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September 23, 2009

Dear Colleagues:

Each year the Faculty Senate is asked to appoint faculty members as representatives to a number of university committees. To ensure that all faculty have the opportunity to serve on these committees, the senate in cooperation with the provostís office has compiled a list of committees that currently have openings for senate-appointed faculty representatives.

Please look over the following committees list to see if you would be interested in being considered as the faculty representative on one or more of these university committees. If so, you can indicate your interest simply by sending an e-mail message to Carolyn Featherstone <> in the senate office, noting the committee(s) on which you would like to serve and, if applicable, mentioning any special qualification you may have for such service.


Jeffrey S. Berman
President, Faculty Senate


University Committees with Senate-Appointed Openings

1. Tenure and Promotion Appeals Committee
Review appeals of negative recommendations concerning tenure and promotion and is advisory to the University President. Committee members must be tenured faculty. Service is for a three-year term.

2. Faculty Appeals Advocates
Provide advice and aid to faculty appealing negative recommendations regarding tenure and promotion. Must be at the Professor rank and well-versed in the tenure and promotion appeals process. Service is for a three-year term.

3. Undergraduate Grade Appeals Committee
Review appeals and report any obvious discriminatory or capricious conduct on the part of either students or instructors to the Provost for his/her consideration and action involving undergraduate students.

4. Program Assessment Committee
Make recommendations for program review and planning process. Faculty Representative should be tenured, willing to serve up to three years, and knowledgeable about assessment strategies and interpretation of existing reports (including those of low producing programs).

5. Space Policy Council
A decision-making body regarding space issues, also a forum for the discussion and approval of individual space requests, campus-wide space plans, plans for new space, space utilization reports, policies and procedures regulating the use of facilities, and other critical space planning issues that require policy-level deliberation.

6. Faculty Convocation Planning Committee
Planning of the annual faculty convocation and associated activities, including the marketing plan. Support the university library administrators, staff, and friends of the library in the logistics of faculty scholarship week.

7. Facilities and Services Committee
Reviews recommendations for building identification information and staff services relating to maintenance of buildings and grounds. Advise the Vice President for Business and Finance, Physical Plant, Campus Planning and Design.

8. Fee Refund and Appeals Committee
Reviews all requests for appeals as specified in University Procedure #2D:01:04C, which states: Any student or other interested individual may appeal . . .any University action connected with fees, charges, refunds, and collection procedures.

9. Public Records Committee
Oversee the creation, distribution, retention, storage, retrieval, protection, preservation, and ultimate disposal of all types of University records, regardless of format. Assist in the development and implementation of new or revised records management systems as requested by the University Records Officer.

10. Traffic and Parking Committee
Review and recommend a program responsive to traffic patterns, parking needs, security, and access priorities. Responsible for maintain approved traffic and parking policies, guidelines, and procedures. Advisory responsibility for a comprehensive traffic and parking program at the University of Memphis.

11. Safety and Security Committee
Review regularly the total University safety posture, periodically the total University safety program, evaluate proposed University safety programs, provide recommendations and guidance for training programs on safety related topics, and provide oversight of the University Hazardous Waste Reduction Plan.

12. Dining Services Committee
Plan, reviews, and make recommendations for campus food service vendors, including issues of fee increases, opening or closure of food outlets on campus, food items offered, and reimbursement of unused fees.

The University of Memphis
A Tennessee Board of Regents Institution
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