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Spring 2011 Course Descriptions

This class is designed to introduce methods and techniques of teaching English as a Second Language in various settings. It examines our current understanding of second language acquisition, cross-cultural issues and the varying methods and techniques used to teach language skills to students of English, at the K-12 level, in intensive and immigrant programs in the U.S. and overseas.




ENGL 4531-U10 is an online course.  Technical fluency is assumed.  Successful completion requires significant responsibility, commitment, autonomy and participation on the part of the student.  Students will be responsible for maintaining the pace of the course and seeking clarity when in doubt.  No incompletes will be given.





Learning Outcomes



Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:




1.  Use basic English to Speakers of other Languages (ESOL) terminology




2.  Apply language teaching methodology in specific teaching environments




3.  Apply different ways of teaching individual language skills




4.  Structure lessons and classroom activities to actively involve students in learning




5.  Identify language learners’ cultures, characteristics and needs




6.  Identify your own culture, characteristics and needs




7.  Select and modify materials and strategies for students with diverse needs and ability levels




8.  Work with ESL students in content area classes




9.  Develop an understanding of the socio-cultural factors involved in teaching language minority students



Required Texts



Learning New Languages, Tom Scovel, 2000, 083846677, Heinle & Heinle



Travel as a Political Act, Rick Steves, 2009, 9781568584355, Nation



50 Literacy Strategies: Step by Step, Tompkins, 2009, 9780135158166, Pearson





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