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Faculty in the Fogelman College of Business & Economics are involved in a variety of research projects. Listed below are projects that are currently being conducted.

David Allen
  • Retaining Your Most Valuable Employees
  • Website Design and Attracting Job Applicants
Mehdi Amini
  • Human Supply Chain Management: Employee Recruitment and Retention in the Navy
  • Service Adoption Processes in Social Network Structures
  • Understanding Child Development
Emin Babakus
  • Examining the Viability the Hospital Consumer Assessments of Healthcare Providers and Systems
Rabi Bhagat
  • International Handbook of Cultures, Organization & Work published
  • Special Issue of thJournal of International Business Studies on Asia and Global Business
Lloyd Brooks
  • FCBE Providing Statewide Industry Certification Program
Alan Bush
  • Improving Salesperson Performance
  • Improving the Effectiveness of Sales Force Technology
Cyril Chang
  • Tracking Potentially Avoidable Hospitalizations in Tennessee
  • Understanding Non-Urgent Use of Hospitals’ Emergency Departments
George Deitz
  • Consumer Response to Athletic Sponsorship Information
  • Korean Salesperson Performance and Job Satisfaction
  • Trust and Commitment in Driving Success of Equity-Based Joint Ventures
Frances Fabian
  • Strategies for Online Communities
Pankaj Jain Pankaj Jain
  • Worldwide short selling: Regulations and activity
Brian Janz
  • Examining Technology Acceptance in Hospitals
Benwari Kedia
  • Examining the Impact of Offshore Outsourcing
  • Research Team Examining Emerging Economies
David Kemme
  • Constructing Macroeconometric Models: The Case of Kazakhstan
  • FCBE Researchers Examine Empirical Measures to Guide Monetary Policy Makers
  • Forecasting Macroeconomic Activity in Countries with Limited Data
Balaji Krishnan
  • Consumer Behavior and Pricing
Chuck Pierce
  • Workplace Romance and Sexual Harassment in Organizations
Robin Poston
  • Online Investing for Retirement
  • Understanding and Utilizing Medical Information Systems
  • Understanding Best Practices in Offshore Outsourcing Management
Zabihollah Rezaee
  • The Impact of Sarbanes Oxley on Accounting Firms and Financial Markets
Judith Simon Judith Simon
  • IT Workforce Issues and Trends
David Spiceland
  • Award Winning Accounting Textbook
Jeff Thieme
  • Researchers Examine Social Capital in New Product Development Scholarship
  • Six-Year Study Examines the Impact of the Level and Timing of Market Intelligence Acquisition on Radical Innovation Projects in the Business Community
Peter Wright
  • Corporate Risk Taking and Reward Structures
Chen Zhang
  • Examining Team Building in Online Networks

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