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August 12, 2011

Dear Colleagues:

On Behalf of the Faculty Senate, I welcome you to the 2011-2012 academic year at the University of Memphis. The Faculty Senate serves as a university-wide voice for faculty and as a vehicle by which faculty can participate in the development of the university.

President Raines and Provost Faudree have embraced the Faulty Senate's goals of transparency and shared governance, and the Faculty Senate, in turn, has acknowledged its responsibility to work with the Administration in furthering the best interests of our students and the University by serving on University committees, engaging in dialogue, keeping the University informed of faculty concerns, and presenting resolutions for adoption by the University. The Faculty Senate also represents faculty interests at the Tennessee Board of Regents Faculty Subcouncil, and at the Association of Tennessee University Faculty Senates, which represents the faculty senates of all 10 four-year public universities in the Tennessee Board of Regents and University of Tennessee systems.

President Raines and Provost Faudree have worked closely with the Faculty Senate in many important ways during the previous two years to protect the positions, salaries, and benefits of the faculty. Despite severe reductions in the budget of the University and resulting economic exigencies, there has been no involuntary elimination of tenure track and tenured faculty during the past two years, and no reduction of salaries or benefits to tenure track and tenured faculty.

While the faculty has diminished in numbers due to retirements, deaths, and not filling lapsed positions, the University has expressed an intent to refill these positions. The Faculty Senate will be working diligently during the upcoming year towards amending University and policies to further insure the protection of academic freedom for our faculty; to ensure a gun-free campus; to make our campus safe and welcoming to all segments of our diverse campus; to closely monitor university expenditures of Education and Government funding for academic purposes only; and to maintain and to increase the funding of the University Libraries. An important issue that needs to be resolved is whether tenure track faculty will be evaluated for tenure under the department standards in effect on the date of a faculty member’s hiring, or on the standards in effect at the beginning of a faculty member's third year of employment (mid tenure review).

At the General Faculty meeting that is set for Friday August 26, 2011, at 2 p.m., the Faculty Senate will be presenting to the General Faculty for a vote an amendment to the Faculty Senate Constitution which would allow online voting as an option for voting on future amendments to the Constitution. I hope all faculty will try to attend the General Meeting so as to secure a quorum for this important vote.

I call your attention to the following links: (1) the website for the details for our year-long centennial can be found here and (2) a document from David Zettergren’s office titled ‘University Funding of Athletics’ can be found here.

Lawrence A. Pivnick
President, Faculty Senate

The University of Memphis
A Tennessee Board of Regents Institution
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