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Fogelman College Faculty News Briefs

This edition of Fogelman College Faculty News Briefs includes the latest on our professors’ achievements as well as notes about a few of our current or former doctoral students.  First, our faculty:

John Amis

Dr. John Amis, Associate Professor of Management, is a recipient of the University of Memphis 2008-09 Alumni Association Distinguished Teaching Award.  K. K. Fung, Professor of Economics and Doug Campbell, Instructor of Economics, were finalists for the award.  Dr. Amis was one of four professors at the U of M selected by the association’s Distinguished Teaching Award Committee for this prestigious honor.  Funded and sponsored by The University of Memphis Alumni Association, this award annually recognizes excellence in teaching at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Rabi Bhagat

Dr. Rabi Bhagat, Professor of Management, presented a series of research seminars for faculty and PhD students at three prestigious foreign universities in 2008, as follows: 
University of Paris, St Denis campus, Paris, France, January, 2008
University of Opole, Poland, May, 2008
Aston Business School, Birmingham, UK, June, 2008
The topic at Paris and Opole was "On Becoming a Global Manager," which was based on a major work he published with two PhD students (Tej Billing and Charlotte Davis from our department) and two scholars from University of Illinois and Wake Forest University. The topic at the Aston Business School was "Organizational Stress and Coping" based on research in nine countries, that he is working on with U of M Professor Balaji Krishnan and Tej Billing, who is now at Virginia State University.

Cyril Chang

Dr. Cyril Chang, Professor of Economics and Director of the Methodist LeBonheur Center for Healthcare Economics, gave a series of invited talks on health care reform in the University of Alabama at Huntsville’s Distinguished Speakers Series.  The three talks, given on February 17th and 18th, 2009, included, "Obama's Health Agenda," "Health Care Reform in the New Administration: An Economic Perspective," and “Inefficiency of the American Health Care System: A Neglected Issue in Health Care Debate."

Satish Mehra

Dr. Satish Mehra, Professor of Production Operations Management, has been researching the Quality Management area.  His most recent publications are " On the Application of Quality Management Concepts in Education: An Example of a Korean Classroom," with M. Rhee, and  “Implementing Total Quality Management With a Focus on Enhancing Customer Satisfaction,” with S. Ranganathan, both published in the International Journal of Quality and Reliability Management.

Albert Okunade

Dr. Albert Okunade, Professor of  Economics,  is one of the invited ‘distinguished faculty’ to lecture on “Strategic pricing considerations for medical device and joint ventures,” at the 2nd annual Bio/Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Forum on Effective Product Pricing and Modeling Strategies, Philadelphia, PA (April 2009). This national training conference targets senior executives in Pharmaceuticals, Bio-Medicine, and related industries.  Dr. Okunade, also organized sessions on Disparities in
Nursing Home Care, Obesity, Growth, and Premature Mortality and on Human Tissues, Spinal Implants, and Pharmaceuticals: Welfare and Other Implications of Medical Technologies at the 2008 Biennial Conference of the American Society of Health Economists (ASHE) at Duke University.

Robin Poston

Dr. Robin Poston, Assistant Professor of Management Information Systems, Dr. Bill Kettinger, Professor and FedEx Chair of Excellence in MIS, and Dr. Judy Simon, Professor of MIS, presented a research paper entitled, “Managing the Vendor Set: Balancing Market Competition and Collaborative Relations in Long-term IT Outsourcing” at the 2008 SIM Academic Workshop, in Paris, France, in December, 2008.  This work is also being published as an article in MIS Quarterly Executive.  Dr. Poston also published “Understanding the Determinants of Service Channel Preference in the Early Stages of Adoption: A Social Cognitive Perspective on Online Brokerage Services” in the journal Decision Sciences.  Coauthors on this paper were Dr. Clayton Looney of the University of Montana and Dr. Asli Akbulut of Grand Valley State University.

Rose Rubin

Dr. Rose Rubin, Professor of Economics, will receive the Distinguished Service Award of the Southwestern Social Science Association (SSSA) at its April 9-11, 2009, meeting in Denver.  The SSSA, is the umbrella association for the Southwestern Economics Association as well as a half- dozen other organizations in fields such as political science, sociology, and history.  This award is given periodically to an SSSA member with an outstanding history of work and professional contributions in their field.  Dr. Rubin also has a new book out, A Handbook for Widows, coauthored with Corrine Jacobson and published by C.A. Bond.

Marla Stafford

Dr. Marla Royne Stafford, Professor and Chair of the Fogelman College’s Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management, has won the 2009 Alumni Association Award for Distinguished Research in Social Sciences, Business and Law.  This continues a significant pattern of success of Fogelman College professors in this award.  In addition to her Fogelman College duties, Dr. Stafford is the editor-in-chief of the Journal of Advertising.

Now, our current or former doctoral students:

Mr. Mohammad Nejad, a doctoral candidate in the Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management, received the First Place Award at the 21st Annual Student Research Forum, a competition co-sponsored by the U of M Graduate School and the University Honors Program.  This is the second consecutive year he has received this award.  The award was for a research project entitled "Innovation Diffusion: The Role of Influentials in a Heterogeneous Two-Segment Market.  The project is sponsored by the enterprise Simulation and Optimization Lab (eSOL). The project advisors are Drs. Mehdi Amini, Emin Babakus, and Dan Sherrell.

Dr. Diego Nocetti received his PhD degree in economics from the Fogelman College three years ago, working under Prof. William Smith. Dr. Nocetti is currently on the faculty of Clarkson University.   Last year he published a paper entitled “Properties of the Social Discount Rate in a Benthamite Framework with Heterogeneous Degrees of Impatience” in the very prestigious journal, Management Science.  This paper was recently named the “Best Article” in a contest on European research on Finance and Sustainable Development sponsored by the Forum for Responsible Investment . The award comes with a prize of 5,000 Euros, and his article got a write-up in the French newspaper Le Monde.

Dr. Balaji Rajagopalan received his PhD degree from the Fogelman College’s Department of Management Information Systems in 1999.  Now an Associate Professor of MIS at Oakland University, Dr. Rajagopalan was this year’s winner of the ISR Best Paper award for his work on "Competition Among Virtual Communities and User Valuation: The Case of Investing-Related Communities," with Professors Bin Gu and Prabhudev Konana of University of Texas- Austin. This award is presented to the authors of the best paper published in Information Systems Research, the flagship journal of the Information Systems Society, each year. ISR is consistently ranked at one of the top two IS Journals and Dr. Rajagopalan was recognized at the 2008 ISS/ISR reception at the 2008 INFORMS conference held in Washington, D.C.

Mr. Xihui "Paul" Zhang, a doctoral candidate in the Management Information Systems Department and an Assistant Professor of Computer Information Systems at the University of North Alabama, has been elected to receive the 2008 Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-Financed Students Abroad. The award ceremony was held in Washington DC on April 15, 2009.

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