Fogelman unveils a new, state-of-the-art financial trading lab

The Fogelman College of Business and Economics hosted the Grand Opening of the Cook Analytics & Trading Lab. The bustling first floor of became even busier than usual as it was transformed into a facsimile of a Wall Street trading firm.


FCBE professor, Campbell, and student, Ehrat, named winners of SPARK Awards

Dr. Douglas Campbell, professor of Economics and director for the Center of Economic Education, and senior Management student, Austin Ehrat, were both named the winners of the SPARK Awards in their respective categories last week. The SPARK Awards Ceremony is a televised event that celebrates individuals, corporations, and schools across 13 different categories who are igniting change and making a difference in the community. Nominations came from the public and only three finalists per category were selected from potential candidates by members of the Rotary Club of Memphis.


Did You Know?
Fogelman Faculty Answer Interesting Research Questions

The Fogelman College of Business and Economics is composed of a research-active faculty which allows our school to stay abreast of cutting-edge information and knowledge dissemination. Take a look at some of their most recent interesting findings:

Did you know that the “Dark Triad” personality factors (narcissism, Machiavellianism, and psychopathy) are attracting increased interest in explaining many types of fraud?

Dr. Charles Bailey, Professor of Accountancy Dr. Charles Bailey, Professor of Accountancy, discusses these findings in an article forthcoming in the July 2015 issue of The Accounting Review titled “Psychopathy, Academic Accountants’ Attitudes towards Unethical Research Practices, and Publication Success.” Additionally, this paper won the Innovative Research Award at the 18th Annual Accounting Ethics Symposium.

Did you know that most stocks in the U.S. are traded on multiple stock exchanges, but about 14.5% of trading occurs in non-exchange computer systems called “dark pools?”

Dr. Thomas McInishDr. McInish and his coauthors discuss this trading shift in their paper, “Trading Rules, Competition for Order Flow and Market Fragmentation,” forthcoming in the Journal of Financial Economics.