University of Memphis (14K)

2005 Faculty Handbook

Chapter 9 - University Facilities and Benefits


Chapter Nine: Table of Contents

Identification Cards

The University's policy #UM1623 concerning identification cards is contained at

Credit Union Membership

Faculty members at The University of Memphis are eligible for membership in the First South Credit Union and the Memphis Area Teachers' Credit Union. Payroll deduction may be arranged for deposits and loan payments.

University Information

Routine information about the University, including academic catalogs and University policies and procedures, is available at the University web page at In addition, the Office of Institutional Research provides information to academic and administrative units in support of policy formation, planning, and decision-making. Institutional Research serves as the centralized electronic repository of archived information on students, faculty, and staff. It identifies trends that will affect resource commitments in the future and reports to the Tennes­see Board of Regents and other agencies that monitor the activities and assets of the Univer­sity. Institutional Research produces decision-support programming and analysis for Univer­sity and departmental purposes. For more information, see

University Libraries

Information concerning the University Libraries is contained at

Rape Crisis

Rape crisis Rape, assault, or attempts at either, must be reported immediately to the Department of Public Safety.

Campus Recreation and Intramural Services

Campus Recreation and Intramural Services (CRIS) administers the Student Recreation and Fitness Center, located on Spottwood and Echles streets, for the benefit of students, faculty and staff, alumni, and University friends. Recreational activities consist of basketball, volleyball, swimming, tennis, racquetball, handball, table tennis, badminton, soccer, and softball. Fitness areas include free weights and cardio machines such as stair steppers, treadmills, and bicycles. Locker rooms are provided for personal use and storage.

Yearly memberships for faculty, staff, and their families are available at the Center during Recreation hours. Same-day entry tickets and guest tickets may also be purchased at the Recreation Center. For operation hours, see

Information Technology

The Division of Information Technology provides campus-wide support in academic and administrative computing, networking, and telecommunications. The division supports education and training for standardized applications, maintains the campus information technology infrastructure, the security and integrity of databases, and leads the strategic planning process for information technology at the institution.

More information about services provided by the Division is contained at


The University Bookstore, located on the first floor of the Bookstore Building, stocks and sells all books and supplies required or recommended for class use. In addition, it offers a large stock of paperbacks, children's books, magazines, greeting cards, gift items, and imprinted clothing. A special-order service is available for every book in print. Faculty and staff receive a 10% discount on all merchandise (textbooks 5%), upon presentation of a current identification card to the cashier prior to purchase.  For more information, please see

Bursar's Office

The bursar's office is responsible for the assessment and collection of student fees. It provides student fee information and general payment guidelines, collect University fees and charges, and disburse financial aid. For more information, please see

Business Processes

Please familiarize yourself with Business and Finance procedures found at prior to committing funds or taking any action with third parties that would bind the university. University business processes are based on requirements of State of Tennessee law and Tenneseee Board of Regents Policies and Procedures which require that University funds, regardless of origin, must be expended in accordance with these policies and procedures. Any questions regarding the various procedures listed should be directed to the indicated department prior to making any outside committments.

Tiger Copy and Graphics

Tiger Copy and Graphics offers a full range of printing services from digital quick copy to off-set printing in both color and black and white. Other services provided include desktop publishing, finishing and binding, folding, tabbing, labeling, and bulk mail addressing. University business cards and stationary are ordered through Tiger Copy and Graphics. All services are available for use by any student or department. For more information, refer to

Campus Environment

Physical Plant

The Department of Physical Plant is responsible for University construction contracts, major construction, construction inspection and room modifications. The department also provides custodial service; maintains the campus landscape; and offers full service for air condition­ing, heating, plumbing, electricity, electronics, carpentry, painting. Routine requests for service should be submitted online using the WORQ System,  Emergency requests should be made to the Physical Plant office, x2699/2075 or to the Department of Public Safety.

Air Conditioning and Heating

Faculty and staff members who experience any discomfort because of the heating or air conditioning are urged to contact the Physical Plant Facilities Operations office rather than trying to correct the situation themselves by adjusting thermostats, opening windows, or turning off units. Adjustments in one room affect all rooms in the zoned area; trying to make one room comfortable by such adjustments may make several others uncomfortable. Please see web address and telephone numbers above.

Special HVAC Needs

Heating or cooling is provided in season for spaces scheduled for use. Scheduled use is determined by the class and program schedule for a given building. If special meetings are planned for use of auditoriums, seminar rooms, etc., please obtain the approval of the appropriate vice president or vice provost via memorandum and forward the approval to Physical Plant for the special heating or cooling required.

Energy Conservation

The University solicits the assistance of all faculty and staff members in support of its ongoing energy conservation program, a program that is designed to assure that energy is consumed in an efficient manner, but not to curtail planned educational activities. Faculty and staff are asked for assistance with energy conservation and the reduction of operating costs for the University.

Campus News

The following are regular campus publications:

Daily Helmsman. The Helmsman, the University's student-run newspaper.  For more information about the Helmsman, please visit

Update. Update is a monthly faculty and staff newsletter covering the achievements and activities of the University community.

This Week. This Week is a weekly update of announcements, calendar of events, and faculty and staff birthdays.

University of Memphis Magazine.  This is a monthly update of University activities that is directed toward alumni. 


Establishing and maintaining a safe and healthy teaching and learning environment are important concerns of all University faculty and staff members. Compliance with applicable safety rules, regulations, and occupational safety and health standards is expected. Additionally, department chairs and faculty members are responsible for ensuring that students are aware of appropriate safety procedures and that unsafe conditions and practices are promptly corrected. Chairs are expected to ensure that their employees receive safety information, are trained appropriately, and are provided with personal protective equipment as required by regulations and University policies and procedures.

Environmental Health and Safety provides training, services, and consulting assistance related to hazardous chemicals, radioactive materials, and biological agents. For information and assistance, call 678-4672 or see the web page at Employee Safety and Health offers training, services, and consulting assistance related to fire safety, ergonomics, accident investigation, and other general safety issues. For information and assistance, call 678-2257 or 678-4671.


In the interest of health, safety, and campus maintenance smoking is prohibited in all areas not designated as smoking areas. See also UofM Policy No.1614 at

Design Services

When design services are required for modifications to university facilities, contact Campus Planning and Design at x 2302 or refer to

Telecommunications Services

The University provides voice, data,  and video communications, as well as cellular and facsimile services. For more information, please see University of Memphis policy No. 1394 at  Also, please see the Office of Telecommunications Website at

University Center

The extensive facilities and varied activities of the University Center are provided for the use of the entire University community. Existing facilities include the University Store, the Market Place Cafe, and mailboxes for use by the university community. Centralized mail services are also located in the Center. Other services include automatic banking systems, electronic news display message center, locker rentals, TV lounge, conference and meeting rooms, information and scheduling office, and the President's executive conference rooms. Cultural, recreational, and social areas include the Gameroom, Student Government Office, Student Activities Office, Greek and Leadership Activities offices, Campus and Community Issues offices, Minority Affairs, Dean of Students Office, and Adult Student Services. The University Center also supervises the Rose Theater's 968 seat auditorium for students, University, and community use.

Extended Programs

The Office of the Vice Provost for Extended Programs coordinates off-campus credit and noncredit and Continuing Education Unit activities on and off the campus, including seminars, conferences, workshops, short courses, training programs, and public service efforts. Work­ing creatively with faculty and staff members, Extended Programs seeks to interpret the needs and demands of the community, to originate ideas for serving these needs and demands, and to provide the resources for delivering such service. Faculty and staff members interested in planning noncredit activities may contact the Office of the Vice Provost for Extended Programs.

Statewide programs, such as Keep Tennessee Beautiful and the Energy Institute, are housed in the Division of Extended Programs. Public Service activities are also an integral part of this unit.

In addition to the programs offered on its East Memphis campus, The University of Memphis offers a wide variety of courses, both graduate and undergraduate, in off-campus locations. The Office of the Vice Provost for Extended Programs is charged with the responsibility for administering all off-campus credit courses.

The approval of the Vice Provost for Extended Programs is required prior to offering any off-­campus credit course.

For more information about Extended Programs, please see

Faculty Lounge

A faculty lounge is located in room 317 of the University Center for small meetings, study, or relaxation. The lounge has a kitchenette, couches, chairs, and small tables. Faculty members may gain access by having their identification card activated at the Bursar's Office. The lounge is open during days and evenings during University Center operating hours.

Food Services

On-campus food service facilities are available for students, faculty, staff, and visitors. The Tiger Den in Jones Hall is open throughout the year while classes are in session. The Richardson Towers cafeteria is operated during the regular school year and during the summer for conferences, institutes, and other programs housed in Richardson Towers. The University Center facility is open for business throughout the year and provides catering services. Catering and banquet services are available on a contract basis for University-sponsored events. The University has an exclusive contract for all catered events on campus. Exceptions to this contract to bring outside food on campus for an event must be made through the Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs.

 A food service committee, made up of faculty, staff, and students, provides feedback to the University administration and food service contractor.

Health Services

Services Available

Student Health Services is located in the Health Center Building on campus at the corner of University and DeSoto avenues. It is open Monday-Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. with the exception of authorized holidays and other times approved by University officials. The Health Center is staffed with a physician, nurse practitioner, registered nurses, medical and X-ray technologist, and various support personnel. Diagnosis and treatment of short-term, acute, and episodic medical illnesses are provided by Student Health Services on an outpatient basis.

Eligibility for care: All medical services of Student Health Services are available to students, faculty, and staff members with validated identification cards. Except in emergencies, each visit to the center requires the presentation of an identification card.


Faculty and staff are charged a fee (plus lab and X-ray fees as needed) for each visit. All faculty and staff should have a primary care physician to whom they may be referred for in-depth treatment of more complex health problems.


Faculty, staff, and students may purchase a variety of over-the-counter medicines at the Student Health Services dispensary. Students may purchase prescription medications as prescribed by the Student Health Services physician or nurse practitioner at a reduced cost.

Medical Records

Prior to receiving treatment at Student Health Services, each patient is required to complete a short personal medical history record and sign a Permission to Treat form. Because medical records are considered privileged communications, information is not released to any source, University or otherwise, without the written consent of the patient, except when required by law or court order.


In the event of injury or sudden emergent illness occurring in the classroom or on the campus, faculty or staff members present should evaluate the situation to the best of their ability and call the Department of Public Safety at 4357 (HELP), giving the location of the patient and necessary details. The campus police will respond and make a decision whether to transport the patient to Student Health Services or to call for an ambulance. Emergencies that arise when Student Health Services is closed should be reported to the Department of Public Safety at 4357. If conditions warrant, the patient may be sent to a hospital; the cost of the transportation and hospital care will be the patient's responsibility.

Insurance Papers

Student Health Services staff members will not complete insurance papers for patients (Workmen's Compensation, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, etc.).

Verification of Disability for Registration Purposes

The Student Health Services physician will examine certifications of permanent disability (the applicants are not examined for certification) and determine the eligibility of applicants (1) to audit credit courses offered without charge on a space available basis, or (2) to enroll in the Disabled or 65+ program for credit at a reduced fee. Certifications of permanent disability are to be completed by the applicant's personal physician stating that the patient is unable to engage in income­producing activities. Certifications are filed at Student Health Services; eligibility is certified to the Office of Admissions and Records.

Equipment Loans

Crutches and wheelchairs are available to eligible patients on a short­term basis; patients must assume financial responsibility for loss of or damage to the borrowed equipment.

Parking for the Disabled

Student Health Services staff can provide recommendations that a parking permit for disabled personnel be issued upon the receipt of a current letter from the individual's personal physician including diagnosis, statement that the condition will be aggravated by parking several blocks from the classroom, and the estimated length of time the condition will exist.

Lost and Found

The central lost and found service of the university is housed in the Department of Public Safety located in the Zach Curlin Garage. The information booth on the second floor of the University Center includes a second lost and found repository.

Mail Services

Intracampus mail service picks up and delivers mail at centralized locations within each building, Monday through Friday. All intracampus mail must be sent in special, reusable envelopes designed for this service. In addition, the University operates a US Post Office on the first floor of the University Center that offers the usual postal services. Window hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. For more information, refer to

Police ServicesThe Director of Police Services is responsible for enforcing traffic and parking regulations, supervising campus traffic, protecting University buildings and equipment, and helping maintain an environment conducive to the pursuit of educational interests.  Faculty members are requested to report immediately to the Department of Police Services (678-4357) any person, action, or situation considered suspicious or hazardous.  The University assumes no responsibility for the care and protection of personal property brought onto campus or left in the work location. Employees assume all risks against damage, loss, or theft of their personal property or the personal property of other persons they may bring on campus. For more information about Police Services, please visit


University theatre and music tickets for on-campus performances are available in the Department of Theatre and Dance. Athletic tickets are available in Athletic Offices Building. Certain Student Activity tickets are also available for sale to faculty at the Bursar's Office with the paid receipt taken to the Information Desk in the University Center to obtain tickets. For information, call the University Center Information Desk at 678-2041.

University-Owned Vehicles

The University does not maintain vehicles for use on individual trips. Vehicles owned by the University are assigned to individual departments and activities to support University requirements for special and general-purpose vehicles. In addition, the University does not provide automobile liabilities and the Tennessee Claims Commission has jurisdiction to award damages for University employees' negligent operation of a vehicle. University employees who regularly make use of State-owned vehicles should contact their own insurance agents, if coverage is desired, to obtain a rider for liability coverage insuring them personally when operating a State vehicle (the University does not reimburse employees for this insurance). See also UofM Policy No. 1440.

Parking Services

The university provides four types of parking: Priority, General, Resident, and Visitor. For specific information about availability or fees, please call Parking at 678-2212.  For more information about Parking Services, please visit  Copies of the traffic code are available in the Parking Office at 505 Zach Curlin. Faculty members who wish to operate vehicles on the campus must register them in the Parking Office.

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