Contact the Department of English

Graduate Programs

For information about the English graduate programs and how to apply, contact Ms. Sarah Ellis in the English Graduate Office, Patterson 461, (901) 678-1448,, and visit the English Department Graduate pages.

Undergraduate Programs

For information about the English undergraduate programs, contact the main office, 901-678-2651. You can also visit the English Department Undergraduate and Undergraduate Advising pages.

General Contact Information


Department of English
The University of Memphis
Memphis, TN 38152

Phone: 901.678.2651
Fax: 901.678.2226

Department Chair

Dr. Joshua Phillips

Patterson 467

Assistant to the Chair,
Departmental Registrar

Ms. Laura Wright

Patterson 469

Director of Graduate Studies

Dr. Jeffrey Scraba

Patterson 455

Director of Undergraduate

Dr. Theron Britt

Patterson 453

Director of First Year Writing

Dr. Katherine Fredlund

Patterson 426

Director of English Honors
Program (Interim)

Dr. John Miles

Patterson 445

Director of Online Programs

Dr. Ron Fuentes

Patterson 439

Coordinator of Assessment

Dr. Lyn Wright Fogle

Patterson 420

African American Literature

Dr. Terrence Tucker

Patterson 414

Applied Linguistics / ESL

Dr. Teresa Dalle

Patterson 401C

Creative Writing

Prof. Cary Holladay

Patterson 409

Literary and Cultural

Dr. Carey Mickalites

Patterson Hall 413

Professional Writing and
Composition Studies

Dr. Loel Kim

Patterson 421

Undergraduate Advisor



The Pinch Literary Journal

Ms. Courtney Santo

Patterson Hall 416