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Fogelman College Faculty Publications

Brian Janz

Prof. Brian Janz Publishes Article on Journal Self-Referencing

The practice of editorial "self-referencing" – journal editors requiring that authors include in their papers a specific number of citations from the journal in which they seek to publish – has recently garnered significant interest within the IS academic community.  A recent survey of AISWorld suggests that the vast majority of respondents find this practice inappropriate and unethical. Rather than dismissing this behavior as patently unethical, this paper seeks to better understand the possible motivations for this editorial behavior. The notion of the ethical dilemma is introduced, as well as a framework to assist in analyzing them. Ultimately, the analysis suggests that while editors may feel they have worthwhile reasons for requiring self-references, the potential long term risks to the journal, the academy, and the body of knowledge outweigh those reasons.

The journal reference is:  Janz, B.D. Journal Self-Citation XIV: Right Versus Right – Gaining Clarity into the Ethical Dilemma of Editorial Self-Referencing. Communications of the AIS, Volume 25, Article 14, pp. 115-120, July 2009


Rabi Bhagat

Prof. Bhagat Co-Edits Book, Receives Awards

Dr. Rabi Bhagat, Professor of Management, has co-edited a new book, entitled, Cambridge Handbook of Culture, Organizations, and Work (with Richard M. Steers, former president of the Academy of Management, and Vice Provost of International Programs and Chaired Professor of Management and Organizational Behavior at the University of Oregon.)  The publisher is the prestigious Cambridge University Press. Dr. Annette McDevitt (who finished her Ph.D. under Dr. Bhagat in 2006 ) and her husband, Dr. Ian McDevitt (adjunct faculty in the Department of Economics in the Fogelman College) contributed a chapter in the area of complexity of managing and transferring organizational knowledge across cultural divides. Dr. Pamela K. Steverson, who finished her Ph.D. under Dr. Bhagat in July, 2009, co-authored a major chapter on cultural variations in work stress and coping in the international context. Other contributors were from renowned universities including Stanford University, York University (Canada), University of Maryland, City University of Hong Kong, Technion University in Israel, and The University of Auckland (New Zealand).   The web link of the Cambridge Handbook is:

Also, Dr. Bhagat received the Best Symposium Award from the Career Division of the Academy of Management on August 10, 2009 at the Sheraton Hotel in Chicago.

Finally, a book in which Dr. Bhagat co-authored a 70 page chapter on Leadership in the U.S. Context won the prestigious Ursula Gielen Global Psychology Book Award in March, 2009.  The book is Culture and Leadership Across the World: The GLOBE Book of In-Depth Studies of 25 Societies, co-edited by Robert House, Jag deep Chokkar, and Felix Brodbeck.


Profs. Janz, Amis, and Nichols, Publish a Study of Electronic Medical Records Usage by Nurses

Hennington, A.H., Janz, B.D., Amis, J., and Nichols, E.L. (2009). "Understanding the Multidimensionality of Information Systems Use: A Study of Nurses' Use of a Mandated Electronic Medical Record System." Communications of the Association for Information Systems, 25.


Profs. Renn and Allen Study Personality-Based Theory of Self-Management Failure

Robert W. Renn, David G. Allen, and Tobias Huning. (2009). Empirical examination of the individual-level personality-based theory of self-management failure. Journal of OrganizationalBehavior, Volume 30, pages 1-19.

The Journal of Organizational Behavior is one of the leading international journals for scholarly research on organizational behavior. The article reports the findings of the first study to test the theory that Robert Renn developed with David G. Allen, Donald Fedor (Georgia Institute of Technology), and Walter Davis (University of Mississippi) and published in the Journal of Management in 2005.


David Kemme

Prof. Kemme Publishes Paper on using extraneous information to analyze monetary policy in transition economies

Using extraneous information to analyze monetary policy in transition economies, by William T. Gavin and David M. Kemme, Journal of International Money and Finance  28 (2009) 868-879

Read more on the article "Using extraneous information to analyze monetary policy in transition economies" (Opens in a PDF document)


Zabi Rezaee

Prof. Rezaee's New Book

Prof. Zabihollah (Zabi) Rezaee, the Thompson-Hill Chair of Excellence and Professor of Accountancy in the Fogelman College has published a new book:  the second edition of Financial Statement Fraud: Prevention and Detection, co-authored by Richard Riley and published by JohnWiley & Sons, Inc.

Zabi Rezaee's Book on Financial Statement Fraud

  • A clear description of roles and responsibilities of all those involved in corporate governance and the financial reporting process to improve the quality, reliability and transparency of financial information.
  • Sample reports, examples, and documents that promote a real-world understanding of incentives, opportunities, and rationalizations
  • Emerging corporate governance reforms in the post-SOX era, including provisions of the SOX Act, global regulations and best practices, ethical considerations, and corporate governance principles
  • Practical examples and real-world “how did this happen” discussions that provide valuable insight for corporate directors and executives, auditors, managers, supervisory personnel and other professionals saddled with anti-fraud responsibilities
  • Expert advice from the author of Corporate Governance and Ethics and coauthor of the forthcoming Wiley textbook, White Collar Crime, Fraud Examination and Financial Forensics.


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