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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become an English major?

Students who declare English as their major upon admission or who transfer from the Academic Counseling Center need not worry about any official declaration. Other students may go to Scates 107 or email to declare the English major, Concentration in English (required), and possible minor (not required).

How do I obtain an English minor?

Students who complete 12 Upper Division hours in English (excluding ENGL 3500 and 3603) will obtain an English minor.

How do I get advised as an English major?

The Undergraduate Advising Office is located in Patterson 471 and is usually open during regular business hours Monday through Friday. Appointments are strongly suggested and may be required during busy times. Go to to make an appointment.

Do I actually have to meet with my advisor every semester?

Yes, unless you are an online-only student, you must meet with your advisor to get clearance to register for courses in upcoming semesters.  There are designated days and times reserved for student appointments prior to registration each semester, but you can go online to make an appointment at any time.  There are options for advising via email or telephone for online students or advisees who qualify.  Look for emails from your advisor prior to registration periods regarding how and when to schedule appointments for registration.

How can I earn Honors in English?

You must have a GPA of 3.25, both overall and in English; you must complete 6 of the 12 English core hours at the honors level; you must complete the English Honors Seminar; and you must complete an Honors Thesis or Major Paper. See the English Honors Program pages for more information.

May I substitute another American or British literature course for any of the Core Requirements?

No, you must take the specified core courses.

If one of the Core Electives is in my concentration, may I count it toward both requirements?

No, each course can satisfy only one requirement.

How many English classes can I take?

You may take as many English classes as you wish.  However, only 42 hours of ENGL courses  will count toward the 120 hours required for graduation if you were admitted before Fall 2012.  Students admitted in Fall 2012 or later will not have an hour limit in English.

May I have more than one concentration in English?

Unfortunately not.

Can I take Regents Online Degree Program (RODP) courses?

Yes, but before you register for RODP English courses, consult with your advisor  to see if and how these classes count for the English Degree requirements. These courses are listed as R50 sections in the course schedule.

If I transfer to the University of Memphis with 36 hours of English, may I get a degree in English without taking more English courses?

You must complete a minimum of 6 hours of U of M English courses, and 3 hours of University of Memphis courses are required for a minor.  In addition, at least 30 of the last 60 hours required for the degree must be completed at the University of Memphis.  A student transferring credits from a two-year college or institution must complete, as a requirement for the baccalaureate degree, a minimum of 60 hours in an accredited senior (four-year) institution.

May I take 6000- and 7000-level courses before I graduate?

Only if you are a combination senior or enroll in the Accelerated B.A./M.A. Program in English. The ABM program allows outstanding undergraduates to begin coursework for the Master of Arts in English during their senior year. Students are encouraged to begin planning to enter the Accelerated B.A./M.A. program early in their undergraduate career, in consultation with the English advisor. Please consult the Undergraduate Catalog for more information. 

Do I have to make a C or better in all my English courses or just those in my concentration?

You must make a C- or better in all ENGL courses counting toward the major (1010,  1020, 2201/2202, the 12-hour core, the 12-hour concentration, and the minimum 3 hours of English Electives). You must also maintain a 2.0 GPA both overall and within the major.

If I have a double major, do I have two sets of General Education requirements to  meet?

No, but you should consult with advisors in both majors for information on specific requirements, especially if your majors are in two different colleges.

What do I do if I want to be a high school English teacher?

Consult the College of Education, Health and Human Sciences for licensure requirements and for information regarding the Teacher Education Program and/or the Master of Arts in Teaching.  Also talk with your advisor about your future plans.

What do I do when I'm ready to graduate?

You and your advisor can discuss the procedures in person if you have any questions. After accumulating at least 90 credit hours, apply for graduation online.  See directions on the CAS "Apply to Graduate Procedure" page.  Contact the English advisor if you need additional help.  The Graduation Analyst will send you an "Unofficial Summary of Coursework Remaining" the semester before you intend to graduate, then a "Summary of Coursework Remaining" the semester you intend to graduate.  You should review the Official Summary with the advisor.

Do I have to take any tests to graduate?

Every five years, the English Department tests exiting majors in the field of English.  The next field test will be given in May 2018.

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