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General Information for RODP Faculty

University of Memphis RODP Contacts:

Roy Bowery, Assistant Dean

Keith Sisson, Faculty Mentor

Mary Crites, Student Services

Lisa Huffstetler, Faculty Mentor 

To request assistance with a course, please go to and enter a helpdesk ticket under the eCourseware option. Click here for details on submitting a helpdesk request.

Before the semester begins:

  • Be aware of the due dates for posting non-attendance, final grades, etc. If you miss the due date for final grades, you will have to complete a Grade Change form for EACH student in the course in order to correct the grade.
  • Plan to email your students on the first day of class. If you have not heard from a student by Friday of the first week of class, notify Mary Crites at or 901-678-5784.

  • If you are teaching as an adjunct for RODP, you will be contacted by Elaine Walsh about signing your contract no later than the end of the first week of classes.

Frequently-requested information about:

RODP resources for faculty

What is a mentor?

There are several types of mentors. To find out what they do, and who yours is, go to

Who has access to your course site

  • The course developer
  • Mentors (faculty and program)
  • University RODP administrators
  • RODP staff

What is the course developer?

  • Each RODP course has someone who has developed and maintains the course master, from which all sections are cloned. This person is responsible for ensuring that semester dates are correct; dropbox, discussion, quiz, and other dates are entered; all links are working; and the course calendar is up to date for each semester.
  • Your course developer may be from another TBR institution.
  • This person should be enrolled in each course section.
  • If you find something in your course section that is not correct,contact the course developer first. It is the responsibility of the course director to make changes.S/he may then either contact you with changes to be made OR make the changes in the section.

What you can/cannot do in your course site

  • Sectional Faculty should not modify content.
  • Changing due date and other incidentals are fine.
  • Do not add/delete points!!!
  • Sectional faculty cannot add content without first consulting with the course developer.(To find out who your course developer is, simply look at the classlist in your section.)

Timelines for communication

  • RODP guidelines require that you respond to emails within 48 hours of them being sent.
  • RODP guidelines require that you post grades no later than two weeks after an assignment was submitted.
  • If for ANY reason you have a delay in either of these, please notify your students via email as well as on the News area of your course site. You should also notify your campus contact(s).

Plagiarism process

Please review the RODP plagiarim policy at

After the first instance, the instructor contacts the student for resolution (concern should be documented by e-mail). Please cc your campus contact(s).

If there is any subsequent issue:

  • The instructor contacts the UofM campus contact, who will communicate with the student's RODP campus contact
  • The student's RODP campus contact notifies the student for resolution.
  • The RODP campus contact forwards case to the Vice President of Student Affairs or the Campus Student Discipline Board for resolution.
  • The student and the instructor may appeal the decision by following their campus' Faculty Rights and Student Rights Appeal Process.

Grade change process

 Student complaint process

 Grade appeal process

Available training

Available resources that you can utilize (e.g., Smarthinking, etc.)

  • Smarthinking: an online tutoring service available to RODP students. Please direct your students to the following webpage for information on how to get started:
  • Respondus: a software program that integrates with the D2L Assessment Tool. This tool allows you to import questions from a "Test Bank" or your own test questions that you have in a Word document. Webinars are offered periodically to demonstrate and explain how Respondus works. To register for the webinar go to the RODP training site; select Integrating Respondus into D2L and Using the Quiz Editor.
  • FAQs:
  • Additional Faculty Resources:

Help Desk Ticketing System procedures

  1. Please enter a helpdesk ticket for help from your UofM faculty mentor, rather than calling or emailing them. This way, they both get the email and access to the ticket so that you can get immediate assistance.
  2. Go to and enter a helpdesk ticket for eCourseware --> Request assistance for an RODP course (faculty).

 External email address

  1. You should provide students with an external email account so that they can contact you outside of the D2L system. We ask that you do this in case there is a technical problem with D2L.
  2. Do not use Sending an email to that address will result in a bounce.
  3. Use your, not a personal email account
  4. You can forward account to personal account at
  5. At, you can also set up a vanity email account (e.g.,

Please check your email account on a regular basis.

This is the account that the University utilizes for all official communications.

If you want to forward your email to another account, you can do that at

How to provide special access for assignments and dropboxes

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