What is Engineering Technology

Engineering Technology is the profession in which a knowledge of mathematics and natural science, gained by higher education, experience, and practice, is devoted primarily to the implementation and extension of existing technology for the benefit of humanity. Engineering Technology education focuses primarily on the applied aspects of science and that portion of the technological spectrum closest to product improvement, industrial practices, and engineering operation functions.

Offered Degree
Educational Preparation
Transfer Credits
Co-op Program
Evening Program

Offered Degree:

The Department of Engineering Technology offers a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology (B.S.E.T.) degree. This degree program is comprised of a comprehensive core and various fields of study from which the student may select in order to best fulfill their needs and interests. To earn a B.S.E.T. degree of a student must complete a minimum of 124 semester hours of study. A full-time students may obtain this degree in approximately 8 semesters (4 years).

The Department of Engineering Technology also offers a graduate program leading to the Master of Science degree in Engineering Technology (M.S.E.T.). Students may select coursework in Computers and/or Electronics and/or Manufacturing. Students may elect to design their own course of study taken from the courses offered in these areas.



The Department of Engineering Technology has a diverse faculty with outstanding academic and professional credentials. All faculty members have industrial experience relevant to the areas in which they teach. All faculty members are involved in professional development activities and are committed to providing a quality engineering education. Faculty advisors within the major are available to provide individual assistance to students throughout the course of study.



Laboratory facilities are available for a variety of instructional activities. Facilities include the microprocessor / microcomputer laboratory, two electronics laboratories, the digital circuits laboratory, the robotics laboratory, the machinery laboratory, and two general purpose computer applications laboratories with Windows and Unix systems. A continual process of laboratory improvement maintains the quality of the laboratory experiences. The equipment used in laboratories is the same as that used in industry. The computational environment is state-of-the-art and contains both wired and wireless access to a campus-wide network, including Internet II. Extensive packages of both general-purpose and discipline-specific software and hardware are available to support your engineering studies.


Educational Preparation:

Preparation to earn a BS in Engineering Technology should begin in high school by completing algebra, trigonometry, geometry, physics and chemistry. Study should be concentrated on these courses as well as those that develop oral and written communications skills.

Prospective students must have technical aptitude as well as perseverance, and willingness to work hard and accept responsibility.


Transfer Credits:

Students transferring into the department with an Associate of Science degree in an Engineering Technology discipline from an accredited institution may only need to complete an additional 60 semesters hours (2 years) of study to earn the B.S.E.T. degree.


Co-op Program:

For students who choose to gain valuable work experience while completing their degree requirements, the Department of Engineering Technology has a cooperative education (co-op) program. The co-op program adds relevance to education and introduces the student to the work environment and career possibilities in their field of study.

For more information on the cooperative education program in the Herff College of Engineering, contact Ms. Shelia Moses, Academic Services Coordinator, at 678-4933 or E-mail srmoses@memphis.eu


Evening Program

To accommodate students who work during the day, the Department of Engineering Technology has a complete night rotation of courses making it possible to earn a BS in Engineering Technology in the evenings.