (3)
PLAN 7202 Land Use Planning (3)