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Whether you are currently an English major, or still deciding on a major, this site will help you plan your academic program at the University of Memphis. The Department of English seeks to give each English major individual, personal attention. We aid in planning an academic program tailored to your specific needs, interests, and goals, and we continue to work closely with you until graduation.

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Contact your Advisor:

Please contact 678-2651 for information about advising.

Advising Information and Suggestions:

All English majors should consult with their advisor EACH SEMESTER for assistance with course scheduling, registration, and career planning. All students should also see their advisor for general information on permits for English courses, degree requirements, and career information.

Students are responsible for fulfilling all of the requirements for the degree program and for following the procedures and regulations as stated in the Undergraduate Catalog in effect when entering the University. The Undergraduate Catalog is valid for seven years.

Plan your coursework semester by semester:

  • Track your progress--requirements met and outstanding requirements--by referring to the appropriate degree requirement sheet (see below) and UMDegree.
  • Check prerequisites before attempting to enroll (especially upper division courses).
  • Take courses in the proper sequence.
  • Be aware of course rotations, e.g. what courses are not offered in the fall or spring semesters. The two-year template provides an easy guide to course rotation. 

How to prepare for your advising appointment prior to registration:

  • Familiarize yourself with UMdegree. You will find the UMdegree channel on your student page in MyMemphis. Make sure information such as your major, concentration, and catalog year are correct. Also pay attention to the courses that are listed as still needed in UMdegree. Note any inaccuracies you may see so your advisor can address these concerns and discuss how courses have been applied during your appointment. This is especially important for transfer courses.
  • Make sure to read the UMdegree directions very carefully. In addition, each page or tab in UMdegree has "HELP" at the top just in case you get stuck. For more detailed directions, click here.
  • List the courses you both want and need to take in your UMdegree planner. It is important that you do not show up empty handed. Rather, you should have some idea as to what you would like to take and if it works with your schedule.
  • Completing your UMdegree planner is mandatory and your clearance for registration can be delayed if you fail to complete this process. Remember you must SAVE the plan. If there are errors, it will not save.
  • Do not merely depend on UMdegree for the list of potential classes. Also use your Degree Sheet for a COMPLETE list of courses you need for your specific catalog.
  • Bring any questions or concerns you have to your advisor.

How to Make an Appointment

Please contact 678-2651 for information about advising.

Advising Schedule:

Non-registration Periods
During non-registration periods, walk-ins are welcome, but appointments are always recommended. You can also email or call the advisor with questions. Please see the helpful links below which may also answer your questions.

Registration Periods (Peak Advising)
To be cleared to register for classes, students must meet with the advisor every semester prior to registration. Usually the month before each registration period, the advisor will email all majors reminding them to schedule their appointments. No walk-ins are allowed during this time.

Peak advising for Summer and Fall courses usually takes place in March; registration begins in April. Advising for Spring courses usually takes place in October; registration begins in November.

Students are welcome to use the online appointment system to schedule an appointment whenever they feel an appointment is needed.

Department of English Resources:

Two Year Course Rotation Template

English Undergraduate Catalog

The Degree Sheet for English majors is not intended as a substitute for knowing the requirements listed in the Undergraduate Bulletin. Students are responsible for keeping in touch with the English advisor and maintaining their own course progress records. However, this degree sheet can help you plan you program of study.

2011 Degree Sheet
2012 Degree Sheet
2013 Degree Sheet
2014 Degree Sheet
2015 Degree Sheet
2016 Degree Sheet
2017 Degree Sheet

English Undergraduate Grade Appeal Process (.pdf)
Department of English FAQ

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English Honors Program
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