Cook Trust enables Fogelman College to sponsor the 2015 Oxford Analytica Global Horizons Conference in Oxford, England

Rebecca Koch, current FCBE International MBA student, attending one of the Oxford Analytica Global Horizons Conference sessionsLast week, representatives from the Fogelman College of Business and Economics (FCBE) travelled to Oxford, England for Oxford Analytica's 2015 Global Horizons Conference. This incredible opportunity was enabled by Michael Cook, chairman & CEO of SouthernSun Asset Management and founder of the Cook Trust. Furthermore, the Cook Trust generously funded Fogelman College's participation and sponsorship of the international event.

Among the FCBE group to attend the conference was Dr. Rajiv Grover, dean, Dr. Balaji Krishnan, professor and director of MBA Programs, Rebecca Koch, International MBA student, and Anna Michael, marketing manager.

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Dr. Jamin Speer to be Published in Journal of Human Resources and the Journal of Labor Economics

Dr. Jamin D. Speer, assistant professor of economics Dr. Jamin D. Speer, assistant professor of economics at the Fogelman College, recently had a paper accepted to be published in the Journal of Human Resources. The paper is entitled "Pre-Market Skills, Occupational Choice, and Career Progression."

The paper used a combination of data sources to study the effects of workers' pre-market skills in various fields on their initial occupation choices and career progression patterns, with a particular focus on understanding gender gaps in occupation. The paper showed that pre-market skills, as measured by test scores and personality traits, accounted for a significant portion of occupational gender gaps, including 71 percent of the gender gap in science and engineering occupations. It also found that career trajectories were remarkably similar across workers, meaning that initial differences in occupation persist over time and that pre-market skills have long-lasting impacts on careers.

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Former FCBE Ph.D. Student Awarded Prize for Research on REIT Volatility and Liquidity

Former Fogelman College Ph.D. student, Dr. Pawan JainFormer Fogelman College Ph.D. student, Dr. Pawan Jain, was recently awarded the 2015 NAREIT/AREUEA Real Estate Research Conference Distinguished Research Prize by NAREIT and the American Real Estate and Urban Economics Association (AREUEA).

Dr. Jain's paper, "J-REIT Market Quality: Impact of High Frequency Trading and the Financial Crisis", used data from the Japanese REIT market. However, his findings have "clear implications for other REIT markets, including in the U.S.," according to Brad Case, NAREIT's senior vice president for research and industry information.

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Former FCBE Student Honored with Medal of Inspiration Award

Abdullahi Abdullahi, former FCBE accounting studentAbdullahi Abdullahi, former FCBE accounting student, was recently awarded Beta Alpha Psi's Medal of Inspiration Award. The Medal of Inspiration Award is sponsored by the American Institute of CPAs and is granted to students who have experienced extreme hardships in his or her life and who has demonstrated an unusually high level of success despite the adversities. The award included a $5,000 cash stipend.

Abdullahi's family sought refuge in Kenya in the midst of the Somali Civil War and settled in the United Nations' refugee camp, Dadaab. He remained there until he was granted the opportunity to relocate to the United States and begin college at the University of Memphis. Despite coming from the largest refugee settlement in the world at the time, Abdullahi has always remained optimistic that he would reach his goal of receiving an education.

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Two FCBE Students Honored with the Carson Circle Award

Mary Garcia is Miss University of Memphis and president of Pre-Law SocietyMary Garcia and Johnathan Moffett, both department of Economics majors, were recently honored with the Carson Circle Award. The Carson Circle Award recognizes seniors who have demonstrated a commitment to placing service above self, treated others with dignity and respect, established relationships with people different from themselves, had a well-rounded collegiate experience, and contributed positively to the quality of life at the University.

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