ESP Workshops for All U of M Students

All ESP Workshops will be held in Mitchell Hall. Each Workshop focuses on a specific academic issue which can help participants get better in areas such as studying, reading, writing, memory, test-preparation, test-taking, and more. For more information about our workshops, call 901.678.2704 or 901.678.5226. You could also reach us via email at

Tips to Making Class Notes           1/25/2017
Techniques to Reading Faster    2/1/2017
Tips to Taking Exams      2/8/2017
Techniques to Learning Faster    2/15/2017
Creative Ways to Enjoy Class       2/22/2017
Practical Critical Thinking Skills   3/15/2017
Tips on Highlighting Books          3/22/2017
Techniques to Reading Faster     3/29/2017
Techniques to Learning Faster    4/5/2017
Tips to Taking Exams      4/12/2017