MA in ESL [English as a Second/Foreign Language]

Students in the ESL concentration follow an integrated program of study that helps them develop expertise in areas such as second language acquisition, cross-cultural communication, language structure, and instructional methodology. Besides developing skills in analyzing language, assessing language ability, and planning language instruction, students apply their knowledge through practical experiences in the U.S. and abroad.

The University of Memphis offers an M.A. with a concentration in ESL or a graduate certificate program in Teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language. These degrees require courses in Linguistics as well as in ESL. It is also possible to earn an M.A. in ESL completely online.

While pursuing their degrees, graduate students have taught English abroad in the Czech Republic, China, Korea, and in Japan. Students have also presented papers at professional conferences such as The Southeastern Conference on Linguistics, NWAVE, Tennessee TESOL, and International TESOL.

ESL students also are active in the Greater Memphis community, tutoring and teaching individuals and small groups. After graduation, employment opportunities include teaching in the U.S. and abroad in various programs in ESL and Linguistics.

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For more information about the MA in ESL program requirements, visit the 2017 - 2018 Graduate Catalog - English, (MA).