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Welcome to the Fall 2009 Fogelman College e-Newsletter

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Welcome to the Fall 2009 Fogelman Flash e-Newsletter

Rajiv Grover

Greetings from the Fogelman College! This has proven to be a very special fall semester at the Fogelman College as we launched the new Customer-Driven MBA (CDMBA) program which had been in the planning and development stages for two years. The CDMBA has attracted an inaugural cohort of very high achieving students to its three initial tracks: BioMedical, Services Marketing, and Entrepreneurship. Students in the CDMBA program are sponsored by companies that pay their tuition and a stipend during the two-year program. The students intern with their sponsoring companies for ten hours per week during the school year and full-time during the intervening summer. Each student receives an employment offer from their sponsoring company at the time of admittance to the CDMBA program. Upon successful completion of the CDMBA program the student joins the sponsoring company with a commitment to work for at least two years. The CDMBA students take their core MBA courses together with the students in the International MBA (IMBA) program. This is by design so that the CDMBA students get more international exposure in their coursework. See another article in this newsletter for admission requirements for these programs.

One of the unique features of the CDMBA/IMBA program is the "Lunch and Learn" series, in which executives from the Memphis community share thoughts with the students about important, contemporary topics.  This semester's Lunch and Learn speakers include:
Steve Bares
Memphis Bioworks Foundation

John Bobango
Farris Bobango Branan PLC
Chairman of the Joint City and Shelby County Community Redevelopment Agency

Charles Burkett
President of First Tennessee Bank

Rob Carter
EVP, CIO, and Executive Committee Member

Joe DeVivo
Smith & Nephew Orthopaedics

Steve La Neve
Medtronic's Memphis Divisions

Tom Schmitt
FedEx Global Supply Chain Services

Mike Sherman
MB Venture Partners

Laurie Tucker
SVP Corporate Marketing


Fogelman Pride

I have begun a major initiative – really an umbrella for several initiatives – that I call “Fogelman Pride.”  To better prepare our students to be valuable employees and responsible citizens, I have commissioned the formation of a new committee referred to as the Fogelman Pride Committee. The Committee's mission is to initiate efforts that will enhance our students' sense of pride in being a "Fogelman" student (or alumnus). The mission is based on the premise that efforts to enhance students' sense of pride in their school also enhances students’ sense of pride in themselves; when students feel a strong sense of personal pride, they are more likely to conduct themselves with dignity and integrity.

  1. One specific effort that the Committee is pursuing is to establish a Code of Professional Conduct for Students and Faculty.   A business school should be a training ground for the corporate world in many different respects.  In addition to teaching academic business subjects, they should train students in the finer points of succeeding in the business world.  We want to gradually develop our students in the way they dress, in the way they address their professors, and in the way they interact with each other.  At the same time, we want our faculty to lead by example.  We want our professors to respect students’ privacy, to treat students as individuals, and to encourage our students to excel by having high expectations of them.  For more information contact Dr. Ron Spahr:

  2. Another effort will be a Fogelman Pride Day.  We want to gather together our students, faculty, and some alumni and friends and have everyone wear a new Fogelman Pride shirt to form a dramatic and pride-filled Fogelman College “Sea of Blue.”  We are considering a variety of activities beginning with a hamburgers and hot dogs cookout.  We want to showcase our faculty and include a faculty appreciation event.  We might highlight our musically talented faculty and staff members by creating a band to play for the students.  (Can Yuppies and Millennials agree on what constitutes “music?”)  Perhaps we can convince the new basketball and football coaches to make an appearance.  We might even Ask Tom III (the Tiger mascot) to drop by!  For more information or to participate in this event, contact Kenneth “Ziggy” Siegfried:

  3. We are also planning to integrate instruction on “corporate etiquette” into our courses, particularly as is applies to dining.  After all, a great deal of business, ranging from job interviews to contract negotiations to financial terms and beyond, is transacted over meals.  Many students may never have been taught proper dining etiquette or may have simply developed bad habits over time.  We believe that properly preparing students in this regard is a very practical goal that our students will find very beneficial in the corporate world.  So, we have engaged a professional consultant who will work with groups of our students as they prepare to graduate to teach them proper corporate dining etiquette.  For more information contact Dr. Barbara Davis:

  4. Another Fogelman Pride initiative is “The Four C’s,” which consists of Communication, Creativity, Critical Thinking, and Emotional Control, all of which lead to Self-Confidence, which is vital to an individual’s success in an organization.  These concepts are being integrated into a variety of our courses -- 28 so far, in fact.  In The Four C's, business professionals share personal experiences that relate to effective communication, creativity, emotional control, critical thinking and self-confidence.  The business professionals team with faculty to develop a program of engagement that includes in-class presentations, interactions with students, review of student presentations and other activities.  Internet tools such as chat rooms, tweeting and blogging may be used for additional interactions with students.  With The Four C's initiative, the Fogelman College is equipping students with the skills and confidence they need to excel in their business careers.  For more information – or to participate in the Four C's initiative – contact Dr. John Amis: or Dr. Shawn Jones:  

  5. Included in Fogelman Pride is our “Wellness Program.”  The purpose of the Wellness Program is twofold.  First, to encourage better health decisions, behaviors, and lifestyle for undergraduate students, with the ultimate goal of helping students pay more attention to and feel better about their health, make healthier decisions, and be more productive in order to have a healthier existence.  Secondly, to conduct research that will inform organizations on health and wellness-related issues, for example identification, promotion, management, and diffusion of wellness programs.  An example of what can be done in this regard comes from Virgin Atlantic.  Its Virgin Life Care’s HealthMiles Rewards Program gives employees a pedometer with an upload capability through a USB port so that a computer can keep track of the amount of walking the employee has done.  Walk enough miles and you get a gift card as a reward!  We are currently looking for corporate partners for our Wellness Program.  Contact Dr. Sandi Richardson:

  6. Fogelman Pride also includes student participation in Toastmasters Clubs.  In fact, the Fogelman College has become the first postsecondary institution in the greater Memphis area to bring to its students and staff the powerful communications learning skills of Toastmasters International.  Fogelman College instructor Dr. Kimberlee Keef, in concert with some 60 of her business students, have formed an unprecedented three Toastmasters clubs within the school.  “What’s significant about Dr. Keef’s efforts,” says Toastmasters area governor and club co-sponsor Bradley Harris, “is that they’re directly linked with the Fogelman College and directly concerned with teaching communication skills to students hungry to learn practical business skills.  The effort is also innovative in that Dr. Keef has involved students in the clubs’ formation and leadership.”  Contact Dr. Kimberlee Keef :

  7. Finally, I have commissioned the establishment of a Fogelman College Hall of Fame to honor distinguished Fogelman College alumni and distinguished friends of the college.  We are establishing a Fogelman College Hall of Fame Committee which will develop standards and procedures for naming people to the Hall of Fame.  Wall space on the ground floor of the classroom building will be dedicated to this effort.  Contact Dr. Albert Okunade:

If you have any thoughts about Fogelman Pride or would like to volunteer to be a part of this effort, please contact Dr. Margaret Schultz:  

I look forward to continuing to work with all of our alumni, friends, and partners in the business community. 

Rajiv Grover, Ph.D.


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