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FCBE Stairwell Renovations

As described elsewhere in this newsletter, the Fogelman College of Business & Economics has recently launched Fogelman Fit, a program designed to improve the overall health and well being of the College’s students, staff and faculty. One of the initiatives designed to help accomplish the goals of Fogelman Fit is to renovate the stairwells in FCBE to make it more appealing for students to walk to their classes rather than take the elevators. To this end, a stairwell renovation committee has been formed comprising members of the FCBE, Art Department, Department of Health & Sport Sciences, and Campus Planning Design. The purpose of this committee is to renovate, redecorate and improve the ambience in the stairwells. This committee is being co-chaired by Richard Lou, a Professor in the Art Department, and Balaji Krishnan, Associate Professor in FCBE. Professor Lou thinks the idea of collaborating across disciplines to benefit students is a sound one and says, “We like collaborating with other units in the university. Within this collaborative system we learn from the exchange of ideas and from each other. We also establish friendships outside our expertise domain that can benefit the students.”

Dr. Balaji Krishnan

The committee has an understanding of the history of the FCBE building as well as the architectural design. The students and staff of the Art department are working on multiple possible designs that can be used to improve the décor of the four stairwells in the College. Further there has been a contest announced for students to participate in the renovation process. The committee also met with the faculty of the Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management and will meet other departments in the near future to seek their inputs into the renovation process. For more information, or to have an input into the renovation process, please contact Dr. Balaji Krishnan.


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